Monday, 25 August 2014

da-killer Ice Ice theory....du du du du-dududu du.

 da-killer Ice Ice Sheepy....du du du du-dududu du.

All of you must have noticed a heavily promoted viral craze sweeping the USA and UK - the tipping of a bucket of ice water..... over oneself (??) to raise money for the ALS Association.

Here's a little background before we look into a theory.

The craze is heavily promoted by celebrities (mostly toxic puppets), billionaires (mates of the elite), and the mainstream media (zionism), so this clearly deserves a closer look.

Look at the promotion of this craze:

Eminem and Rihanna on stage...."yo, this is how we flow fuckers, ice over my head...yeeahh, yo yo"   <<   ?  high strangeness ?
Many other celebs at it, seeking attention, but being used to promote the craze.
Little more than a wet t-shirt gig really.

Something really doesn't sit right.

The ALS association itself claims that only 27% of its funds go towards research, and in 2013 these were their top earners....hehe, bucket of ice water over oneself to pay for suited

Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00
Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00
Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00
Kimberly Maginnis - Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00
Lance Slaughter - Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00
Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00
John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00
David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00
Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00
Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00
Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00

Let's be clear, ALS do testing on animals, use embryonic stem cells from 8 week old phetus', and have really toxic sponsors and partners.

Giving to someone suffering is not suppossed to be fun, financially corrupt, or an extrovert type action - how about promoting the natural cure instead?

It also seems strange this is so big in Californ-I-AY as there is a drought there and also some brewing rumbles.....ho-hum, "Shiela in the office saw me tip ice over myself so that was fun." (??).

Ok  - enough background, let's get down to the fishiness.....

Co-founder of “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” drowned over the weekend off the coast of Massachusetts.

ALS funding goes towards.....get some of this....ISIS Pharmeceuticals!!! source.   And check out their logo!


This women displays how this craze looks like a mass baptism, or cleanse.

Gates' ice gig looked a little ritualistic.

This celebrity I've never heard of gets ritualistic with his ice bucket.

In the 1800's a similar cold water  challenge was used as torture.


Ok - simple stuff, not really worth a blog, but then I saw the following information - and wondered if the Ice Challenge is related and really part of a mass ritual / mass cleansing.

The past few days the MSM has been full of this:

This one below is really a bit of a kicker into why I felt this blog was required:

Also a massive Bioterror drill has just been conducted in NY including 1500 people, and Chicago has some strange warnings too.

Some are even 100% sure it's a coded ritual.

Conclusion:   If the Ice Bucket gig ramps up towards 9th September instead of calming down, I would not spend the 9th September in any major city in the USA or it looks possible another false flag is coming.



Thursday, 21 August 2014

Headless-beheading-lost-my-head mind control....

This week the corporate Zionist media went for a fake "beheading of a western journalist" by "Jihadists"......going for maximum impact to gain maximum support.....heheh.....they even had the executioner (with a pen knife) hosting an East London accent to bring in the A) James Bond villain subconscious gig, and B) Oh my God, evil could be next door mowing the lawn.

It's so fake, and even makes these look super real.....heheh.

THIS VIDEO WILL SOON BE TAKEN DOWN TOO (blogger won't embed it)

In recent years Foley has spent time deep within conflict zones of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.....saying he was a mere freelance reporter for    Stinks of an agent for CIA, Blackwater, or Halliburton to me.   He has only a few articles, simply written, and all short.  Looks like a cover, especially when we can see how deep within the military he has been.  The guy in the video might not even be Foley!

Probably has a new name and is drinking Mojitos in Mexico today.


Note: Anyone else notice how years ago they first they said "muslims terrorists,"  then "Islamist extremists,"   and now "Jihadists"........heheh.....all to get you to support western corporate, military, political, and banking advances in the middle east.....heheh.

Mainstream news is the new comedy drama, but in more serious terms this is the perfect pretext for another 911 type of false flag.

Apparently ISIS are coming to get us all in the west soon too!!! Arggh....get them - they are's like an old scooby doo episode....without the short skirts.

......Funny though when one realises ISIS is a zionist gig anyway (CIA/Mossad/NATO//UK).....just do ten minutes research and see what you find, or read this great essay.

And here is an Excert from "The Complete History of Israels's Intelligence."

If we look at history we see a pattern........hehe....nope, today's BBC knows what's going on.

Again, the parents came across as crisis actors - no emotion, and a pure pro-America speech, with quotes such as, "how long we going to put up with this evil."

