Saturday, 28 March 2015

Flat Earth Podcast - waykiwayki and theatlanteanconspiracy

Listen, question, investigate, and decondition...........(or not, one can wait until it's popular thought so one doesn't look silly - much safer and easier).

"The deception is so huge it is hard to fathom."   Rosicrucian friend regarding the flat earth.

Other sites are popping up all over the place having worked out the flat earth - two more just this week....   Luminosity, Philisophers Stone.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A picture paints a thousand lies....

Note first that this is said to be an official photo from space by NASA of Earth.  This image has become the main image in modern day books and search engines.

Could someone who believes this is a real photo of earth ask themselves some simple questions please?  

1)   why is it not spinning at 1000mph, it you think it is can you explain the shutter speed camera technology being used)?

2) why are there no stars?

3) why is the suns light 'so even' across it?    (e.g no rays, shadows, no way of knowing where the sun is coming from in this image).

4)  why is the east of America so green?

5)  why is the sea so blue when it is more of a deeper green-blue.

6) where is the haze in the atmosphere?

7) where is the equatorial bulge.

8)  why can one not see built up areas in mexico city or florida?  

9)  Does it seem convenient that mass built up areas like NY and LA are covered in clouds?

10)  what is that silly CGI blue ring around it - that is even on the east where it is dark?

11)  where south america starts, does the scale and shape seem wrong to you?

12)  do you even know what way it is supposed to be spinning?  if not - you really should sit down with yourself.

13) why is this the most used image, and the one that search engines reply with?  

14)  zoom in on the edge of greenland and try not to laugh, could you do it?

15) why can you not find a better image of earth from space when supposedly thousands of satellites are up there, and hubble has been up for years?

16) why am i often too lazy to press the shift key for capital letters?

The answer to these questions (well, not 16) is in my Earth Hoax blogs, now read by thousands...... wake up people.

Part 1 is here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Monkey interviewed about flat earth.

This is a little fun parody I created relating to some worshippers of "western education and NASA led mainstream space-science," specifically the worshippers that have been emailing me recently regarding the earth hoax blogs.

So if the earth is a ball, and the earth's curvature mathematics is as such, then how come one can see Corsica from Genoa (227 km away) on a clear day?     It should be a around 4 km below the line of sight.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Earth Hoax: Part 6. Mars is not a planet.

What?  Not a planet?  Has he lost the plot?   "I'm off to some other sites where it's safe and we can moan about banks and GMO's, and share pictures of off-grid living from my office desk during my lunch break."

Good - that's eased the bandwidth - for those left, have you ever seen Mars?  You can see it with the naked eye.  It exists in the sky, a large reddish light on the ecliptic, and through a really good expensive telescope one can see it like this:

or this:

No problem, a reddish disk in the sky, illuminated, and for sure giving off some astrological 'mars' (gevurah) energy.   This is reality.

Then NASA came along last year and said these were taken from Mars, that they were real photos. But they are clearly CGI.    Not sure how a real motor and cables would do at their claim of -85 degrees.

This one looks like earth......

Oops - nothing to see here....

One of my personal favorites, that only on a few sites states "artists impression."  Why spend zillions of dollars to go there to get someone to draw it?    This technology just doesn't exist....nor does the planet mars.

But we are supposed to believe this below is a real photo of Mars (from wikipedia).  What is the red layer?   How odd.  Who took this?  Why is it not spinning, they say it spins at 53,979mph....that's some crazy shutter speed they have, and any photographer knows at fast shutter speeds one sees motion, and also cannot let in much light (hence a high ISO which makes it super grainy.     

People actually believe this video too, Masonic acting and CGI from an American Federal Agency that takes billions in tax.

Images like this are believed as they are pummelled into the consciousness for the past 50 years.

Every week or two they launch mainstream news about water on Mars, or most recently about space tourists to Mars.  It's all hogwash to brainwash.

Others have worked it out....

Mars Hoax  (a personal favourite and is a must watch if 1% of you believes Mars is a planet).

The ancients view on "wandering stars" is the most real and fits with REALITY.

Wake up, everything NASA ever did was a lie, and if you don't know Kubrick filmed the moon landings in a studio, then I suggest one starts there....(note Kubrick was bumped off).

They even made a sci-fi movie in the 70's about Mars missions being hoaxed.

Mars is a flat wandering star on (or near) our dome ceiling.....just like the other Fake CGI Ball Planets.....


The scary thing is how gullible the human being is in to days world.   Someone beam me off.....oh you can't ;-)


Friday, 27 February 2015

IS theatre overload.

