Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Emperor of all lies (Part 2): The Oh-bum-ah Family?

In part 1 we looked at the mega lie from Zionism.  Zionists lie a lot, so it's only natural and healthy to go back and look at all their big claims.

Here in part 2 we will do similar with the Corporate / Banking puppet, and actor, Obama.   He lies a lot, so it's only natural and healthy to hunt for some other lies.


The first time I came across all this I disregarded it as nonsense, but then more information popped up, and more videos kept getting taken off Youtube.

Then after my initial childish sniggering,  I managed to summarise the information.   Make of it what you will, but rationally dissect the information first instead of coming to any knee jerk belief system.

Quick Note1: I have nothing against anyone's sexual or gender persuasion, I'm just seeking truth.   Most of us have been reincarnated as men and women before so we are all trans-gender anyway.

Quick Note2:  I have no care for left or right theatre, or tea party movements,  I have no political agenda with this information.

So, lets walk slowly through this one, and if I catch anyone sniggering, you will be sent to facebook to look at cats, puppies, dinners, and preening selfies.

Ok, there have been some trash magazines and tabloid toilet paper bringing up various Obama gay scandals.

Ok, that doesn't mean much, but in 2008 Larry Sinclair held a meeting at the National Press Club to address his alleged gay relationship with Barack Obama, the then 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, to answer questions from the Press.  Larry Sinclair stated to the press that he and Barack Obama had gay sex while Obama smoked crack, not once but twice.  Once in a limo and the next day in a hotel room.  Sinclair stated that the murdered Donald Young, Obama's churches gay choir master told him, by phone, he also had sex with Barack Obama........before Young was murdered.

Reports that Barack Obama had a Homosexual fling with his Pastor:


The murdered Church director to conceal Obama's sexuality?

Ok, what else have we got?

Obama cheered when the gay marriage was made legal, and make of what you will of these photos.  

There is a mountain of evidence about, some of the best being here, here, here, and here.

Obama, is....well, he's a bit gay.


For those that haven't clicked the red 'x' and gone back to facebook, take a deep breath, for this next grouping of information I am only 60/40, whereas on the above I am a 75/25.

There is much talk about Michelle Obama having been born a man, and that he/she has undergone hormone therapy to help him become a woman.   Many believe he was born in Chicago as Michael LaVaughn Robinson, the son of  a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daleyn, and underwent a partial sex change in his youth.

What information is there to support this?

There are now literally over 100 videos on youtube pointing to Michelle being a transgender human, so here are a couple.

(note, I don't really buy into the shoulders or fingers' reasons).

But here are some pictures, make of it them what you will.

Ok, then, "But they have two children," I here you say.  But there are no images anywhere of Michelle pregnant, and save for the teeth job, is there really much resemblance (taking into account the above photos)?   The two sisters also look very different, adoption?   (sidenote, for sure that is a wig Michelle is wearing).

This dude did a search, and found no birth records on the or

So it's up to you what you believe, but for me it's slightly more probable than not, that.....


I think this all may be a bet between Rothchild and Rockafella - "Oy Rothers, I bet you $10 billion I can take down the trade towers and blame it all on a Muslim in a cave, enabling us to goto war and take over the opium and oil."    "No chance Rockafella, if you do that, I'll employ a gay drug taking black guy with a Muslim name to be President, and even throw in a transgender wife."   "You're on!"



ps.  Sigh, those sane conspiracy theorists.
pps. For some reason google wouldn't let me publish this blog and I had to repaste and cut parts from notepad and frig about a lot.....the bots are onto me it seems.....heheh

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ebola predictive programming (or synchromysticism).

First off, there are so many fear articles about Ebola that I gift you the above picture to use in comment sections.


Anyway, my blog on Ebola being manmade has had thousands of views, but here is something else very interesting.

A Simpson's episode aired on "911" in 1997 had a book cover of a monkey called Curious George with Ebola.

Ok - nothing much to see here one might think - but then one can look at the Simpson's shot of a magazine cover showing 911 and a $ sign (long before it happened).

Ok, many can still write this all off as coincidence (which I don't personally believe in).

So then, when one looks up "Curious George," one finds this episode called Curious George Comes to America and Goes to the Hospital.