Check out this one - how long did it take them to remember this American Hero script?  And 3.01 is a little wierd......he even looks quite happy.

The people believing all this stuff deserve to pay for the politicians, media, and military.....for they have lost the power of thought, and are droning around in a lego-land coma-induced reality.

But things are going to change one way or another........and this information is wise to be aware of for the headless-lost-my-head-mind-controlled masses.


But millions of Americans care not, and are instead tipping ice buckets of water over themselves in drone like fashion, even while California is in a massive drought.  Maybe there is some symbolism in this because the ice water isn't seeming to "wake anyone up" at all?


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robin Williams, and hidden in plain sight.

People on social media are such a paradox......"stop bombing gaza,  stop Obama,  911 was an inside job,  stop zionism"  ......then the very same people then have an emotional meltdown when a (self proclaimed) 'Honorary Jew' who supported Obama, the bombing of Gaza, and the 911 official story, dies........ simply because he made a living pretending to be someone else.     

So a millionaire coke head with artistic talent kills himself - then gains the worlds emotional energy? How many innocent children have been killed today by the regime William's supported.

Let us have some context please.

Also BBC Three viewers were shocked by an "uncanny coincidence" last night when news of Robin Williams' apparent suicide came in just as a Family Guy episode centring around Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt finished.  The episode also has God accused of hating the Mrs. Doubtfire.  I don't believe in coincidences, let alone those that are a billion to 1. Remember Family Guy killing Brian in Fast and Furious just before Paul Walker?
Family Guy even predicted the Boston Bombings (which was a false flag).

Also, years ago, Robin Williams and De Niro visited Belushi on the day/night of his death....have a look at Belushi's headstone (Skull and Bones is explained in my first free ebook).  It is well known in Hollywood circles these three liked the odd session on satans dandruff (coke).   Note:  Belushi died at 33.   Note:  There is a difference between clinical depression and a thirty year coke and booze habit.

These thoughts do not mean Mork and Mindy wasn't great creativity - but watch out for when the global media want you to give emotional energy - ala Diana, Maddie, etc.

Some things are just hidden in plain sight.

Also on the IGN forums someone predicted his death 3 days before it happened.  The username is DigInTheCrates which is an annegram for C The Star Dieing or Die the Star Cing.  Very odd.

Also it happened on the 11th, in the ray of a Supermoon,  and asphyxiation was the same way David Carradine of "Kill Bill" fame went (though later they changed Williams' suicide method to hanging).

Did anyone ever ask why the movie 'Good Morning Vietnam' forgot to include anything about Agent Orange or the gulf of Tonkin?  For one could be left from this movie thinking it was heroes doing their job for the good old US of A.

One could go a step further too.  The Sun Tarot Card has 4 sunflowers (the 4 worlds of Qabalah - with the robe of Binah in Atziluth running between one of them - Binah is sorrow and the number 3).

Ok - now look at his home today...same symbolism - same colour - and triangle for 3.  Binah in this colour is a high vibration and "out of this world" - just like Mork!   

The four QBL worlds can be placed on "one Tree of Life" - in this case Mork above is in the Abyss (between Atziluth and Briah) - pretty much the place in the afterlife for souls who do things like "drug fueled suicide."

Let us remember that Willaims starred in The Fisher King and on the promotion he looks like The Fool (0), especially with the flaming sword (that runs to the top of the Tree of Life where The Fool path resides, and the  Grail is above him (Ayin and Kether).

Now let us note the director was Gilliam, who also made Dr Parnassus (the Heath Ledger ritual movie -  based around The Joker (0) archetpye from Ledger's method acting as the evil Joker.).

Williams was also  in a movie with 9-11 symbolism.


We talked recently about the BBC and it's links to child abuse.   "You're crazy" some said.

Well have a look at the statue on their Broadcasting House in Central London.

According to the sculptor, this is supposedly the magician and control freak Prospero and his invisible enforcer Ariel.

On the same building one can also find these:


Then we find out the sculptor Eric Gill was himself a child abuser!

There should be  a new charity;  "Save the BBC license payers."

Enough of the serious stuff, it's hot this summer - so let us have a nice cold drink :-)

Anyone for some Fluro-Water!  Chemicals and poison fluoride masquerading as natural juice?   I love how on the back it states "Contains No Juice."

Ok then - we could go for a nice increasingly popular energy drink, with crazy levels of caffeine, sugar, and sweeteners, that openly tell the consumer how bad they are and where they come from.

