Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Flat Earth Astrology, and more.....

Last week the waykiwayki youtube channel achieved over 500,000 views in just the last 6 months - so thank you for your support and shares.

This week I finally got around to piecing together one of the first ever Flat Earth Astrology videos.

Aso, the third episode of FERO (Flat Earth Rebel Outpost) was launched last week (Episode four is now in production).

We had a chat with Patricia on her Hot Potatoes show regarding FERO earlier this week too.

I recently had a chat with Zannie at Flat Out Truth  - apologies for audio quality in places.

Someone made a cool looking video and plonked some of my voice onto it.

peace,  Mx

ps An interesting old gnostic text about your protection against deception.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

FERO 2, Plus Mind Control,Trolls, and Agents.

Hi all,

First off - here's the Flat Earth Rebel Outpost (FERO) Episode 2......

If you giggle just half as much as we did making it, it will make us happy.
Feel free to subscribe to the Flat Earth Rebel Outpost channel, and join the Facebook group.....more episodes are in development.  Keyring link is in the Episode, or at the bottom of this article.


Some people have said to me, "Why don't you do spiritual/personal evolution blogs anymore - it's all Flat Earth related at the moment."

My answer to this is that FE is spiritual, it's probably the most spiritual and evolving part of the truth movement.   Why?  Because it kills any ideas of the crazy atheistic big bang "theory," and it kills the authorities that support the lie,   The sphere is the biggest lie out there, the biggest mind control gig, and FE is the one part of the truth movement that is growing at an exponential rate and really making a difference to peoples lives.

Other lies about money, war, shootings, media, food etc all are relatively small compared to the lie about what reality we live in, but many just want to keep ingesting the same truth, over and over again - it's safe, and it gives many's real, but are you clipping the leaf, or going for the trunk?

Pssst - they got the shape of the earth wrong ;-)


But many say that the shape of the earth does not affect them - but of course, it does, allot, for it's not so much about the shape, but where we came from, and who lies to us, and in what way they lie to us.   i will leave the reader to contemplate this.

For the doubters (you know who you are),  here are a couple of  "game, set, and match" proofs the earth is flat.  Link1, Link2.

One flat earther found this recently, that a Phi spiral from the centre goes through: 
easter island, paracas, nazca, ollantaytambo, machu pichu, cuzco, sacsayhuaman, paratoari, giza, petra in jordan, peresepolis iran, mohenjo daro pakistan, pyay in burma, sukhothai in thialand, ankor wat in cambodia, preah vihear.  (Credit to Bruce Robinson).

But many so deeply conditioned can't break free, no matter what is presented.   They love their gatekeepers too much.   They can jump into food conspiracy, or fake shootings, but jumping from the ball is too much, they get too scared.   But the spherical earth lie really is like a cult....and most within it don't even know about the Cavendish Experiment (

What one should also note is, if the controllers lie about the world we live in, and what stars and planets are - one can grab mainstream history, geology, and archaeology, and throw them in the bin too.   I know some people who think the timeline has been messed with, and I am beginning to agree with them.

We live in a mind control arena - and all of us need to decide at some point if we are happy with that, or if we are going to do something about that.

The ballers call Flat Earthers crazy, but they entertain this week's articles as plausible, and chat about them at the office as though it is normal......

Brian (like's bbc) Cox says in Daily Mail there could be aliens on Pluto.
NASA developing tech so we can goto Mars and back.
NASA unveiled its three step plan for getting humans to Mars.

If you believe these and are a mainstream matrix kinda dude - I'm not too bothered.  but if your thinking your awake, part of the truth movement lalala.....then I'm worried for you.    But I'm more worried about the children you may be having (or hoarding).    Look at was has just been commissioned for the Kids National Geographic Magazine (click for hi-res).

So, obviously, we are seeing much of this about:


I got a massive troll attack on my YouTube channel the other day, and each one I deleted, spawned another three or four trolls.

How did I know they were trolls?

They are people who go around the FE channels on YouTube and say the same things.  They have a few techniques:

A) Attempting to make the channel look crazy with vile insults.
B) Bringing silly theories like hollow earth, concave earth, or Niburu to muddle things.
C) They ask basic but really long FE questions to slow the channel down - answers they can simply get anywhere in the community - and if they get an answer, they ask another three questions that are slightly twisted to take the channel visitors the wrong way.
D) The trolls comments somehow get to the top of the comments sections.
E) These trolls have YouTube accounts with no  avatar, videos, playlists, or subscribers.

Why would someone who doesn't believe the earth is flat, spend so much time on FE YouTube channels?   And use youtube for nothing else?   My theory is that they are in jail and getting early release - or teenage relatives of the military earning some quick bucks.

These trolls are real scum, real sell outs....and for sure they are real.

But the trolling also goes the other way - FE dudes are hammering NASA on their official social media.

"The comments were asking nasa, if they could pan the camera so we could see out the window while the interview was happening! Also they people were asking if they are traveling soooooo fast then by the end of the interview they should be in a total different part of the world nasa got pissed off and cried like a baby and Disabled comments!" Javier Sanchez


So, a few months ago when making the FE Edge documentary, - my usb key 3g Internet started acting strange  - slow, and I couldn't connect much.  The tech dept said it should have been working fine and the system looked ok.   So I recently bought a new powerful 4g LTE router and plonked my sim card in......I got really fast Internet for 10 seconds then something came along and slowed it down........each time i connect I get really fast speeds for 10 seconds then something comes along and slows it.