In which, a monkey is taken from Africa to an America Hospital by a man in a Yellow Hat called Ted.

The letters TED also stand for Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who actually brought Ebola from Africa to America (according to the mainstream), and the man in yellow could (at a stretch) also link to this:


Also, why is the CDC telling us "Winter is Coming?" from Game of Thrones?

We are also being bombarded with far too much toxic green (ebola) in corporate advertising at the moment.

Others also present a lot of predictive programming.

On March 10, 2014, the World health Organization (known as WHO, and I tore them apart in my first book 6 years ago) recognized the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, so what is going on here?  And here?   (Google won't let me put these videos in this blog).

There are even other recent films with this date too (This reminds me of  the Matrix's film passport with the 911 date).

This is all either predictive programming (the powers that be are bombarding our subconscious so we are ready and prepared for what is coming).    Or it is all synchromysticism (a layer in our reality / the astral knows the energy of a building vortex and places things into the physical as the vortex of an event comes nearer / spins up).

"Synchromysticism - Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."                Phil K Dick.

The bottom line is there are people in the world that want you watching and listening to this, and not watching and listening to things like this....

...and believing orchestrated theatre like this.......


P.s Funny how western countries are sending lots of troops and 'experts' to Africa and then keep bringing them back once they are infected with the Ebola virus.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Emperor of all lies (Part 1): The Holocaust 6 Million.

The Holocaust is THE paradigm for Jewish suffering, and is treated as being beyond examination and scrutiny.  Questioning the official Holocaust narrative is at best, socially unacceptable, leading often to social exclusion and discrimination, and is even illegal in 13 European countries.  


I implore the reader to let go of group think, school education, nationalism, media buzzwords, and political labelling.  If you can't do this, please stop reading.
I have no hatred towards any racial or religious groups, and don't care for left or right theatrical politics, so these are not the motivation for this blog.

But If zionist media can lie about  911, 77, Diana, Gaza, Central banks, toxins, then all is open to question.

Most people's knowledge and belief system regarding The Holocaust comes from a western school or from Hollywood based movies.   So few have actually studied the core evidence.



So what actually does the word Holocaust actually mean?

The Oxford Dictionary Online tells us the following: .  

* hol·o·caust  (hl-kôst, hl-)
"Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war: a nuclear holocaust
1.1 (the Holocaust) The mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941-5. More than 6 million European Jews, as well as members of other persecuted groups, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz."

So there it is in the Oxford dictionary, 6m Jews murdered at camps, mainly Auhswitz, just as our schools and TV told us.

Strangely, the number of 6 million Jews was used in the mainstream press many times long before WW2 even started, is this a symbolic number?

6,000,000 in numerology reduces to 6, which is the letter VAU, which translates to Nail or Hook.  The esotric meaning of VAU is nailing thro (hooking) all levels of correspondence, and also means physical unification and unity.

It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans and their allies were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However, in 1919, after the end of the War British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda and no such gas chambers had existed.  He also apologised publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them.

During World War One the British Government had agreed with leading Jews that they would support a Jewish homeland in Palestine in exchange for the powerful Jewish lobby in America getting the USA to join the Allies. This led to the Balfour Declaration being made by the British Government promising the Jews a homeland in Palestine. After World War One the British Government were unable, or unwilling, to make good on this promise. From 1919 onwards the Jews claimed 6 million Jews in Europe were under threat from extermination unless they got a homeland in Palestine. This was 14 years before the Nazis came to power and 24 years before the alleged Holocaust started.

There was a total population of roughly 6 Million Jews in the whole of Europe when the WWII broke out. There were about a half million in Germany.


The 6 million Jews Holocaust story centres around a concentration camp called Auschwitz, so lets focus here.

The Auschwitz camp complex was set up in 1940 in what is now south-central Poland, and large numbers of Jews were deported there between 1942 and mid-1944.

Scholars do not dispute the fact that large numbers of Jews were deported to the camp, or that many died there, particularly of typhus and other diseases. But the compelling evidence they present shows that Auschwitz was not an extermination center and that the story of mass killings in "gas chambers" is a myth.