Things are now in plain sight, and people are too asleep to notice, just like this jumper sold at the 911 memorial in NY (read the very illuminati text).


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ebola - Man Made Biological Weapon?

Ebola is now taking over the main stream news - this can only be for one of three reasons:

1)  Agenda 21  (hiding as a UN environment project) is ramping up and Ebola is the vehicle.
2)  Fear Porn to distract from genocide in Gaza and bombing of Eastern Ukraine.
3)  The Governments care and want to help.  (This option was put in for a laugh, but this is the one 99% of humanoids are going with).


Let us note that many years ago my first free ebook presented that the WHO (World Health Org)    are corrupt and in the pocket of the elite and big pharma, and that AIDS is man made.

Let's look at some information supporting the belief that Ebola looks a man made weapon:

  • The US Department of Defence (DoD) funded an Ebola trial on humans which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone, it has emerged.
  • The DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research, which apparently involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus.
  • The DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March.  Trials1  Trials2
  • The US government is the main funder of Ebola research and partners with Texas University and other organizations to develop not only the deadly pathogen but also the vaccine.
  • Big Pharma and government have a history of conducting secret medical experiements. In 2008, Polish doctors and nurses were put on trial after 21 homeless people died as a result of a secret bird flu vaccine trial.
  • The Guardian reported that  Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known in English as Doctors Without Borders, had established treatment centers in Guinea, one of which came   under attack as locals accused the foreign aid group of bringing the disease into the country.
    • Police used tear gas in Kenema to dispel rioting crows attacking the "Ebola Centre" as locals picked up on knowledge Ebola was used to kill people to claim body parts.  
  • George Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and which is about to be closed, apparently amid an investigation.  Kenema bioweapons lab is the only testing centre for ebola in Sierra Leona and holds the highest number of victims. Tulane University conducts bioweapons research on behalf of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). 
  • WHO media coordinator Glenn Thomas died on the Malaysia MH17 flight the other day!! George Soros also has links to the Ukraine government, and his Open Society Foundation and investment funds are active in the “Ebola death triangle” of  Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
  • The mainstream media is silent about the Kenema bioweapons lab closure as well as about the order to Tulane University to stop Ebola testing.
  • Joyce Riley (R.N.), a Gulf War veteran, and Peter Kawaja, a security systems business owner, have been revealing how soldiers came back from Iraq with Ebola II (the carrier form not the terminal form).
  • In the book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?" by Leonard G. Horowitz, he writes about Kissinger's control over The Defence Program Review Committee, which considered the funding requests for biological weapons; and The 40 Committee which authorised covert actions by the CIA in Central Africa in the vicinity where AIDS and Ebola first broke out.
  • The western main stream media reported from a fear and panic angle all at the same time on the same day.

These three dudes are with options 1 of the opening comment on this blog, and even state it is "airborn."

Funny too how one of the most popular Andriod / Ipad games is about making a biological virus and spreading it worldwide.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

MH17, War, Economy.

The Zionist Corporate-military-media dudes (America, UK, Israel) seem hell bent on provoking Russia into some sort of conflict - here are some dots to join you won't get from the MSM.

The West see Ukraine as important as it's one of Russia’s neighbouring countries, and Russia’s gas pipe to Europe traverses Ukraine - The company made $67 billion from these gas pipes in 2013, making it one of the most profitable companies on the planet.

Also look at the NATO (Zionist) bases near Russia today.

The West has also been imposing sanctions on Russia economically, most recently with a $50 billion Yukos asset seizure, which prompted an interesting reply.

The West is also and blaming Russia (minutes after the event) for the MH17 shoot down, which itself contains many levels of key information.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused NATO of attacking Russia with propaganda:
“By trying to make Russia the culprit in the current Ukrainian crisis, NATO has outperformed its own propaganda efforts from the aggressive time against Yugoslavia,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“After the end of the Cold War our country was taking consecutive steps to discharge the military tension in the Euro-Atlantic region and to cut conventional weapons in Europe.  Russia also took the former USSR’s obligations and withdrew its troops from East European and the Baltic countries. We also fully honoured the treaty on liquidating medium- and short-range missiles.” the statement reads.

NATO Troops are now massing near Russia for "exercises" -
US troopsUS exercises, US warship, US ground troops, Canadian troops, New Romanian Jets, and just yesterday it was announced a UK Battle Group of troops are heading to Poland.

