Thursday, 2 October 2014

October Tipping-Point Betting Market.

There's some grains of information that when pieced together could look like a half baked jigsaw  of a possible tipping point event this October (not again yaaaawn).  Heheh, sorry, but someone has to do the grunt work and blog it   ;-)  

Ok - lets list a few....(I'll try and remain professional)....

1.  Astrology for October.

Some serious crazy astrology is going on this October (it's not normal to have this much fiery rebellious punch crammed into one month).

    • A fiery Grand Trine of Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars in Sagittarius, from 1st to around 13th October    (Meaning something could pop like a volcano individually and/or collectively).

    • Lunar eclipse in Aries.    October 8    (4th house - unconscious emotions and shadow). Eclipses come in twos, and this is a fiery one, so this starts a fortnight of craziness - don't make life decisions in these two weeks....ever......unless you can pull the eclipse down and use it (not for kids......or really, anyone).
    • Solar eclipse in Scorpio – October 23   (4th house again, and completion of the two week eclipse window).

2.  Nostradamus. 

(heheh....bare with me).

In Nostradamus' Epistle to Henri II he said the earth will "be plunged into the perpetual blackness of space"  in an October after a Solar Eclipse.   Note: the next Solar Eclipse in an October is in 2022.

3. The Georgia Guidestones.

Thse cryptic, esoteric, and elitist Georgia Guidestones (source1, source2) in America have had their "2014 capstone" decoded to point to this October.

(text version of the decoding)

*** is The Wayki Wayki betting market for tipping point events this October:

  • Nothing happens.  6/4
  • Chinese drone-humans whose minds are long lost to communist indoctrination bust into Hong Kong fuey, and go all mega-communist with bullets.   2/1
  • ISIS False Flag event in the middle east. 2/1   (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • ISIS False Flag event in the west.  5/2            (special offer: If on 3rd October, you get double winnings).
  • Chinese dudes in mainland Chinese cities get noodle of what's going on in HK, and perform massive protests that the Chinese Brainwashing raygun can't work on.  6/1
  • Stock Market Index's crash over 30%.  10/1
  • Patrick Geryl's October 21-22 Super Sunspot (Xflare 10+) theory coming to fruition and spanking some electrics to dust.   300/1
  • Anyone who's ever said anything against the corrupt system, the official fairytales of 911 or 77, or the McCann elite ritual crew gets banned from the internet.  5000/1.
  • The Ebola man made bioweapon hits 1 million people 10,000/1
  • These dudes in their white eggs above Hong Kong (from actual live BBC footage)  show themselves and take away all ruling pyscopaths to a planet named Torturouskarma. 2,000,000/1
  • English people rising up against the terrorist hypocrite psychopath David Cameron. 50,000,000/1 (note: we are not taking bets on English people moaning whilst mowing the lawn - this is not deemed a tipping point event).
  • New Age positivity and ignorance of objective truth creates a wave of unconditional love and heals all the worlds pain. 40 trillion/1.
  • Orca wales come onto land and eat all the evil humans, telling us they themselves are dormant ascension agents from Sirius.  41 trillion/1.

note1: these odds are live and subject to change. only opening prices listed thus far as of 1st October.
note2: those on google glass can download latest odds by blinking 4 times then closing their eyes for 10 seconds.......while crossing a road.


Ps.  If you're doing research sometimes, beware the trolls you may encounter...


Saturday, 27 September 2014


I can't believe this......I could see it coming, but not so soon.

I give you a speech this week by David Cameron, The Etonian Zionist multi-millionaire 'war crimes' 'arms dealing' psychopath.

Basically he says, "If you know 77 and 911 were inside jobs, you are a terrorist, and if you have an ideology or worldview different to the official Zionist propaganda, you are a also a terrorist, and we are coming for you using all the force we can muster."

(note: Ignore the narrator in parts, who is a bit of a joker, and listen more to Cameron's words).


Google-bots that read this site, please go back to the sith-master-server, and send a message to your masters, "do one, from wayk wayki"  .....thanks.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

"Climate March" - Agenda 21 in fancy dress.

Let's get two things straight before we start.

1) World climate changes are 99.9% to do with the Sun.  If you've not researched it think of a football on fire, and a sweaty pea next to it with some fleas on it the fleas or the football on fire that cause the pea to change?  For those who want a deeper explanation:

Even mainstream media are onto the fact Earth's magnetosphere is weakening.