Today no reputable historian, not even those who generally accept the extermination story, believes the 6m figure.  Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said in 1989 that it is time to finally acknowledge the familiar six million (at Aushwitz) figure is a deliberate myth.  In July 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, along with Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, suddenly announced that altogether perhaps one million people (both Jews and non-Jews) died there. Neither institution would say how many of these people were killed, nor were any estimates given of the numbers of those supposedly gassed. [1] One prominent Holocaust historian, Gerald Reitlinger, has estimated that perhaps 700,000 or so Jews perished at Auschwitz. More recently, Holocaust historian Jean-Claude Pressac has estimated that about 800,000 persons, of whom 630,000 were Jewish, perished at Auschwitz.

And at the Nuremberg Tribunal, chief U.S. prosecutor Robert Jackson charged that the Germans used a "newly invented" device to instantaneously "vaporize" 20,000 Jews near Auschwitz "in such a way that there was no trace left of them." [2] No reputable historian now accepts either of these fanciful tales.

A key Holocaust document is the "confession" of former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss of April 5, 1946, which was submitted by the U.S. prosecution at the main Nuremberg trial. [3]   Although it is still widely cited as solid proof for the Auschwitz extermination story, it is actually a false statement that was obtained by torture.

Many years after the war, British military intelligence sergeant Bernard Clarke described how he and five other British soldiers tortured the former commandant to obtain his "confession." Höss himself privately explained his ordeal in these words: "Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and half million Jews. I could just as well have said that it was five million Jews. There are certain methods by which any confession can be obtained, whether it is true or not." [4]

The Höss "affidavit" further alleges that Jews were already being exterminated by gas in the summer of 1941 at three other camps: Belzec, Treblinka and Wolzek. The "Wolzek" camp mentioned by Höss is a total invention. No such camp existed, and the name is no longer mentioned in Holocaust literature.

Many thousands of secret German documents dealing with Auschwitz were confiscated after the war by the Allies. Not a single one refers to a policy or program of extermination. In fact, the extermination story cannot be reconciled with the documentary evidence.

In a secret report dated April 5, 1944, on "Security measures in Auschwitz" by Oswald Pohl, head of the SS concentration camp system, to SS chief Heinrich Himmler, Pohl reported that there was a total of 67,000 inmates in the entire Auschwitz camp complex, of whom 18,000 were hospitalized or disabled. In the Auschwitz II camp (Birkenau), supposedly the main extermination center, there were 36,000 inmates, mostly female, of whom "approximately 15,000 are unable to work." [5]

Allied planes dropped large numbers of leaflets, written in Polish and German, on Auschwitz and the surrounding areas which claimed that people were being gassed in the camp. The Auschwitz gassing story, which was an important part of the Allied wartime propaganda effort, was also broadcast to Europe by Allied radio stations. [6]

An Austrian woman, Maria Vanherwaarden, testified about her camp experiences in a Toronto District Court in March 1988. She was interned in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942 for having sexual relations with a Polish forced laborer. On the train trip to the camp, a Gypsy woman told her and the others that they would all be gassed at Auschwitz.
 Upon arrival, Maria and the other women were ordered to undress and go into a large concrete room without windows to take a shower. The terrified women were sure that they were about to die. But then, instead of gas, water came out of the shower heads.
 Auschwitz was no vacation center, Maria confirmed. She witnessed the death of many fellow inmates by disease, particularly typhus, and quite a few committed suicide. But she saw no evidence at all of mass killings, gassings, or of any extermination program. [7]

A Jewish woman named Marika Frank arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau from Hungary in July 1944, when 25,000 Jews were supposedly gassed and cremated daily. She likewise testified after the war that she heard and saw nothing of "gas chambers" during the time she was interned there. She heard the gassing stories only later. [8]

Auschwitz internees who had served their sentences were released and returned to their home countries. If Auschwitz had actually been a top secret extermination center, the Germans would certainly not have released inmates who "knew" what was happening in the camp. [9]

The head of the SS camp administration office sent a directive dated Dec. 28, 1942, to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps.
he directive stressed that "the Reichsfhrer SS [Heinrich Himmler] has ordered that the death rate absolutely must be reduced." [10]

