Sunday, 3 May 2015

Flat Earth, Mount Meru, and Four Lands?

Hi,  If you are not on board with the flat earth model, or are wobbly, or just not interested, then this article is not for you.  

One thing to note is that this is a speculative theory, but one that holds some weight.

First off, I recently watched this documentary (note I don't agree with all of it, but it's a good primer for the theory).

Then I started doing my own research, in which I found:
  • Ancient Buddhism stated the earth is flat.
  • Areas of ancient Chinese Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and more, all state there is a mountain at the centre of our reality, which links / leads to the spirit world / divinity, wherein  the top of this Mount Meru is the lowest abode of the gods.
  • In all of these traditions they state there are four continents around the mountain, which some people think, including the video above, is at the north pole.  Note that the North Pole is heavily guarded and one cannot just pop there to throw snowballs.
But I started researching more, and these videos got me thinking about there being more land as well as our 'known earth.'  Part1, Part2.

I started researching more Buddhist texts, and many of the older ones state we only live on the southern continent (one out of the four), known as Jambudvipa (blue in most mandalas).   So I started to look at Mandalas and art that supported these notions.

Many of these mandalas, along with Tibetan Lore state there are three continents on "each cardinal point,' amounting to 12 pieces of land.

(The above two images relate also to the step Pyramids all around the world).


So the theory is this:   

What if there are three other lands, and our known earth is just one of them?  (Or (or eleven more if there are four groupings of three land areas).   Can you prove this theory incorrect?     Maybe Atlantis was "the whole gig," as ancient scripture states that around Mount Meru in the middle, there are multiple rings of mountains and then water - linking to the words of Plato about Atlantis.

Maybe the mega popular 'Game of Thrones,'is giving us symbolism where another world exists beyond the ice-wall?

What secrets did the Knights Templar find in the 1300's to create an elite wanting to sign up?  Why is their symbol that of four cardinal points growing in size?

Also Celtic, Gnostic, and other symbolism from all around the world shows this Four way symbolism.

Even the pyramids all around the world could be symbolism of this theory.

Ho hum, just a thought, enjoy your Sunday.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wayki Wayki Proves the Earth is Flat.

There are no clues more important or clear within 'Flat Earth truth'  than Curvature.

Most people believe the below model and measurements are true, as it is parroted and thrown deep into the subconscious when at school between the ages of 7 and 12.  Even those clever astrophysicists preach these dimensions.

But if the above was true, then the curvature mathematics MUST be as such:

Please prove me different if this is not the case - I know you cannot, and some have tried.   One scientist told me the curvature maths is 8 inches curvature for EVERY mile, but this would mean we all lived on a slope and not a curve.  In the ball earth model It would always be only the FIRST mile from the observer that has an 8 inch curvature, then of course it would increase (be squared).....because it is a ball and not a slope.     (This is not too difficult, re-read this paragraph if you need to).


Ok - the other day I was in a national park at the south east tip of Spain - and it was so clear in the morning I could see Algeria (though at first I thought this was Morocco).

So I could see land that was at least 95 miles away according to Google Earth.   Land that was not too mountainous, and around 80m - 200m high according to Google Earth.

So if we bring in the curvature mathematics, a location 95 miles away should have been 6000 feet below the horizon (the curvature for 95 miles is 95 x 95 = 9025 x 8in = 72200in / 12 = 6016 feet).

That is 1.828Km (nearly two kilometres).   Let's be super generous and take into account me being 200m above the sea and the Algerian mountains being 200m above the sea - so let's be even more generous and shave off a whole one Km - the land I SAW WITH MY EYES should still have been nearly one whole kilometre below the horizon!

The earth is flat, and this map below is going to grow and grow in the coming years, as the conditioned minds slowly wake up.

For more information on similar curvature proof, look no further than this article on lighthouses and the incredible distances that they have been seen.   Or one could explore this book from 1901, or look into the long bridge in China.....or, bury their head in the sand and scream graaaaavity.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Poem to the Guardia Civil (Spanish Military Police).

These poetic thoughts were bubbling inside me for a while, until they eventually spilled out.   Super childish, very poor voice, but born from a deeply authentic place ;-)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Flat Earth Podcast - waykiwayki and theatlanteanconspiracy

Listen, question, investigate, and decondition...........(or not, one can wait until it's popular thought so one doesn't look silly - much safer and easier).

"The deception is so huge it is hard to fathom."   Rosicrucian friend regarding the flat earth.

Other sites are popping up all over the place having worked out the flat earth - two more just this week....   Luminosity, Philisophers Stone.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A picture paints a thousand lies....

Note first that this is said to be an official photo from space by NASA of Earth.  This image has become the main image in modern day books and search engines.

Could someone who believes this is a real photo of earth ask themselves some simple questions please?  

1)   why is it not spinning at 1000mph, it you think it is can you explain the shutter speed camera technology being used)?

2) why are there no stars?

3) why is the suns light 'so even' across it?    (e.g no rays, shadows, no way of knowing where the sun is coming from in this image).

4)  why is the east of America so green?

5)  why is the sea so blue when it is more of a deeper green-blue.

6) where is the haze in the atmosphere?

7) where is the equatorial bulge.

8)  why can one not see built up areas in mexico city or florida?  

9)  Does it seem convenient that mass built up areas like NY and LA are covered in clouds?

10)  what is that silly CGI blue ring around it - that is even on the east where it is dark?

11)  where south america starts, does the scale and shape seem wrong to you?

12)  do you even know what way it is supposed to be spinning?  if not - you really should sit down with yourself.

13) why is this the most used image, and the one that search engines reply with?  

14)  zoom in on the edge of greenland and try not to laugh, could you do it?

15) why can you not find a better image of earth from space when supposedly thousands of satellites are up there, and hubble has been up for years?

16) why am i often too lazy to press the shift key for capital letters?

The answer to these questions (well, not 16) is in my Earth Hoax blogs, now read by thousands...... wake up people.

Part 1 is here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Monkey interviewed about flat earth.

This is a little fun parody I created relating to some worshippers of "western education and NASA led mainstream space-science," specifically the worshippers that have been emailing me recently regarding the earth hoax blogs.

So if the earth is a ball, and the earth's curvature mathematics is as such, then how come one can see Corsica from Genoa (227 km away) on a clear day?     It should be a around 4 km below the line of sight.