2) It's obvious that The UN's Agenda 21 (certainly worth some research) can't create global control and laws for solar wind, stars or planets, whereas it can for humans.  Especially tax paying city folk  who want to "feel" like they are doing good - who also believe humans are creating climate change from the news they get on their tablets and from 'free' newspapers at the tube stations.   (The number of humans in these parameters is in its hundreds of millions).

3)  Without going into Agenda 21, The UN simply isn't what many think it is.  source1, source2, source3.

sidenote:  capitalistic pollution and wars for oil and banks are different subjects, don't get confused.


So, hundreds of thousands are this weekend are going on over 2000 worldwide Climate Marches, waving banners pleading with "leaders to change things" - oh how the leaders will rub their hands.
The usual suspects like 360 degrees and Avaaz have emailed everyone about it, after collecting emails for petitions over the years that did basically nothing in the big scheme of things (who knows who's behind these outfits?).

A big Climate March earlier this year in New York saw Hollywood stars, Al Gore, and the UN secretary General take part - enough to make the half-educated run for the hills.    People living in one of the biggest cities on the planet in a Climate March?   Is this some sort of a joke?

The same people are coming out again this weekend, and the BBC even said the march is " push forward a new universal agreement on climate signed by all Nations."

Let's look at some nitty gritty. accept donations from Visa, and their mission statement section states  "We govern the March through a “city council” of marchers."   eeeeek.  on their home page state "UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution."

On the same site look at the NWO programming in number 6, "To Change Everything, It Takes Everyone."  and also lists the supporting celebrities.   "Oh Daphnie, we have to go on the march, Bradd Pitt is supporting it."

Look at the booklet from,   Chapter 7 is headed A Global Solution.

The logo and list of Politicians and funded mainstream scientists involved also make me a little queasy.

Lets look at the promotional posters from two points of view:

Program = "You will be making history if you are there and also challenging big corps."
Reality = Another less in a march of thousands makes no difference and to challenge corps stop living in mega cities, paying tax, and consuming.  Walking down a road with a whistle does effectively nothing to a CEO or shareholders.

Program = You have to be there as everyone else will be, feel a sense of belonging after your working week.  We've even underlined "People's" to make it feel like it is yours and not Agenda 21's.
Reality =  So what if its the largest anything, one clear mind does more than ten thousand muddled minds.   The Nazi's had massive marches too.

Program = The people will create change, They (the authorities) will hear us and change things as there are so many of us.
Reality = If you all want change to help the climate we have just the one world government through Agenda 21 to crush your soul.  This is the carrot.

Program = If you come on the march you will see love everywhere and cute chicks, a new dawn.
Reality =  The sun is the cause, zombie faced people will be the outcome of Agenda 21, and what is that logo in the toy windmill?  Similar to the Nazi Lightning bolt symbol?



When Sky News do a story about a UN day with a Hollywood star coming out in support and spouting things like "sustainable peace plans globally"  I just see NWO programming.

I am not alone (nearly though) in these thoughts, others have claimed this is a big corporate PR campaign.

If you want to help the climate - fly to the sun and with a way of understanding and modifying solar cycles - if you can't do this, live somewhere that can ride out the changes.  e.g North Europe will get wetter and colder, and southern Europe will get hotter and dryer.  Climate Change isn't a global solution, it's an Individual solution  - choose to live somewhere sensible.   Any UN Global ideas on the climate involving punishable laws for the pubic is Agenda 21.

"Oh Daisy-Dakini, I'm not falling for this crazy conspiracy nonsense, Uber-Yogi is coming in her new outfit, and Dazza with his amazing drum and granola he got from Metropolis-Expensive-Organic-Outlet.  We'll have such a good time, and I won't let any negativity or fear get in my way of having a fun day.......before work on monday."


Friday, 19 September 2014

Scottish Vote Rigged, plus the (unrelated) Transhuman tiptoe.

So, Scotland saying No to independence is believed as normal, but here are some clues to the result:

1)   The ten reported cases of Electoral Fraud being investigated.  If they found ten, how many didn't they find?

2)   No exit poll.  No proper international observing.  No recount.  Counting all done at night.

3)   The media reported a historic turnout in all regions of Scotland, mainly in the areas which gave a No vote.

4)   It took all night to count just 3.5 million votes?    (Other countries count tens of millions in a few hours).

5)   'The Powers That Be' were clever, they let Glasgow and other "high unemployment" areas win their YES campaigns, and ramped up the NO votes in the more middle class areas.....this also calms any potential for trouble.