Cremation specialists have confirmed that thousands of corpses could not possibly have been cremated every day throughout the spring and summer of 1944 at Auschwitz, as commonly alleged.   For example, Mr. Ivan Lagace, manager of a large crematory in Calgary, Canada, testified in court in April 1988 that the Auschwitz cremation story is technically impossible. The allegation that 10,000 or even 20,000 corpses were burned every day at Auschwitz in the summer of 1944 in crematories and open pits is simply "preposterous" and "beyond the realm of reality," he declared under oath. [11]

America's leading gas chamber expert, Boston engineer Fred A. Leuchter, carefully examined the supposed "gas chambers" in Poland and concluded that the Auschwitz gassing story is absurd and technically impossible.[12]

In February 1988 he carried out a detailed onsite examination of the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek in Poland, which are either still standing or only partially in ruins. In sworn testimony to a Toronto court and in a technical report, Leuchter described every aspect of his investigation.
He concluded by emphatically declaring that the alleged gassing facilities could not possibly have been used to kill people. Among other things, he pointed out that the so-called "gas chambers" were not properly sealed or vented to kill human beings without also killing German camp personnel. [12]

Dr. William B. Lindsey, a research chemist employed for 33 years by the Dupont Corporation, likewise testified in a 1985 court case that the Auschwitz gassing story is technically impossible. Based on a careful on-site examination of the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, and on his years of experience, he declared: "I have come to the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposefully killed with Zyklon B [hydrocyanic acid gas] in this manner. I consider it absolutely impossible." [13]

The Facts: It takes about 70 minutes (according to one furnace manufacturer's spec sheet, see [1] ) to cremate a body even today. This is a burner of 400KW. If each crematory furnace were to cremate 20.6 bodies in every 24 hour period running 7 days a week, then to handle 20,000 bodies a day would require more than 971 furnaces running non-stop, AND sufficient fuel to keep them all operating. And all this, in a Germany that was always short on fuel?

It seems most died from the wartime typhus epidemic and severe malnutrition-induced illness, work and starvation.

It had originally been claimed that "over 4.5 million" of the "six million Jews" had been "gassed" there. This figure went through many, many permutations and revisions by the JEWS THEMSELVES until about 1985, when Dr. Francisek Piper - the very one whom the American Jew, David Cole, interviewed in his now famous video - the one in which Piper admits that the "gas chamber" that was always shown to the tourists there - was actually built in 1947! - two years AFTER the war was over.
It was Dr. Piper, Auschwitz Chief Archivist and historian for 27 years, who first 'officially' lowered the number to "1.5 million" and then, by 1988 - again lowered to "1.1 million."

Fritjof Meyer, a respected foreign policy analyst, author of several books, and managing editor of Germany's foremost weekly news magazine, presented a still lower figure in 2002. Writing in the scholarly German journal Osteuropa, he estimated that altogether 500,000 or 510,000 persons — Jews and non-Jews — perished in Auschwitz. (F. Meyer, "Die Zahl der Opfer von Auschwitz," Osteuropa,  May 2002, pp. 631-641. Cited in: M. Weber, "New 'Official' Changes in the Auschwitz Story," The Journal of Historical Review, May-August 2002, pp. 24-28)

When the Red Cross interviewed thousands of freed camp inmates at the end of the war, asking whether they had witnessed alleged ‘gassings,’ the response was universally negative. According to IRC document #9925, June, 1946: "The detainees themselves have not spoken of them."

One of the pieces of evidence Professor Ernst Zundel produced at his trials in Canada was the “Leuchter Report” compiled by Fred Leuchter on his commission. Fred Leuchter is the World’s foremost expert on gas chambers, and holds the patents for nearly all the gas chambers used for executions in the World. He has also personally built, or supervised the building, of all gas chambers in the USA and most in the rest of the World. After inspecting the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Leuchter concluded they were unsuitable for use as gas chambers due to their lack of airtight doors, lack of a gas extraction system and general shoddy build. He also chemically analysed the walls for ferrocyanide ( produced when Zyklon-B reacts with brick walls ) and concluded there was none – the Auschwitz authorities took the same tests with the same results and now admit there was no gas chamber in Auschwitz.