Let us get a few things straight first, IS probably doesn't even exist, it's probably all made up by MI5, Mossad, and the CIA, but a small part of me is open to the idea that these three funded and created a few thousand strong makeshift army, and then got photoshop and hollywood on the case.    Also, if NATO really wanted rid of a few thousand dudes, it wouldn't be too hard.   This is all about control, fear, mind control, prejudice, and the stock/currency markets, and oil.


Over the past week or so mainstream news has gone belly-mental in getting the masses to believe people are being lured to Syria to fight for IS.     CNN led the way with some very humorous claims.....that people actually believe.

But the symbolism is here for those with eyes to see.  Nutella is representation of Egyptian goddess NUT that gave birth to ISIS.    Cats were also worshipped in Egypt and One eye Yellow moji represents Sun God RA (or Horus).   

Symbolism?  Are you crazy?   Not to digress too much but here is katy perry standing on an unfinished pyramid with the wings of ISIS singing the words..."Are you ready for the Perfect Storm" a month before middle east ISIS was born to the world.    Nothing to see here, move along....

One story pumped into the news outlets on repeat was about 3 London school girls who have ran off to the Syrian border to fight for IS (and eat Nutella and stroke cats) .   One even took a photo of herself with a studio....just messing around in her bedroom....cough.

Cameron got on the case, telling airlines not to let some Muslims fly to Syria, and telling schools to clamp down on any Mulsim'ism.

Then the BBC did a big hitting article, written by the Institute of Strategic Dialog Think Tank.
A think tank full of western bankers, financiers, barristers, politicians, and corporate CEOs.     One should really read the profile of these people.

The article basically makes out the Internet needs to be policed, and that the west is free and just.

I personally don't know of anything more radical than the current flavour of fascist capitalism in England, but it seems in England that anyone in any other walk of life with any other views is an extremist.    The people who work for the IoSD are the extremists.....greedy power hungry ones who are paid to shape minds in think tanks.....they are succeeding.

Also the media then painted this guy to be a hero, a guy who has never been in the armed services who decided to go to Iraq to join a christian anti ISIS force as a soldier.  He apparently won't come home until IS are defeated.     Who believes this crap?  Millions it seems.


As if we hadn't had enough IS fear porn, they then came out and said Jihad-John (the fake beheader actor/asset) was a Mohammed Emwaz.  A nice quiet guy who had a degree in computer science from the University of Westminster.   This dude was known to MI5 for years, and was/is obviously an asset.  

So Poor Mohammed Emwazi. One day he’s your average ‘gentle’ young man, nose buried in his computer studies books, looking for a job and looking for love. The next he’s being harassed by the security services, and the next......errr  a)  He runs off to kill people   b) he decides to work for the intelligence agency harassing him.     I'm with 'b,'' and if you're with 'a' you're a bit dim......but 'b' is what is being pushed everywhere....relentlessly.

Don't believe MI5 ever lie in the press about their assets?   Well watch the recent movie about Alan Turing - MI5 covered this up for 50 years, and lied to the country via the press hundreds of times......"to protect the nations interests."

It's all crap, theatre, just like NASA, all images on a screen to bend minds.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Earth Hoax Part 5: Flat Earth Clues.

Out of the thousands of people who've read my earth hoax blogs, still nobody has debunked them.

One soul hid behind Einstein but couldn't explain why the moon and satellites don't fall into the earth, or how the shuttle can dock with the (illusory) space station at 64,000mph, or why the earth doesn't fall into the sun (all in his strange heliocentric 'relativity' model he holds so dear.....a model pummelled into him when he was a boy at school).

I was going to write about some more insights into the flat earth conspiracy, but I found this dude already had many of them covered :-)   Quite reassuring to see I'm not alone in these thoughts and connections.  :-)

Parts three to eight you will find on youtube, and each well worth a watch.

You see, ones world view, ones view of where they are, what reality one is in - matters, it shapes much, it shapes everything.  Ask yourself where you obtained your worldview, your view of the reality where you experience.

Not enough curious spy's out there, because people would be crying if their fake world view was shattered.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A shamanic equinox; Lemuria and 80's pop.

Sometimes its funny being inside a human vessel - with all the thought-streams, relationships, emotions, responsibilities, goals, body-parts, desires, needs, restrictions, patterns, logistics, priorities, dreams etc blah blah etc......sometimes all this can spiral-in too close, creating resistance or cemented patterns.........luckily, I know a way of sticking some love-coated cosmic dynamite into it all to freshen things up and give renewal and inner last equinox (September 2014) I went back up the old mountain to a small yurt 5km from the nearest human...

