Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Masonic Lodge

At the weekend I got a private tour around a masonic lodge and temple (luckily the 18th degree Mason knew not of my book) and I saw inverted pentagrams, links to the dark ritual, Rosslyn Chapel, The Templars and the glorification of constantine (who chaired the council of nicaea). Also, when I picked up a book in their Masonic library by Stephen Knight (mentioned in waykiwayki) I was told that he talked rubbish. Let us remember Knight was found dead soon
after publishing his book revealing truth about high ranking Masons.

The masonic lodge was a place full of low and middle degree Masons whom I believe know not of what goes on at the top levels (explained in waykiwayki). The photos were taken on the sly with a phone so apologies for quality.

On a more humerous note, this week I found out that camping sites in England charge an extorsionate ammount of money, get you to pitch your tent in a particular place, do not allow fires, check you at night with a guard, give you a leaflet of 'dont's,' a sticker to put on your tent, and give you a check out time. unreal! so someone now owns and controls nature do they? The wierdest thing of all is that most people in england think this normal. my friend from Norway was gobsmacked....but it was very funny.