During World War Two Germany invaded France and occupied Northern France from 1940 to 1944. A secret army of French Patriots known collectively as “The French Resistance” fought the German occupiers in various ways. A large number of French Resistance members were imprisoned, tortured and executed including their leader, and French National hero, Jean Moulin. After World War Two French resistance members were released from various German concentration camps, including Auschwitz and other alleged death camps. On their return to France they all gave horrific accounts of their treatment by the Germans, and were full of hatred for them because of the events of World War Two. However they all denied any knowledge of gas chambers and a mass murder programme in the concentration camps.

The Nuremberg Trials were held in the German City of Nuremberg from 1945 to 1949. These Trials were held by the victorious Allies ( France, Britain , USA and Soviet Russia ) with the Germans as defendants. They were the worst sort of show trials with the main Judge being Nikitchenko, who had presided over Stalins’ show trials of 1936 to 1938 in the Soviet Union. The Court came up with ridiculous findings like jews being turned in to lampshades and even soap, these claims are now discredited and even the jews admit they were untrue.


The Chief Justice of the United States Harlan Fiske Stone called the Nuremberg trials a fraud. He said “Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg,” he wrote. “I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretence that he is running a Court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.”

The Nazis were technology freaks, to say the least, and filmed and photographed virtually everything they did during World War Two. Hitler even had executions of his political enemies filmed so he could watch them with his cronies. However there has never been a single photograph or film found of any of the alleged gas chambers in operation. The Nazis did film, and photograph, themselves committing many atrocities across occupied Europe so it seems unlikely they wouldn’t film the alleged gas chambers. All the films we are shown of gas chambers are Hollywood recreations made after the war.

In his monumental six volume 'The Second World War' Sir Winston Churchill, British wartime Prime Minister, never makes any reference to gas chambers or a planned mass extermination of European Jews. This is despite the fact he goes in to great detail about virtually every facet of World War Two including many atrocities committed by the Nazis.

“Shoa” is the term used by Jews and zionists to describe the alleged Holocaust. After the Second World War Germany was forced to pay trillions of Dollars in compensation to set up Israel, and is still paying to this day. There are now second and third generation, the children and grandchildren of alleged Holocaust victims, who receive compensation from the German Government and various German Corporations. The American Government also use this as an excuse to give billions of American taxpayers’ money to Israel, although the real reason behind these payments is the strength of the Israeli lobby in America.
As early as 1941, two years before the alleged Holocaust was even meant to have started, the World Jewish Congress had been demanding that the Germans pay for the resettlement of Jews in Israel as reparations.



If the holocaust is a lie......
Which country's government has benefited from it most?  
Who actually won WW2 (came out of it best)?  
Who runs American Congress?
Where does the director of Shindler's List come from?
Who has more millionaires in their population as a percentage compared to other nations?
Who gains over $3bn American tax money to invest into high-tech military weapons?
Who since the late 40's has slowly began to control western banks, media, hollywood, and many large corporations?

If some people were capable of such a monstrous and evil lie, they would be probably be capable of something like extermination and other lies - who is performing a form of genocide in the world today (Gaza) and trying to gain support by lying in the media?

Beware of those judging someone a "denier" who simply questions official history.  This shows how strongly people are conditioned that they can't even apply the most basic critical thinking.

If you want to look into millions of civilians being exterminated around WW2, look the other way towards the German civilians between 1945-1950....For more information on this topic see books by the following authors: James Bacque (Other Losses) (Crimes and Mercies), Alfred M. de Zayas (Die Wehrmacht-Untersuch ungstelle) and (The Nemisis of Potsdam), Guido Knopp (Die Gefangenen), Erich Kern and Karl Balzer (Allierte Verbrechen and Deutschen). A similarly important historical document is the book titled (Alliierte Kriegsverbrechen) which translates to "Allied War Crimes", and "Gruesome Harvest."