When I go around Matrix_Decode's headquarters, I slow his Internet right down just by being there.

Also the night before we did our first filming together, something very strange happened, and I had to cancel and delay filming.

Madness, and I am becoming convinced I am being targeted........don't invite me around your house if you want your fast Internet to act fast ;-)


This week Eric Dubay had his facebook account and his facebook groups wiped by the powers that be - every FE image, video, and comment - literally thousands of pieces of data....all wiped.

Also this week Darrell Fox, host of the 8000 member, and super busy, Flat Earth V Spherical Earth Facebook group, had his GoFundme project shutdown.  He was planning to  launch a balloon up at high altitude and film it.    After some aggro, it;s now back up.

They can try and shut us down technically, but they can't stop us dreaming.

I was going to calm down my blogs a year ago and work the land and plant food more - but I searched "flat earth".....I didn't mean to search you.


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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Flat Earth Rebel Outpost

A fun, creative, and edgy collaboration with Matrix Decode.


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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Flat Earth - Transhumanism and the Globots.

Maybe one major reason why the the transhumanism agenda is moving forward so smoothly and quickly, is because there are so many believing in the ball earth lies?

A strange statement at a first glance, so please allow me to elaborate.

If a human has no gnosis of divinity, of soul, of spirit, of a creator, of reincarnation, and believes;  the earth is not the centre of a small universe, is not special, has no purpose, and all life upon it is just a random, chaotic,  meaningless construct, all from a big scientific bang - then of course, this will create worship of science and atheism.

With this blind worship of 'controller' led science and atheism, one will for sure be more happy to evolve in their one meaningless life  by merging with bio-tech.

Will the globots will awaken?


So what is going on in transhumanism recently that most are not aware of?

An AI robot has said that humans will in the future be kept in a zoo.

More information has come out presenting the Google is in bed with the CIA.

But Facebook has gone into another gear.......

Firstly Facebook has last week made a patent where they can check your friends credit ratings before making a decision on your credit request.

Also, Facebook is the home of the Selfie........not as harmless as one might think....

Funny how parents put lots of pics of their babies and toddlers on Facebook - obviously without their permission.   Maybe the baby or toddler when older won't want their details placed online within an NSA/CIA/Corporate Advertising Database?    Maybe they will be none too happy in their teens?   Or maybe they will be brought up to think the digital transhumanism age is great?

Facebook recently started adding green lights for when someone is online, and then added what device they are using  (mobile or internet > e.g out or in), and then an even newer  "seen" notification - within their messaging system.

This is a massive breach of privacy, yet it happened so slowly, nobody really noticed it.

I know some friends whose relatives got in touch with them and asked "are you ok?"  - because their green light had not been on in a few days!

Facebook even has the fake Ball Earth model on every ones screen.....sigh.

And of course - they are constantly deleting posts against the status quo.

Smartphone addiction is also at epidemic levels.  I see couples on holiday in Spain sometimes, entering cafes, ordering something, and then both staring down at their phones for the next half doubt seeing likes for their "look at me, we are somewhere hot" narcissistic selfies.


There is another thing going on.   The teens of today are a new "Boring Generation" - they have few adventures or tales to tell.    I think this is because everyone is going out with a video camera in their pocket, and subconsciously they all know this and act in a fake and stale way.   In the teenage worlds, everyone is an actor, their parties are stale, everyone with a mask......they know that if anything wild happened, it would all be over social media.  They Police themselves.


So, the lie of the painted spinning marble has many ripples, and the love of transhumism is for sure one spin off.......lets hope people wake up.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ball Earth Skeptic Show - Season Finale

A little chat with other flat earthers and the good people at Ball Earth Skeptic in the season finale.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable Podcast.

A chat the other day with the good people from the BESRT.  Apologies for the odd "Andalucian wifi issue" - they've only just got the internet here recently I think :-p

I would like to add here that the host at times made out I was an FE researcher with the most conjecture and speculation - this is not a label I feel is warranted.    

My Dark Rift information has been in the public domain for nine months with over 60,000 viewers (original article and documentary), and nobody has debunked either.    It is a case for me that I trust wise ancient tribes (such as the Maya and Aborigines) over the modern toxic authorities.

The free Moon ebook has had thousands of downloads, and also, nobody has debunked any of the information I presented, with each chapter providing a mass of research and evidence.

This is not a dig at the host, I fully respect his work, intelligence, humor, and show, it is just I'm not prepared to be cast into any potential "crazy speculation researcher" pigeon hole based upon solid recent work (which I certainly don't think was the intention of the host).



Monday, 10 August 2015

Flat Earth - The Edge of Awakening Documentary

A humble offering looking at the current edges of the Flat Earth Movement, covering many hot topics such FE awakening, FE factions, dome, infinite plane, the dark rift, the tunguska smoking gun, meteorites, NASA, CERN, symbolism, and this September's blood moon. 

If you came here with a free popcorn voucher from a fb group - sorry, it's all run out :-p

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