Friday, 12 December 2008

Education Quote

To add to the Education chapter of Wayki Wayki, I would like to add this great quote from the amazing book "Prometheus Rising."

"The traditional Childrearing methods are quite logical, pragmatic and sound in fulfilling the real purpose of society, which is not to create an ideal person, but to create a semi-robot who mimics the society as closely as possible - both in its rational and its irrational aspects, both as the repository of the wisdom of the past and as the sum total of all the cruelties and stupidities of the past. Very simply, a totally aware, alert, awakened (un-brainwashed) person would not fit very well into any of the standard roles society offers; the damaged, robotized products of traditional child-rearing do fit into those slots.

That is, there is a neuro-socialogical 'logic' to the illogical. Are traditional schools very much like mini-prisons? Do they stifle imagination, cramp the child physically and mentally and run on various forms of overt and covert terrorism? Of course, the answer is a un-ambiguous yes; but schools are necessary to train people for roles in the ordinary office or factory or profession, which are also very much like mini prisons, stifle imagination, cramp the person physically and mentally and run on terror (threat of loss of bio survival tickets in the form of pay checks).
The permissive movement in child-rearing appeared only when it did, and has succeeded only to a limited extent, because society has always needed and still thinks it needs human robots.

Utopian child rearing will advance further, necessarily, only as society itself evolves out of authoritarianism. That is, as the accelerated changes now occurring propel us into the most rapid period of social evolution in all human history, we will then need citizens who are not robots, who are creative; who are not docile, who are innovative, who are not narrow-minded bigots, who are explorers in every sense of the word."

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