1. Y. Bauer, "Fighting the Distortions," Jerusalem Post (Israel), Sept. 22, 1989; "Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million," Daily Telegraph (London), July 17, 1990; "Poland reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 Million," The Washington Times, July 17, 1990.
2. IMT blue series, Vol. 16, p. 529-530. (June 21, 1946).
3. Nuremberg document 3868-PS (USA-819). IMT blue series, Vol. 33, pp.275-279.
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5. Nuremberg document NO-021. NMT green series, Vol. 5. pp. 384-385.
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7. Testimony in Toronto District Court, March 28, 1988. Toronto Star, March 29, 1988, p. A2.
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9. Walter Laqueur, The Terrible Secret (Boston: 1981), p. 169.
10. Nuremberg document PS-2171, Annex 2. NC&A red series, Vol. 4, pp.833-834.
11. Canadian Jewish News (Toronto), April 14, 1988, p. 6.
12. The Leuchter Report: An Engineering Report on the Alleged Execution Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek (Toronto: 1988). Available for $17.00, postpaid, from the IHR.
13. The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Feb. 12, 1985.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

October Tipping-Point Betting Market.

There's some grains of information that when pieced together could look like a half baked jigsaw  of a possible tipping point event this October (not again yaaaawn).  Heheh, sorry, but someone has to do the grunt work and blog it   ;-)  

Ok - lets list a few....(I'll try and remain professional)....

1.  Astrology for October.

Some serious crazy astrology is going on this October (it's not normal to have this much fiery rebellious punch crammed into one month).

    • A fiery Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars in Sagittarius, from 1st to around 13th October    (Meaning something could pop like a volcano individually and/or collectively).

    • Lunar eclipse in Aries.    October 8    (4th house - unconscious emotions and shadow). Eclipses come in twos, and this is a fiery one, so this starts a fortnight of craziness - don't make life decisions in these two weeks....ever......unless you can pull the eclipse down and use it (not for kids......or really, anyone).
    • Solar eclipse in Scorpio – October 23   (4th house again, and completion of the two week eclipse window).

2.  Nostradamus. 

(heheh....bare with me).

In Nostradamus' Epistle to Henri II he said the earth will "be plunged into the perpetual blackness of space"  in an October after a Solar Eclipse.   Note: the next Solar Eclipse in an October is in 2022.

3. The Georgia Guidestones.

Thse cryptic, esoteric, and elitist Georgia Guidestones (source1, source2) in America have had their "2014 capstone" decoded to point to this October.

(text version of the decoding)

*** is The Wayki Wayki betting market for tipping point events this October:

  • Nothing happens.  6/4
  • Chinese drone-humans whose minds are long lost to communist indoctrination bust into Hong Kong fuey, and go all mega-communist with bullets.   2/1
  • ISIS False Flag event in the middle east. 2/1   (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • ISIS False Flag event in the west.  5/2            (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • Chinese dudes in mainland Chinese cities get noodle of what's going on in HK, and perform massive protests that the Chinese Brainwashing raygun can't work on.  6/1
  • Stock Market Index's crash over 30%.  10/1
  • Patrick Geryl's October 21-22 Super Sunspot (Xflare 10+) theory coming to fruition and spanking some electrics to dust.   300/1
  • Anyone who's ever said anything against the corrupt system, the official fairytales of 911 or 77, or the McCann elite ritual crew gets banned from the internet.  5000/1.
  • The Ebola man made bioweapon hits 1 million people 10,000/1
  • These dudes in their white eggs above Hong Kong (from actual live BBC footage)  show themselves and take away all ruling pyscopaths to a planet named Torturouskarma. 2,000,000/1
  • English people rising up against the terrorist hypocrite psychopath David Cameron. 50,000,000/1 (note: we are not taking bets on English people moaning whilst mowing the lawn - this is not deemed a tipping point event).
  • New Age positivity and ignorance of objective truth creates a wave of unconditional love and heals all the worlds pain. 40 trillion/1.
  • Orca wales come onto land and eat all the evil humans, telling us they themselves are dormant ascension agents from Sirius.  41 trillion/1.

note1: these odds are live and subject to change. only opening prices listed thus far as of 1st October.
note2: those on google glass can download latest odds by blinking 4 times then closing their eyes for 10 seconds.......while crossing a road.


Ps.  If you're doing research sometimes, beware the trolls you may encounter...


Saturday, 27 September 2014


I can't believe this......I could see it coming, but not so soon.

I give you a speech this week by David Cameron, The Etonian Zionist multi-millionaire 'war crimes' 'arms dealing' psychopath.

Basically he says, "If you know 77 and 911 were inside jobs, you are a terrorist, and if you have an ideology or worldview different to the official Zionist propaganda, you are a also a terrorist, and we are coming for you using all the force we can muster."

