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More Hermetic Symbolism in Churches....

I thought my church symbolism blogging was complete, but the other day I went for a little stroll into some more European churches. 
One church was where the tomb of Ramon Lull lay.  Lull was a Qabalist in the 13th century and has a large part of Catalan history associated to him. 
Lull spent much time in solitude mediating and studying the Qabala, and Amador Vega, a man that has studied Ramon Llull’s life said, “Llull travelled around the world looking for the wisest men and summoned them for arguing or talking with them.”
One point of note is that of the book associated to E.C. Agrippa, "Nature and Magic;" when this was translated into Spanish from Catalan, the real author, Lull, and his original title, "Hidden Philosophy" was removed by the Spanish.  Spanish publishing companies erased many names that made reference to the Catalan authors.

Now what could we find in this church?

His grave has some symbolism: 14 angels hold 7 crowns with the name of one "Art" in each one.
Suspiciously, one “art” is missing:  the philosophy, the most important art for Ramon Llull - precisely the art for finding the Truth.

Now 14+7 = 21, this figure does not have any Qabalistic meaning, but If we add the philosophy we have 14+8= 22, and this figure represents the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the Tau, which means completion (or the universe card in Tarot).
In this church we also see the flower of life symbolism , this was found all over the ancient world and the Qabalistic Tree of Life fits within it perfectly.  Also found was the Egyptian winged orb, which is nothing to do with catholicism but regards the Mystery Religeons of Ancient Egypt. 

The "Lull" church also has a painting showing what can only be viewed as the hanged man tarot trump crossing the veil on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life.  As we can see on the tree below the hanged man crosses the archetypal Veil of Paroketh, going across the sephiroth Tipareth (the sun, see the earlier blog on Qabbalah for more regarding this veil). 

Many churches in the area have symbolism of crossed keys that are apparent on the hierophant tarot card – which signifies the keeper of the secrets of the mysteries.

Within many European churches the secrets of what actually is known within the Vatican is apparent, but only for those with a trained eye in symbolism, geometry and Qabbalah. 

On my way home I saw aspartame in a supermarket, a picture that tells a thousand stories (matrix) and walked past a market run by an African mafia were all stalls sold the same tat, but if a real artisan came along with heart-felt created craftwork she would be arrested for not having a licence.

Humanity is asleep.  It is a shame.

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  1. >> the Egyptian winged orb

    A very important symbol. In the Egyptian language, itself, it is called a "heda". Because Thrice-Great Hermes tells us in the Corpus Hermeticum --

    Expressed in our native language,
    The teachings are clear and simple,
    For the very sound of an Egyptian word
    Resonates with the thing signified by it.
    * * *
    Our Egyptian speech is more than talk.
    Its utterances are replete with power.

    -- I also note that it is pronounced HAY-dah.


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