6)  Scottish BBC obviously did some subconscious bombs towards No (even sparking protests), and STV is a PLC which floats on the FTSE Fledging Index, which is a major UK stock Index that's based in....drumroll....London.

7)  Nobody really votes to be a part of Westminster over independence, unless one is a coward in fear of "having a little less money while the new nation finds its feet.".....I hope these cowards can look their grandchildren in the eye because Cameron and co now have the permission of the Scots to destroy their poor.   "Sorry grandson, I was scared of having less money, so I voted for Nuclear Submarines, poverty, and London Elite control from a bunch of Etonian Banking pawns."

8)  Oil - Max Kieser (independent economy dude) recently said that the UK can borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral, If Scotland left, the collateral (oil reserves) would no longer be available, so the cost of borrowing money for the UK would skyrocket.

9) Last but certainly not least:

"It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes." -- Josef Stalin  --

But why would they rig the vote some have asked me. A) To ensure they and their oil never escape the London control, and quash once and for all the whispers of independence.  Or a less probable B) Get devolution slowly into the consciousness so in a few years Wales, NI, and Scotland all become Regions of the EU.   Also a C) is involved;  Stop Scottish UK MPs in Westminster gaining more power than the Etonian English lot, through a devolution package.


Let's have a Comedy Break to cheer us up.

The UN have their International Day of Peace in a couple of days....hehe.......that's like having a "Whore's Day of Virginity" or a "KluKluxKlan Day of Racial Acceptance."

So, In Australia 800 pre-crime cops raided and arrested a few Muslims.......they said it was about "planning some random beheadings in public"..........all based upon.....ONE phone call.......then released most of those arrested later in the day after the worlds press plastered Terror Fear all over their front pages.

....Note this was the same week Aussie sent 600 troops to fight IS.. and Snowdon, Assange and Greenwald appeared on TV in NZ to accuse their government of mass surveillance.   Now the Aussies and Kiwis are thankful for being spied on and sent to fight bogus wars..,,,,,,heheh.....nearly as silly as the No voting Scots.

Transhuman Tiptoe

Crazy news, false flags, geopolitics, and current memes are moving so fast it's hard to deeply contemplate each one, but "wearable tech" and The Transhuman Agenda is progressing almost weekly now, and needs to be acknowledged.

Recently Time Magazine promoted wearable tech, which was well explored by the following utuber.

The following updates around Transhumanism are each DEFCON RED ALERTS, and each were foreseen in my "conceptual fiction" offering over a year ago.  Each below deserve their own blog, but I simply just don't have the time, but know that the era of biometric ID is here.

Barclays are currently developing the use of Human Veins for ID.

Google Glass now has an app to detect people's emotions!

Get some of these up in your place of work or home soon ;-)

Scientist have made "monkeys smarter" using a Brain Chip.

The FBI have just launched a new Facial Recognition System.

Google are looking to "cure death" in a $1bn project - hiding again behind "we want to cure cancer."

CNN are promoting Cyborgs in a loaded article hidden behind helping someone, and also make out Transhumanism is nature based.

Think of how things will look in 20 years if this trajectory continues....maybe good to buy one of these Anti-Routers or the new Cyborg Unplug.....or simply just say.....


Thursday, 4 September 2014


Instead of looking at silly things in the world like ISIS, ISIL, strangeness at the NATO meeting in Cardiff, or Transhumanism progress,  I thought to try what others do more, and seek some "entertainment."

But first off - due to a large increase in subscribers the past few months, here are three free fun short stories you may like for your entertainment.

Ascenders 22,  a fun look at some humans with a special decision to make.
The Ever Increasing Empath,  oops, someone overcooked the jungle juice.
Holistic Revolution Flip.  a new age revolution....yay....hmmm.

So most of earth's humanoids scrape around for spare time, and when some is available the current fad (especially in the west) is to get lost in 'passive entertainment.'

But what is the 'passive entertainment' of our current time?      Movies are slowly being taken over by a saturation of glossy TV series' watched by tens of millions,  so lets have a look at what is most popular at the moment, and give a short wayki wayki description to each.

Remember, each is openly called "a programme" and each are squeezed between main stream news and corporate adverts.....and the viewer helps pay for the design and production of all of these.......keep your eyes open for symbolism in many of these promotional images and titles ;-)

Breaking Bad - Crystal meths is so cool, as is ripping people off and murder.  We'll even tell you how toxic it is, and still you will watch it.