(note: Ignore the narrator in parts, who is a bit of a joker, and listen more to Cameron's words).


Google-bots that read this site, please go back to the sith-master-server, and send a message to your masters, "do one, from wayk wayki"  .....thanks.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

"Climate March" - Agenda 21 in fancy dress.

Let's get two things straight before we start.

1) World climate changes are 99.9% to do with the Sun.  If you've not researched it think of a football on fire, and a sweaty pea next to it with some fleas on it the fleas or the football on fire that cause the pea to change?  For those who want a deeper explanation:

Even mainstream media are onto the fact Earth's magnetosphere is weakening.

2) It's obvious that The UN's Agenda 21 (certainly worth some research) can't create global control and laws for solar wind, stars or planets, whereas it can for humans.  Especially tax paying city folk  who want to "feel" like they are doing good - who also believe humans are creating climate change from the news they get on their tablets and from 'free' newspapers at the tube stations.   (The number of humans in these parameters is in its hundreds of millions).

3)  Without going into Agenda 21, The UN simply isn't what many think it is.  source1, source2, source3.

sidenote:  capitalistic pollution and wars for oil and banks are different subjects, don't get confused.


So, hundreds of thousands are this weekend are going on over 2000 worldwide Climate Marches, waving banners pleading with "leaders to change things" - oh how the leaders will rub their hands.
The usual suspects like 360 degrees and Avaaz have emailed everyone about it, after collecting emails for petitions over the years that did basically nothing in the big scheme of things (who knows who's behind these outfits?).

A big Climate March earlier this year in New York saw Hollywood stars, Al Gore, and the UN secretary General take part - enough to make the half-educated run for the hills.    People living in one of the biggest cities on the planet in a Climate March?   Is this some sort of a joke?

The same people are coming out again this weekend, and the BBC even said the march is " push forward a new universal agreement on climate signed by all Nations."

Let's look at some nitty gritty. accept donations from Visa, and their mission statement section states  "We govern the March through a “city council” of marchers."   eeeeek.  on their home page state "UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution."

On the same site look at the NWO programming in number 6, "To Change Everything, It Takes Everyone."  and also lists the supporting celebrities.   "Oh Daphnie, we have to go on the march, Bradd Pitt is supporting it."

Look at the booklet from,   Chapter 7 is headed A Global Solution.

The logo and list of Politicians and funded mainstream scientists involved also make me a little queasy.

Lets look at the promotional posters from two points of view:

Program = "You will be making history if you are there and also challenging big corps."
Reality = Another less in a march of thousands makes no difference and to challenge corps stop living in mega cities, paying tax, and consuming.  Walking down a road with a whistle does effectively nothing to a CEO or shareholders.

Program = You have to be there as everyone else will be, feel a sense of belonging after your working week.  We've even underlined "People's" to make it feel like it is yours and not Agenda 21's.
Reality =  So what if its the largest anything, one clear mind does more than ten thousand muddled minds.   The Nazi's had massive marches too.

Program = The people will create change, They (the authorities) will hear us and change things as there are so many of us.
Reality = If you all want change to help the climate we have just the one world government through Agenda 21 to crush your soul.  This is the carrot.

Program = If you come on the march you will see love everywhere and cute chicks, a new dawn.
Reality =  The sun is the cause, zombie faced people will be the outcome of Agenda 21, and what is that logo in the toy windmill?  Similar to the Nazi Lightning bolt symbol?



When Sky News do a story about a UN day with a Hollywood star coming out in support and spouting things like "sustainable peace plans globally"  I just see NWO programming.

I am not alone (nearly though) in these thoughts, others have claimed this is a big corporate PR campaign.

If you want to help the climate - fly to the sun and with a way of understanding and modifying solar cycles - if you can't do this, live somewhere that can ride out the changes.  e.g North Europe will get wetter and colder, and southern Europe will get hotter and dryer.  Climate Change isn't a global solution, it's an Individual solution  - choose to live somewhere sensible.   Any UN Global ideas on the climate involving punishable laws for the pubic is Agenda 21.