“We are sending out a message to Russia and we are reassuring our allies that we are taking steps and making a point consistent with what NATO has been saying, the actions so far are unacceptable by Russia and we are sending out a very clear message,” Defence Minister Rob Nicholson told CBC News.

The chess pieces for aggressions are lining up for sure.

Here is a heated debate from Celente on what is going on at the moment.  Is he a shill?  If so, he is used to get information out into people's minds.


We know that America is bankrupt, the economy is wobbly, and that the Stock Markets are completely over-inflated, also that Russia and China are breaking away from the dollar.  So why not start a major war and use the conflict to re-correct the economy and steal the gas?  Blaming the economy crash on war and betting on the crash by selling days before it crashes.

Remember all wars are bankers wars.

Others are starting to see a pattern forming too.
US wants WWIII because its banks are insolvent.
Ukraine is the incubator for WWIII.

On a personal level, if one lives in Northern Europe, get some more jumpers if your house is heated by gas, because I think the off switch might be pressed this autumn.


Monday, 21 July 2014


Here are some short points, videos, and quotes, that in my opinion are beneficial to be aware of, and can help one 'attempt' to understand the genocide going on at the moment in Gaza, plus the lack of response, and the surrounding media bias, lies, and propaganda.

-David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel, quoted from Look Magazine, January 1962:
“Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations(a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents: this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah."

- Joe Sobran, quoted in K. MacDonald. Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998:
“Talking about American politics without mentioning the Jews is a little like talking about the NBA without mentioning the Chicago Bulls. Not that the Jews are all-powerful, let alone all bad. But they are successful, and therefore powerful enough: and their power is unique in being off-limits to normal criticism even when it’s highly visible. They themselves behave as if their success were a guilty secret, and they panic, and resort to accusations, as soon as the subject is raised. Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism.” 

- Jewish-American scholar A. Lilienthal, The Zionist Connection, New York: Dodd, Mead, (1978):
“How has the Zionist will been imposed on the American people?… It is the Jewish connection, the tribal solidarity among themselves and the amazing pull on non-Jews, that has molded this unprecedented power … The Jewish connection covers all areas and reaches every level. Most Americans may not even sense this gigantic effort, but there is scarcely a Jew who is not touched by its tentacles… The extent and depth to which organised Jewry reached – and reaches – in the U.S. is indeed awesome … The most effective component of the Jewish connection is probably that of media control … Jews, toughened by centuries of persecution, have risen to places of prime importance in the business and financial world… Jewish wealth and acumen wields unprecedented power in the area of finance and investment banking, playing an important role in influencing U.S. policy toward the Middle East … In the larger metropolitan areas, the Jewish-Zionist connection thoroughly pervades affluent financial, commercial, social, entertainment, and art circles.”

There is for sure a hidden history regarding Jews and America.

List of Jewish American business people.   

It also seems Jews have a large role in American government.

The current bombings of Gaza have been met with cheers, facebook likes, and even orgasm.

One must also be asleep to not know of Mossad's role in 9/11 and 7/7.

 Humberto Braga, facebook, 2014:
HISTORY LESSON: Israel was purposefully created by Zionist interests in the US & UK post WWII in order to profit from conflict from militarism to plunder resources in the Middle East. It was pure business! Zionists brainwash people with bronze-age superstitions, calling themselves "the chosen ones" when most aren't even true Semites!
And instead of discussing FACTS, brainwashed Israeli sympathisers just sling ad hominem attacks like "anti-semetic". Guess what? It's bullshit. Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni even ADMITS that "calling people "Anti-semitic" is a trick. We always use it."

The brain washing goes deep....


There is something deeply ill and toxic in this world coming from Zionism - it needs to stop - and to stop it is to stop funding it.....e.g get out of the system and/or spend each $ with pure ethics.

I won't go into questioning the holocaust numbers of 6 million in the Zionist press, Anne Franks literature style, nor how Hitler was possibly not fully what we where told in schools......I will leave that to each individual, and their own critical thinking urges.    But I would ask oneself why questioning the holocaust in any way is illegal in most European countries.

Beware the media delivered buzzwords you will bump into with fervour if talking to group think humans about any of these subjects.


Note1: love and light, all is good in the world, everyone creates their own reality, gain money by flow and abundance, here's a picture of my amazing dinner  lalala <  This kind of social media narcissism shows clearly those who are asleep within the cointelpro new age arena.
Note1 in the Zionism reality:   Hate and darkness, genocide in the world, we control people's realities and even can end them, here's a picture of dead children, you pay for our bombs in tax, eat fast food.


