Tuesday, 13 April 2010

England: Drone Creation Factory PLC

The past few years I’ve lived off grid in nature, far away from the controlled media and processed foods with only fleeting visit through England (Babylon Headquarters).  I have just spent seven days in England and as I was feeling good in what felt like a "silly cartoon,” I decided to sink into Babylonian life to observe and collect some new thought streams.

Lets say straight off the bat that England hosts some wonderful people, amazing nature, and rich history, and it is a fact that only 10% of the land is built up.  But in this 10% of land space a collectivised society is taking shape, and I feel the need to share what the society in general is moving towards.

The main thing that I noticed is that tens of millions are living the same lifestyles; work, TV, consume, eat shit, and you can then throw in an off-the-shelf hobby to give some sense of independent identity.  This is all wrapped up neatly with strong fear and survival modes where peoples perceptions of others is based on "what one does for money," and "what one spends this money on."   I even got asked where my doctor is...I am a healthy mid 30's male so why do I need a doctor?   "Oh, just in case, you never know."  It's all fear based, fear of the worst-case scenario.

The amount of waste from each house is amazing too; food and decent items of use.  Even at a tip I saw people throwing away wood, and someone being refused by the "security guards" the claiming of a useful chair.

Everywhere you go there are adverts, billboards, people, signs, and conversations to support this lifestyle; buy stuff, watch TV, follow sport, pick a winner, survive, and feed your status.  It is an illusion of choice at a very low frequency of reality, but due to toxins in food (and the water and air) these drones are also vibrating at this low frequency so its like to like - just how all electromagnetics work.

In all of this, you can take a step back and think as a human on a beautiful planet - you could walk or travel to a nearby settlement and meet some really interesting new ways of life and diversity - but in England it is copy and paste.  Go to any town or city in England 9am on Monday morning, or 11pm Friday night, or into a living room at 7pm Saturday - it is ALL the same - yet people really believe they live in a free choice society and that they choose their own lives. 

The media paint the picture that it is dangerous for children to be outside, but this a grenade into the collective consciousness, and the result is that children are in front of a TV, on the ipod, on facebook, and then taken to a Lego style play area.  Wow, such development for the next generation!   I even heard about a teacher in the north of England being sacked because she showed her pupils the truth about abattoir's and what actually happens to animals.

Even now Google-Earth uses a Streetview mode and anyone can view your house and vehicles.  One person reported by the Telegraph newspaper has been robbed because this invasion of privacy showed his open garage full of expensive items.  Did anyone get asked about this?  Of course not.

I saw machines in Banks and in Supermarkets, ones that actually say "thank you" too.  Soon people will go out and deal with machines, then go home and sit in front of the one that programmes their beliefs and opinions - the TV.  You can say goodbye to your local corner shop in about a years time, and that's if it is still there now!    
Lets move on to look at TV - channels and channels and not one word of wisdom, philosophy, or anything that can improve your life in any way.  Saturday prime-time there is a show that watches people fall in water to make people laugh (yes, for adults), and soon there is a gameshow coming where people will have to trawl over a nine yard obstacle course to press a buzzer to answer a question.  It is all nonsense.

The TV is all about what is coming next week, coming next, who would you choose, coming soon, and this keeps the watchers natural biorhythms out of whack out from the present moment, precisely where consciousness should be rooted.  It is very clever.

Even kids shows are at it.  When I showed a 4 year old child the heartfelt film "Where the Wild Things Live" I had to stop the film and explain for 20 minutes why there where no baddies, evil, death, or goodies trying to win.  The same evening I realised that many adults need storybooks for children - so, you have been on this planet for 20, 30, or 40 years and your experiences and imagination cannot even muster up a story?

The controlled pop music arena is saturated with ego, hustlers, and the like singing about love only being found and lost "in someone else."  I heard a Cheryl Cole singing about not needing a parachute - well, I wish she would soon throw herself out of a plane without one so we can raise our children without these stupid sell-out materialistic women singing nonsense written and produced by other egotistic money sharks.  When you see her in her video (aimed at children) it makes you think about sex....fact.

It is ALL dumbing down techniques to prepare drones for the world elites plans which progress smoothly behind the scenes led by master strategists.  If you don't believe me watch the story of Sigmund Frueds nephew from the documentary Century of Self, and how   psychoanalysis is used for manipulation.

Walking the streets I saw people with outfits straight out of magazines, and people who care for knowledge of football, fashion, and celebrity over knowledge of anything important (wisdom, history, philosophy, theosophy etc).

At schools now I here there are kids swapping cigarettes for a line of the meow meow drug too, but this all starts to make sense when you find out that they have fear and occult symbolism bombed into their subconscious from MTV and the like.  See this for a look at MTV using occult symbolism (not that I expect any of you to buy into this without the required homework first).

I noticed many older women with massive OCD issues in their houses; cleaning, and putting things away as though their lives depended on it.  Cleaning the garden too so it looks like a Legoland carpet, and anything natural being called "a mess.  If only people’s minds were as clean as these kitchens and front gardens we wouldn't have an issue.

