Saturday, 2 January 2010

Festive Robots

Someone wished me Happy New Year today and this got me thinking, my thought was from a fresh pure place as the past few weeks has been spent in nature away from the corporation led franchise people call Christmas.

People say happy New Year as they see it as a time of renewal, but the 1st of January is linked to nothing at all, nothing! It even lands on a different stage of the Earth's trajectory around the Sun in different "Gregorian years." Readers of wayki wayki will be well dressed in the knowledge of the errors within the Gregorian calendar and how it was created for nothing more than increasing catholic control. 

As for the New Year’s Eve itself, with a full moon eclipse I was glad I was not in a city centre for sure.

Renewal is an inner thing anyway; just what right do we have to go around telling others to have a positive renewal that is linked to nothing?  There are 4 major sun and 13 major moon gateways of renewal in each year but no-one even mentions these, probably because Clintons cards does not sell merchandise for these. 

This leads me on to the next point, people buy a stack of cards, write in them all in one sitting, and the words "Happy Xmas" and "Happy New Year" are already printed in them, and people still see this as a giving of a token of affection.  Even more crazy is that the receivers of these cards take the token and hang it on the wall as if it is personal and really thought about.  It is a lie from the sender, and lie from the recipient, pure alchemy in effect......of the negative kind.

I know someone that used to spend hours making cards for people at this time and the receivers took these actual tokens of affection no different to the ready made cards, "hmmm, she is a bit weird, she makes her cards, can't she afford them" was the common thought train.  This year she said fuck it, I won't send any - and there was outcry, "she didn't send us a card."  Well woopie fucking doo - The world has allot more issues than whether your stale soulless hallway is missing one card to make you feel popular and loved.

To go a bit deeper, parents really think they have done their bit and given love by purchasing a £40 lump of plastic as a gift from a profit based PLC Corporation. Many are not even present to hand over the gift!   This is all actually detrimental to the child’s development as it increases their attachment, desire and materialistic tendencies.  

Most parents are buying out of fear anyway, fear of the child not feeling loved by them and fear of the child going back to school and feeling inadequate in the local cultural peer group. Fear led present giving locks in bad energy to the gift, and as most children are pretty tapped in until their school knocks it out of them, they will usually tire of their "fear energy loaded gift" by January 5th.  Just what do children learn from the cycle they are entrapped within:

1) Search and find stuff you really want that will make you happy.
2) Write a list of stuff you really want that will make you happy.
3) Wish, beg and plead for this stuff.
4) Open this stuff, and pretend you are surprised you received it.
5) After your core essence tells you that STUFF does not make you happy, pretend to your parents you still love the STUFF until they forget (usually around 5th January).
6) Go back to school and spar and joust with peers about who got what; to create the pecking order of popularity for the coming months.

Well, well done everyone, round of applause, we are really doing our bit from child rearing aren't we?  "But my child was happy," This is not the point, you can TRAIN a child to be happy in some really wrong and bizarre situations, the mind is malleable like a sponge until around 12 years.  This is all akin to the parents who say, "My child doesn't like vegetables, he won't eat them" - these parents are really toxic - and quarantine is a good option.

Do these collective festive robots have any idea of what the ancients, the shamanic tribes, the Taoists and the alchemical philosophers did at Xmas?  Do these robots think for themselves or have their thoughts imposed upon them by the juggernauts of media and corporations.  It is another great example of how academic intelligence is not wisdom (see the education chapter of wayki).

But now it is time to goto "the sales,” but why?  Because STUFF is cheaper, and the hoards love STUFF.  Stuff does nothing more than keep one in a single location, it pushed one down, bogs one down, and keeps the mind in the external by using stuff to entertain it.  When people buy STUFF, their consciousness is in STUFF, and because of this they are always finding areas of their life where they need more STUFF - this is know by the corporations and is designed and targeted very intelligently so a grenade is thrown into the pea brains of the mediocre inauthentic masses.

This period just gone shows clearly just how low man has fallen, and amidst all of this, another false flag terror attack is being planned, more children are being blown up in Iraq and Afghanistan, free energy is being quashed and banks are investing in cluster bombs, but it’s all ok because MY daughter is smiling and SHE liked the tree - it is pure self indulgence, ignorance and selfishness, and a sign of consciousness scraping along the bottom algae of the gutter.

People want a smile from their offspring more than a better world, but this is a contradiction, because if the world is not improved their child won't be smiling when they grow into it.  But the masses consciousness cannot grasp this, it is a life of "smiles for today, and smiles for me, then I am successful."  Well I’m here to tell you that you are a toxic organism that has some twisted thinking.  "But it is tradition" - anyone who thinks this really needs to go and spend an hour researching human traditions through history to see that the western circus called Christmas does not even have a ticket to the arena.

The human collective psyche has some real issues, and it is this that is reflected in the external world collectively (there is much more on this in the coming book).

Take this as a rant, disregard it, or call me crazy - that is easiest route as I am in the minority, but if you take the whole of humankind from the past, and that of the coming future - I know I am happily sitting firmly in the majority.


Love and light,



  1. good stuff.

    Yeah I prefer to send a happy birthday etc message by drawing one in a paint program - even on microsoft paint.
    personal touch, unique, fun and creative - even if it only takes 5 mins its better than most things.
    A Couple of things I noted over Xmas.
    Kids on Xmas day , open one present and barely look at it, then go straight on to opening the next prezzie and so on.
    When the Pope got attacked I thought
    - yeah and how about you also show the prison
    the palestinian's are living in this xmas while you preach peace and good will and go stuff your face full of turkey.

    Xmas definitely highlights and brings out the things that are "just not quite right" with society - as an observer.

  2. Great post. Looking forward to more.


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