"Oh Daisy-Dakini, I'm not falling for this crazy conspiracy nonsense, Uber-Yogi is coming in her new outfit, and Dazza with his amazing drum and granola he got from Metropolis-Expensive-Organic-Outlet.  We'll have such a good time, and I won't let any negativity or fear get in my way of having a fun day.......before work on monday."


Friday, 19 September 2014

Scottish Vote Rigged, plus the (unrelated) Transhuman tiptoe.

So, Scotland saying No to independence is believed as normal, but here are some clues to the result:

1)   The ten reported cases of Electoral Fraud being investigated.  If they found ten, how many didn't they find?

2)   No exit poll.  No proper international observing.  No recount.  Counting all done at night.

3)   The media reported a historic turnout in all regions of Scotland, mainly in the areas which gave a No vote.

4)   It took all night to count just 3.5 million votes?    (Other countries count tens of millions in a few hours).

5)   'The Powers That Be' were clever, they let Glasgow and other "high unemployment" areas win their YES campaigns, and ramped up the NO votes in the more middle class areas.....this also calms any potential for trouble.

6)  Scottish BBC obviously did some subconscious bombs towards No (even sparking protests), and STV is a PLC which floats on the FTSE Fledging Index, which is a major UK stock Index that's based in....drumroll....London.

7)  Nobody really votes to be a part of Westminster over independence, unless one is a coward in fear of "having a little less money while the new nation finds its feet.".....I hope these cowards can look their grandchildren in the eye because Cameron and co now have the permission of the Scots to destroy their poor.   "Sorry grandson, I was scared of having less money, so I voted for Nuclear Submarines, poverty, and London Elite control from a bunch of Etonian Banking pawns."

8)  Oil - Max Kieser (independent economy dude) recently said that the UK can borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral, If Scotland left, the collateral (oil reserves) would no longer be available, so the cost of borrowing money for the UK would skyrocket.

9) Last but certainly not least:

"It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." -- Josef Stalin  --

But why would they rig the vote some have asked me. A) To ensure they and their oil never escape the London control, and quash once and for all the whispers of independence.  Or a less probable B) Get devolution slowly into the consciousness so in a few years Wales, NI, and Scotland all become Regions of the EU.   Also a C) is involved;  Stop Scottish UK MPs in Westminster gaining more power than the Etonian English lot, through a devolution package.


Let's have a Comedy Break to cheer us up.

The UN have their International Day of Peace in a couple of days....hehe.......that's like having a "Whore's Day of Virginity" or a "KluKluxKlan Day of Racial Acceptance."

So, In Australia 800 pre-crime cops raided and arrested a few Muslims.......they said it was about "planning some random beheadings in public"..........all based upon.....ONE phone call.......then released most of those arrested later in the day after the worlds press plastered Terror Fear all over their front pages.

....Note this was the same week Aussie sent 600 troops to fight IS.. and Snowdon, Assange and Greenwald appeared on TV in NZ to accuse their government of mass surveillance.   Now the Aussies and Kiwis are thankful for being spied on and sent to fight bogus wars..,,,,,,heheh.....nearly as silly as the No voting Scots.

Transhuman Tiptoe

Crazy news, false flags, geopolitics, and current memes are moving so fast it's hard to deeply contemplate each one, but "wearable tech" and The Transhuman Agenda is progressing almost weekly now, and needs to be acknowledged.

Recently Time Magazine promoted wearable tech, which was well explored by the following utuber.

The following updates around Transhumanism are each DEFCON RED ALERTS, and each were foreseen in my "conceptual fiction" offering over a year ago.  Each below deserve their own blog, but I simply just don't have the time, but know that the era of biometric ID is here.

Barclays are currently developing the use of Human Veins for ID.

Google Glass now has an app to detect people's emotions!

Get some of these up in your place of work or home soon ;-)

Scientist have made "monkeys smarter" using a Brain Chip.

The FBI have just launched a new Facial Recognition System.

Google are looking to "cure death" in a $1bn project - hiding again behind "we want to cure cancer."

CNN are promoting Cyborgs in a loaded article hidden behind helping someone, and also make out Transhumanism is nature based.

Think of how things will look in 20 years if this trajectory continues....maybe good to buy one of these Anti-Routers or the new Cyborg Unplug.....or simply just say.....