Walking Dead - Post-apocalyptic horror taking the piss out of the viewers.

Teen wolf - Teenager become an astral ghouled up werewolf.

Almost Human - In a not-so-distant future, human cops and androids partner up to protect and serve, and they are the heroes you will love.

The 100 - after nuclear war has destroyed civilization, a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth.

Dollhouse - Black ops project where humans are turned into empty dolls (personalities and memories removed) to then be mind controlled to be anything a paying client wants.   Episode 3 contains mega symbolism.  Note: Joss Weddon did Cabin in the Woods too.

Dracula - Blood sucking in Victorian London.

Grimm - Occult detective horror - basically monsters go around being monsters.

Intelligence  - Some dude has downloaded the Internet (all of it) into his brain so he can solve crimes....I would have thought he wouldn't be able to due any work due to having a trillion hours of porn in his head.

Orphan Black - Bringing the cloning of humans into the public consciousness.

Helix - Scientists are sent to a research facility in the Arctic to stop the outbreak of a deadly "evolving" virus.

In the Flesh - a BBC offering about zombies eating people and creating more zombies....go license payers....paying to turn the TV into a mirror is a new idea tho.

Falling Skies -  Post apocalyptic alien reptilians running around earth chasing hot chicks and brave men.

Vampire diaries - blood sucking murder and darkness with testosterone fuelled teens turning pretty girls pale.

Utopia - English nutters find out about a man made virus created to establish population control.

Revolution -near future worldwide blackout chaos.

Jericho - Post apoclyptic puzzle where Fema Camps and American government military contractors run the show after a US Gov inside job.   Due to these things the show was canned early in season2.

Fargo - A drifter gets really violent in a small town and gains influence.

The Strain -  Mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism

So, most popular "programmes" are either Ghouled up aura hackers, Pro-Transhumanism, or "Soon you will all be fucked without the system to help you.".....and people pay for this  'viewing pleasure' on the growing Netflix (a corporate tax for silly people who don't know how to download or stream).


So instead of downloading any TV, I thought about getting involved with the latest popular music......oops, not a good idea.

So I went out to a local town to try and find what this "entertainment" thing could do for me....

I passed a video game store, and around the door was promotion for a new game.

Diablo III (Devil) - The Ultimate Evil edition.....hmm, nice.....and the subname of the game was "The Reaper of Souls.".....oh, how very appealing.

So I moved on and thought to do something nice like go and buy some running shoes maybe, so I can get the hell out of this town.....oh look here, some nice shoes.....err, and some....guns??

I started to feel hungry....hmm, any fresh produce?   I found thus?   One of those new "crap in robotic boxes automated vending shops"  - note the corporations supplying the plastic food. now i was feeling ill.....and looking for a herbalist or healer, and then I passed this, a "crap in robotic boxes automated chemist."


I'll give this entertainment lark a swerve for this carnation......and stick to watching the pine trees sway in the breeze.

"When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when a cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainment, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk; culture-death is a clear possibility" [Neil Postman, "Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business", Methuen, 1985.]

"There are two separate nature orders, two universes. One is fallen, the other Divine. We are trapped in the fallen nature order, without a clue as to how to escape. Sadly, many don't even think of escape. Instead, they try to think of ways to make this world 'better'.
This world cannot be made a 'better' place. There will never be 'peace' on an earth that is governed by the laws of duality. Earthly 'love' is an illusion, at once both selfish and possessive. Man will only be truly free when he realizes that this world is not the world that he wants to be in. When finally he is struck by Remembrance and begins to long for his Divine Home, only then will all the dreams he ever had begin to come true, by the grace of the Logos, in the Light of The All."   A thought provoking quote from -G @ the Gateofchoice blog.


Monday, 25 August 2014

da-killer Ice Ice theory....du du du du-dududu du.

 da-killer Ice Ice Sheepy....du du du du-dududu du.

All of you must have noticed a heavily promoted viral craze sweeping the USA and UK - the tipping of a bucket of ice water..... over oneself (??) to raise money for the ALS Association.

Here's a little background before we look into a theory.

The craze is heavily promoted by celebrities (mostly toxic puppets), billionaires (mates of the elite), and the mainstream media (zionism), so this clearly deserves a closer look.