Disclaimer:  I have friends and readers from Israel, and many good people come from there, it's the government, zionism (which also contains many christians), and the mind control programme that create this toxicity in the world.

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Malaysia Airlines Ukraine gig.

Lets simply list a few questions on the Western (NATO, Zionism, Central Banks) media's official story, and then a short conclusion looking at the big picture.

1)   How does BUK surface-to-air missile (as stated was used by the Ukrainian interior ministry).......

........blow up metal to smouldering dust and flames, but human skin, books with paper pages, cotton suitcases, and passports all remain ok?

Maybe they should build planes out of what they make the passports out of!

2)  Why were journalists allowed in to photograph smouldering rubble and dead bodies in what looks like a very setup-set?    One, Two, Three.    Dead bodies would not be left to be photographed - they do this for impact on the media viewers.    I still cannot rule out mannequins.

3)  Is it normal for a commercial plane to fly over a warzone?   I would of guessed judging by strict insurance policies its a big no no, so why was the plane (if there was one) diverted over a war zone?

3)  I wrote 5 or so years ago about AIDS being man made and put into San Fran and NY during free vaccination programmes for gay white men, and apparently 108 of the world's most renowned Aids scientists and AIDS activists heading to the Australian conference were on board.  Confirmed by Australian authorities.   Maybe some of them knew the cure?

4a)  Is there some elite agenda against Malaysia?   Especially after their war tribunals which found Blair, Bush et al guilty of war crimes re: Iraq. Also the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) against the State of Israel can't make them too popular.

4b) What has happened to Malaysia Airline jets this year?

March 8, 2014 - Fight MH370, carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers, went missing on a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.
The Boeing 777 has still yet to be found, despite months of extensive searches in the southern Indian Ocean where it was believed to have crashed. The next phase of the search is expected to start in August and take a year, covering some 60,000 sq km at a cost of AU$60 million ($56 million) or more.
March 24, 2014 - Flight MH066, travelling from Kuala Lumper to Incheon, South Korea, was forced to make an emergency landing in Hong Kong after its main electricity generator failed.
Passengers onboard the flight later revealed they were told to prepare for an emergency water landing. However, the plane landed safely in Hong Kong in the early hours of the morning.
April 21, 2014 - Flight MH192, carrying 166 people, was forced to turn back to Kuala Lumpur while flying to India after a tyre burst and the right-hand landing gear malfunctioned.  Police later confirmed an investigation had begun into whether the flight had been interfered with before take-off.
April 24, 2014 - A plane belonging to Firefly Airlines (a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines) was forced to return to Penang after suffering problems with its landing gear.
A statement on the company's website said: 'This was because the aircraft's landing gear was unable to retract after being airborne. As safety is of utmost priority to Firefly Airlines, the aircraft was required to turn back to Penang.'
July 17, 2014 - Flight MH17 was shot down on the Russian-Ukraine border, killing all 298 people on board.

5) Why lots of 7's going on:  Boeing 777 mh17 17/07/2014  (2014=7).   (777 is an occult number).  And other numerology and symbolism.

6)  Why was the Whitehouse placed on lockdown minutes after this plane crash?    It was like some episode of 24.  This creates  more fear in the public and makes them more easy to control and more gullible.

Early Conclusions.

The "Western-Zionist-NATO-Media and Central Bank controlling gangbangers" want to Unite Europe and NATO against Russia.   In the next month or two we will probably see NATO troops try and take back Crimea (the last non NATO base near the Mediterranean).

Obviously they want to Frame Russia early in the media.  The Zionist NY Times has even released a wiretap of some rebels shooting down the plane....hehe - so they can wiretap thousands of rebels all across the countryside covering hundreds of miles?

US senator John McCain vowed there will be 'hell to pay' if missile was fired by rebels or Russian backers (dailymail).

But why do they seek conflict with Russia?

Could be from a few possible reason........

1)  Russian and the BRICS nations have just set up a massive bank to rival the western powers.

2)  Putin is in on it all, and is part of the western zionist elite, and is helping the agenda towards a one world goverment and currency - and is playing the protagonist.

2) This movie from a few years ago seems to be playing out and becoming more relevant.


Funny though, how the MSM froths over the Ukraine tragedy, but beams with pride as Gaza is pulverised and splattered into rubble, and this Airline story provides great distraction as Israeli ground troops enter Gaza and also destroy a Hospital.

Earth - things are starting to bubble.