Monday, 26 October 2009

2nd Edition of Wayki Wayki and New Web Site

To commemorate over 15,000 global readers of Wayki Wayki, a new edition has been created and available for FREE download or viewing. The new edition includes new material and an improved and more accurate overall stance due to new information and experiences that have come my way. This is the final edition of Wayki Wayki as energy will now be focused on solutions regarding the New World Order and how we can live in harmony without them.

It seems that during a year in jungles and up volcano's that technology has sped on, so in line with a stint back in the Western World (aka Babylon), it is a good chance to update the site.

The new project, "Trinity of Wisdom" is a book that is an output from two 100 day meditations that used Hermetic Qabbalah and quantum science as the rocket fuel. This is up to three months from completion.

Below is a gift to ALL the visitors here, sign up, interact, and enjoy the ride :-)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Knights Templar Symbolism

Walking around a local medieval European town yesterday I came across the double headed eagle/phoenix symbol on a "church." This symbol was explained in Wayki Wayki and is an occult symbol currently rife within Freemasonry. This led me to do further research and I found out the whole area was a Knights Templar stronghold after the 1220's.

People around this "church" had no idea, they thought this building was built to worship a male Catholic god and his son on earth. The Templars did not believe this, and this building was originally not built for that. Look at the pillars bottom right too.

It is a clear reminder for us to look for discreet symbolism wherever we are to obtain the true meaning of things.