Look at the promotion of this craze:

Eminem and Rihanna on stage...."yo, this is how we flow fuckers, ice over my head...yeeahh, yo yo"   <<   ?  high strangeness ?
Many other celebs at it, seeking attention, but being used to promote the craze.
Little more than a wet t-shirt gig really.

Something really doesn't sit right.

The ALS association itself claims that only 27% of its funds go towards research, and in 2013 these were their top earners....hehe, bucket of ice water over oneself to pay for suited

Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00
Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00
Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00
Kimberly Maginnis - Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00
Lance Slaughter - Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00
Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00
John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00
David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00
Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00
Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00
Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00

Let's be clear, ALS do testing on animals, use embryonic stem cells from 8 week old phetus', and have really toxic sponsors and partners.

Giving to someone suffering is not suppossed to be fun, financially corrupt, or an extrovert type action - how about promoting the natural cure instead?

It also seems strange this is so big in Californ-I-AY as there is a drought there and also some brewing rumbles.....ho-hum, "Shiela in the office saw me tip ice over myself so that was fun." (??).

Ok  - enough background, let's get down to the fishiness.....

Co-founder of “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” drowned over the weekend off the coast of Massachusetts.

ALS funding goes towards.....get some of this....ISIS Pharmeceuticals!!! source.   And check out their logo!


This women displays how this craze looks like a mass baptism, or cleanse.

Gates' ice gig looked a little ritualistic.

This celebrity I've never heard of gets ritualistic with his ice bucket.

In the 1800's a similar cold water  challenge was used as torture.


Ok - simple stuff, not really worth a blog, but then I saw the following information - and wondered if the Ice Challenge is related and really part of a mass ritual / mass cleansing.

The past few days the MSM has been full of this:

This one below is really a bit of a kicker into why I felt this blog was required:

Also a massive Bioterror drill has just been conducted in NY including 1500 people, and Chicago has some strange warnings too.

Some are even 100% sure it's a coded ritual.

Conclusion:   If the Ice Bucket gig ramps up towards 9th September instead of calming down, I would not spend the 9th September in any major city in the USA or it looks possible another false flag is coming.



Thursday, 21 August 2014

Headless-beheading-lost-my-head mind control....

This week the corporate Zionist media went for a fake "beheading of a western journalist" by "Jihadists"......going for maximum impact to gain maximum support.....heheh.....they even had the executioner (with a pen knife) hosting an East London accent to bring in the A) James Bond villain subconscious gig, and B) Oh my God, evil could be next door mowing the lawn.

It's so fake, and even makes these look super real.....heheh.

THIS VIDEO WILL SOON BE TAKEN DOWN TOO (blogger won't embed it)

In recent years Foley has spent time deep within conflict zones of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.....saying he was a mere freelance reporter for    Stinks of an agent for CIA, Blackwater, or Halliburton to me.   He has only a few articles, simply written, and all short.  Looks like a cover, especially when we can see how deep within the military he has been.  The guy in the video might not even be Foley!

Probably has a new name and is drinking Mojitos in Mexico today.


Note: Anyone else notice how years ago they first they said "muslims terrorists,"  then "Islamist extremists,"   and now "Jihadists"........heheh.....all to get you to support western corporate, military, political, and banking advances in the middle east.....heheh.

Mainstream news is the new comedy drama, but in more serious terms this is the perfect pretext for another 911 type of false flag.

Apparently ISIS are coming to get us all in the west soon too!!! Arggh....get them - they are's like an old scooby doo episode....without the short skirts.

......Funny though when one realises ISIS is a zionist gig anyway (CIA/Mossad/NATO//UK).....just do ten minutes research and see what you find, or read this great essay.

And here is an Excert from "The Complete History of Israels's Intelligence."

If we look at history we see a pattern........hehe....nope, today's BBC knows what's going on.

Again, the parents came across as crisis actors - no emotion, and a pure pro-America speech, with quotes such as, "how long we going to put up with this evil."

Check out this one - how long did it take them to remember this American Hero script?  And 3.01 is a little wierd......he even looks quite happy.

The people believing all this stuff deserve to pay for the politicians, media, and military.....for they have lost the power of thought, and are droning around in a lego-land coma-induced reality.

But things are going to change one way or another........and this information is wise to be aware of for the headless-lost-my-head-mind-controlled masses.


But millions of Americans care not, and are instead tipping ice buckets of water over themselves in drone like fashion, even while California is in a massive drought.  Maybe there is some symbolism in this because the ice water isn't seeming to "wake anyone up" at all?