This all goes a lot deeper, and most of this is explained in Wayki Wayki, but I will fleetingly mention the coming general election.
It is a sham, Obama, Blair, Brown, and Cameron are all selected and groomed by the Bilderberg group and elite bloodlines.  If you have never heard of the Bilderberg Group I suggest you do some research, and Cameron is related to the Earl of Denbigh, the 1st Earl of Ducie, the 1st Earl of Carnarvon, the 2nd Earl of Egremont, the 6th Duke of Somerset and the 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury.  His cousin is Sarah Ferguson and he is "in the gang" and always has been.  He will win the election, it is already decided, but not before the drones are mind controlled into thinking there is an actual debate and choice.   I do not support UKIP as I have not looked at them, and for me England has not only gone to the dogs but has already been savaged by the dogs, plus I don't live in England so have a feeling of impartiality.  It is also possible that UKIP is controlled opposition ala the Ireland NO vote recently.
But we need to ask ourselves why the following UKIP speech in the EU parliament was never shown on the mainstream news at prime time, and why they are not involved in the coming theatrical, planned, and rehearsed live debates.

The conservative and Labour differences are tiny; probably about £40 a year plus or minus depending on your "status" within the control grid. Policy that actually affects anything is the same, because they all are frontmen for the Bilderberg Group and the Corporate and Banking moguls that lead the group.

Also this week all of the Polish government and banking officials died in a "freak plane crash."  Don't make me laugh.  Here are some facts:
The now dead polish president was anti-Lisbon Treaty, anti-Communism, and not too keen on the 'hidden hand' of free trade.
The Black box was damaged and the flight recording is not recovered.
Sarkozy made it clear he was deeply unimpressed with Polish President Lech Kaczynski’s refusal to sign off a “pointless” Treaty after it had been ratified in his country’s parliament.
Plane crashed on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre in which Soviet agents slaughtered some 20 000 Polish military officers.
Obama was in Russia a week before the crash.
Poland hold massive quantities of silver and coal.
Molensk air traffic controller Pavel Plusnin told a Russian news website that the Polish crew spoke poor Russian and had a very limited understanding of numbers in Russian, reports Polskaweb, 
but a Polish military pilot and colleague said that Protasiuk spoke excellent Russian.
Protasiuk had a first class record as a pilot and was awarded a distinction for his role in flying supplies to Haiti recently.
Georgian President Mikhail said it was - incredibly evil, and we will always defeat evil, then refused to say what he meant when asked by the reporter.
A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt recently said “Poland is a very large market with great potential to develop,” Monika Schaller, the strength and size of the economy is what makes the market attractive.”

All opposition is being removed before the final blow.  And it's the same old Order Out of Chaos Freemasonic / Knights Templar hallmarks.

I could go into the ITV channels flashing of pentagrams upon a union jack for half a second a thousand times a day, or the TV series Flashforward, but if you've read this far, you probably know what I’m heading towards....and much of this is covered in Wakyi.

Amidst all of this the elite put what they are doing in out faces via symbolism and numerology, and even the most popular TV programme at the moment "Doctor Who" had Saturdays episode based in a future police state Britain with those that asked questions sent to the dark creatures behind the veil.

So, this all brings me to a debate I had with some new-ager’s this week.  This lot were raving about Drunvalo Malchezadek  and his new "advert." Yep Drunvalo, we are all going to bliss out in the 5th dimension in rainbow light come the solstice in 2012, and we have to pay you for your high wisdom – don’t make me laugh!  Maybe Drunvalo has never spent a whole Saturday day and night in an English city centre?     What is more likely to happen is that most will be locked into a control grid of electronic money and genetically modified food, thinking they are free and independent, and 5% or so of the populous will be on the outside trying to help. 

Right, I’m going back off grid, out of the UK, no post, no council tax, with people who are conscious about what they ingest into their consciousness and bodies.  Wow, conscious about consciousness, that’s a new one on the drones that inhabit much of England. Easier to watch the latest mind numbing talent/game/news/cooking/car/celebrity show on the television, read the sun or the daily mail, and to support and idolise and acting paid icon thrust before you.

The new world order is on its way, I saw it with my own eyes taking shape. The drones of England are marching towards it happily in an unaware, apathetic, robot like state, with a tidy front lawn, 10 different insurance policies, 5 different tablets to take a day, and programme guide for the TV.  Each day is a step towards it.

Many of those slowly turning into drones turn back round and look thinking, "well, there's nothing I can do" but there are loads of simple things each person can do, and these are presented in the last few pages of Wayki Wayki.  For one example there are drones that live in pretty nasty areas and moan about it but also own £10,000 cars!  For this money one could travel the world or move to any other country of your choice, but for the drones the fear of the future kicks in; the fear of being out of the comfort zone.

Much more will be explained in the coming new book ready in 6 weeks or so, this is based upon two years of research and practical experiences.  The book is mainly about evolution, theosophy, and an ancient unwritten Hermetic Alchemical path to selfhood (which may be of use to any warriors breaking free from this Legoland plastic metropolis).  

With love to those that think for themselves and control their own vibrating frequency.

M x

"The mentally unstable thrive on this planet, it's the mentally sound who struggle. Sometimes giving the false impression of mental instability to the mentally unstable"

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