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After spending two years studying, investigating and writing for the truth movement (known as the conspiracy genre to some, but time will change this), I realised many roads for truths led to Hermetic Philosophy and Hermetic Qabbalah. Hermetic Qabbalah is an ancient system/method /science full of metaphors, archetypes and allegories, pretty much how our minds work and how we experience life - its all mental.

This system has travelled from pre-egypt, to rome, to europe, and then much of it has been kept within the secret societies.

What i found strange was that many people within the truth movement (intelligent people too) just pointed the finger at Qabbalah (mainly thinking of the Judaist flavour and not knowing of the Hermetic flavour) from a distance shouting "Illuminati, raahh, bad you, brainwashing, grrr, ill get you." Let us note the Judaist Kabbalah more linked to the bible whereas hermetic qabbalah is more high mysticism and links to The Kybalion, Emerald Table, Initiatic Tarot, Lucid Dreams...and more.

I prefer to take an analytical approach to things my curiosity is stimulated by, and this led me to some of the related books, i wanted to know what this was. I knew that to attack something one knew little about was to be afraid of it, so i wanted to know why so many people where afraid of it or against it, and how a 'thing' could contain secrets.

I went to a place where I could engross myself for 100 days purely within Hermetic philosophy and Qabbalah, this was not an 'order' of sorts - just a few people who know the unwritten system and are full of light, this place had many pyramids, a superb ancient libray and was in paradise...this will do i thought :-)

"But be careful," someone said, I am bored of being careful, walk down your street tonight, look at how careful everyone is; car parked neatly, alarm on, bin correctly placed near the kerb, doors and windows locked, bills paid. careful is boring, I wanted adventure, to seek, to find, to research, to live.

The system involved a 50 day full on study (with no other input) of all the related doctrines and included teachings involving lucid dreams, astral travel, yoga, meditation, kundalini, initatic tarot, gematria (numerology), astrology, the emerald tablet and more, then a 50 day silent fast (with no passive input) where one can enter a "mystical spiral within" the unwritten Qabbalah.

If done seriously and correctly; study the system > separate from the world and from the self > inner wilderness > truth comes - its alchemy.

The system is unwritten as it cannot be written or told; the symbols, allegories and information are designed in a way to raise one to a new vibration and create mystical clicks about life and creation, it takes awareness and consciousness further than any text can.
It's initiatic but the master is yourself, the symbols are the doors to the vibration, they awaken cells in the brain and the subconscious gets fused with the conscious mind through using techniques and...boom, one enters the spiral. The depth of this system and its clicks are found in purified silence thro meditation, astral, and not thro intellect.

Whaddya mean self initiations? Well, one does not go from go-karts to a formula one car, or from janitor to ceo, or from level1 to end boss, or from holding hands to ..... you get my point....and you know when the self initiations come...for sure.

The tree of life is the main meditative glyph of the Qabbalah, having layer upon layer of depth it can be used as a road map for the growth of conscious awareness and much more.
The tree can be shown so many ways and is about "actively looking" and "passively receiving," its not a study where you go, "ahh read that, now I know". It’s a journey of your core self, the essence of your soul and of being a human within this realm.

A good solid, non-fluffy accurate intro to much of the complexity and layers of this glyph can be found here and here disregard the dark layout of the site, as always, don't let colours and resonance sway your consciousness too much unless you wish it too.

In the first 50 days I read many books, the most useful are listed here, and all of these books listed are meditative tools, one needs to meditate and contemplate the subtle meanings and allegories. They are for the subconscious to digest, then index, and then let the conscious mind receive.

The Secret Teachings of all Ages - Manly P Hall
The Mystical Qabalah - Diane Fortune
The Kybalion - The 3 Initiates
Sefer Yetzirah - Various versions
The Emerald Tablet - Various versions
Liber777 - Crowley
The Secret Wisdom of the Kabbalah - JFC Fuller
The Kabbalah Unveiled - M Mathews
Isis Unveiled - Blavatsky
Corpus Hermetica - Various versions
The Philosophers Stone - Isreal Regardie
The Hermetic Museum - Arthur Waite
Rosa Alchemica - Unknown
The Chemical Marriage - Unknown
The Great Art - A Pernety

Numerology, tarot, astrology and an esoteric look at hebrew letters has never really resonated with me, but when all is placed upon the tree, certain 'energies' via symbols are presented, these can be used for pathworking or skrying (meditating or roaming 'within' the sephiroth or paths). There are 22 paths in the tree, 22 hebrew letters and 22 major arcana and 22 astrological symbols. For instance, the average fortune teller with tarot and mystic meg with astrology is nonsense, but when one associates an energy with a symbol and it fits onto a larger meditative glyph, it stirs and activates cells in the brain, and can introduce new consciousness modes, and awareness in deep states.

Still with me? Ok, good :-) the system (metaphorical) when roaming in an upward direction the tree gets one to clear out all the junk from oneself; Past, negatives, imbalances, stored emotions, it is tantric, it is a method of purification and transmutation, also known as alchemy.

Now the system is like a giant puzzle, there are some secrets in this system, such as who / what is the invisible in the tree, what is the secret of the tree, what is the true structure of the tree, and what is true the role of the 3 veils above the tree....and only a handful of books give hidden clues to these. These can lead to some massive clicks that are the same for everyone if found. Also, this system can lend one on a path towards the philosophers stone, most doctrines of this stone were taken out of circulation in the 1700s, but now the net is full of the pdfs. Harry Potter etc aim to make this look like nonsense....clever.

Now, Qabblah can invoke energies pre-manifest and one can invoke good or bad, this is why it has bad press and fear, and is used by bad people for bad means; as a vehicle for dark energy invocation and manifesting of events for gain using talismans and ritual. it is powerful!
Qabbalah itself does not say I am good or i am bad, it just is, it has balance, and like you and me, and life, it has positive and negative, its only when we have too much negative we have imbalance (e.g. much of the world today with all its lies).

Qabbalah can tap into forces at play pre-manifest, it puts these into archetypes one can grab onto, handles if you like; a painter has the painting in his head, its essence lives pre manifest for want of a better example.

Within 50 days silence, dark holes, complete bliss states lasting hours, feeling "inside" nature, so receptive, going crazy with thoughts of "what actually is conscious awarenss." Parts of you that you didn’t know exist come up and pin you up against a wall and say "oy, i want some answers", dreams become more real than the waking day, the dividing line melts, it’s like ayahuasca but for days and slower, the gasoline for all this is the yogic glyph, the Tree of Life, and the clicks and revelations are its fruits.

"ARRGGHH, he's turned into an occultist" I heard one of you say, err, occult just means hidden, and as i’m writing about it, it relieves many of its veils, so is this not the exact opposite of occultism? get out of "group think."

There is so much more to say, and also more not to say, I understand now why certain things cannot be shared , as the film said, "you want the truth, you cannot handle the truth," some things would be like giving 5 acid tablets to a 12 year old - its just too much and there would be no benefits to anyone, hence initiatic. This is a u-turn for me, as during writing of waykiwayki I believed nothing should be secret, but now I understand.

This video is useful, as are the films Pi, Holy Mountain, Dark City and even Matrix2.

I hope this has opened some peoples eyes to the Qabbalah and the self initiatic temples of the mysteries dating back to pre Egypt. This knowledge is not "bad" parsee, and I hope many amazing intelligent people in the truth movement who are doing a great job have a little rethink regarding their views of Mystery Schools and Qabbalah.

I also hope my next research gig on this beautiful spinny illusory rock is something easier on the 3rd eye.

Ask yourself, do you live in your soul, or in the 5 senses?
our 5 senses?

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