....armed with just some water, music, jungle juice, a gemstone or two, and the beamingly bright stars above me (due to the dark new moon).

It's good to renew, you don't have to wait till you pass over/die, spin in the bardo's, and get flicked into a new babybody (with free boobs on tap) to renew.   And for sure a haircut or new bag is only fake renewal.  I mean deep inner soul inner renewal ...."arrghhh run for the hills" .....err don't because you might find me there. BOO!

With jungle juice, one kind of spits oneself out and aligns to a higher frequency - to the core you / higher self / HGA (label not important) - words don't describe too well, so I'll instead use an image or two to sum up.

Somehow I managed to claw my way back to the earth a not too a dissimilar fashion to the way the millennium falcon found its way back to the rebels in episode IV, or the way The Warriors got back to Coney Island in the old 80's movie.

I'm not one to share voyage / ritual experiences because it dissipates the energy (though some have been mixed into my conceptual fiction), but something pretty crazy happened for an hour when the journey was coming towards an end.

I was staring into and through a lemurian crystal  - getting the light from the fire and candle to refract off it and through it - twisting and angling it very slowly.   I was far away from the labels of "holding a crystal" - I was just with the light, geometry, and resonance, and was also rubbing the thin grooved (lasered?) lines one can only find on a lemurian crystal.

Then it "activated" - rainbow colours filled it - colours I had never seen before, all moving so quick;  I saw old codes on it, processing, it looked like programming code in a sacred symbolic language was scrolling at super speed - and then I "went in."

I saw pyramid cities, and use of these crystals in conductivity, medical use, comunication use, transport.  I also saw wisdom and stories and history were within these crystals.

The pyramid cities I saw were much like the ancient tibetan kalachakra mandala in 3d.

Then I saw three humans - each very tall, very wise, each covered in garments - as if some priests or high council - they didn't talk - but the energy I received from them was of "you have activated the crystal, our story is within each lemurian crystal."    Then I snapped out of it.

I fell asleep.

The next day I tried again, but couldn't re-activate it.  I then went online and found scores of "fluffy new age sites" stating lemurian crystals can be activated.....eeek!!!

Those sites give tons of crap art (below), and promises of Lemurian light activation compassion transmutation granola......stay clear.

One thing is for sure, there are many books about Lemuria and many theories, and they can only be found in a cave region in Brazil, and also in Russia.

Rosicrucian style works such as Unvelied Mysteries also back up my experience with these crystals, and I know this book isn't nonsense as it contains some keys in it, plus some information one can only get from mystic orders.

One can even look at the ancient Hindu links to Lemuria through Kalki

Most will think my experience was crazy, a hallucination, but I can assure you I had this experience.
I've been taught to see between the ether and normal sight....Stuart Wilde used to go into this alot too.

Luckily I'm not alone in having an experience with these crystals. link1, link2, link3.

(Note to self; must go for a beer to escape any new age tendancies rising).


Anyway,  later in the day following the journey, I contemplated this blog years now as a personal gasket, and I thought as to whether it should be more positive (aaaah light) or more raising awareness about what is essentially mind control (oooh irradicating evil)....."surely both sides of the same coin?" I thought....and fell asleep.

Then I had a dream with an 80's chorus in was very vivid, and kept can't be?   Surely not?   It was Nick bloody Kershaw in my bonce singing away like it was 1984 (ironically the year the record climbed the UK charts) in the morning i looked up the lyrics....

Ok then, the 'raising awareness AND irradicating evil' both continue ........and thanks Mr Kershaw wherever you are now.......(ps let's hope he's found some renewal in his fashion wardrobe).


One thing I wrote the day after the journey was this:

i can create anything in this world.

what do i want to create?

a better world.

kill the old way / live the new.



ps I remember eating some beans and rice with a raw courgette like a medieval hungry warrior upon my return from the cosmos, and thinking "mmm, this planet tastes good."
pps special mention to artists  tina and shimshai, byron metclaf, and solar Thorsie the mountain cat who is such a warrior of pure love.
ppps Warning: Don't play with jungle juice or use out of curiosity.
pppps:  You're highers self / subconscious (label not important) can use in dreams any event, person, smell, or voice that you have experienced, even if you consciously have forgotten it - this is explained more deeply in my second book.   If however you don't remember your dreams, you are simply ghouled up as something is getting between your subbie-con and your con and munching them (for of course they hold alot of energy/food for low level astral parasites).  Alcohol tends to bring ghouls into dreams, but weed tends to bring in ghouls that munch them up....funny huh?

On another current note, if you hold money in euros - move it to pounds or dollars for a while.