Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Planet earth needs some skin cream.....

Are we coming to a time when the earth seems to of maybe had enough of being mistreated?  The increased earthquake and volcanic activity the past few years has culminated in the past week with:
  • A massive earthquake in china.
  • A massive volcano in Iceland erupting.
  • Possibly the larger and louder volcano Hekla warming up for a hefty cough. (scroll down this link to Godabunga monitoring station)
  • Mount Marsili, a 3000-metre high seamount beneath the Tyrrhenian Sea 150km south-west of Naples is getting a little wayki-wayki too.
Even today (20th) there has been a large amount of quakes:
Japan Mag 4.7,  China Mag 4.7,   Pakistan Mag 4.7, Kazakstan Mag 4.5,  Chile Mag 4.7, Peru Mag 4.4,  Peru (2nd) Mag 4.2, Mexico Mag 4.7 (source).

We should look a little into all of this, to see if there are some questions that need asking, and to see if there is any other relevant information that is not common knowledge.

Straight off the bat is that the Chinese earthquake in the Tibetan Platueu that has killed thousands of Chinese (dare I mention Karma) happened very soon after a very heavy solar flare was spotted by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatroy (SOHO).

Many earthquakes appear linked to Solar Activity, and I have yet to look at the HAARP readouts but this is something we also cannot rule out. Especially after the Haiti quake looked like a Columbo homicide crime scene riddle with HAARP evidence.  If HAARP technology is still a conspiracy theory to you then just look at what technology is patented these days:

US Secretary of State for Defense William Colby in April 1997, "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important." Source: www.fas.org/news/usa/1997/04/bmd970429d.htm 

Also here is a respectable science article regarding earthquake control.
Now onto the Icelandic volcano.  wow, that little nation got itself on the map, and certainly have got one over the UK who keep giving them threats over debts.

So, was the closed airspace just a classic UK "health and safety" over-reaction?  KLM, The Pope (the Sun God worshipping Nazi who covers up child abuse), Lufthansa, and BA have all flown about without a problem.   This is weird as ash does actually cause a problem with engines. So Why didn't it with these flights?

It is also worth noting the amount of military operations going on during this window where Europe’s skies have been empty. Operations that involve many aircraft, and are operations that were planned some time ago.

Let us just look at one of the exercises "Brilliant Ardent."

There actually were a couple of soundbites on some News sites of fighter Jets being grounded but no footage or interviews were shared.  
The most interesting question is this, we know (well most of us do) that HAARP can heat the ionosphere and therefore affect weather, then why was this not done so that the ash could be diverted from flight paths?    Sound absurd?  Then look at the coming meeting for the "Weather Modification Association."
Day after day the Met office in the UK called the shots (via NATS) saying ash is not moving, but we know the met office tells the odd porky.

What's the guess the airspace is clear from the 22nd April when the exercises stop?   

And surely the airports would reopen a little bit, then a little bit more, not all at once with now it is ALL ok?
Tui Travel, which includes Thomson and First Choice, said there was was "no clear reason" for the blanket ban on flights over the UK.
Iceland is cold too. Not much warm air there to lift this ash high enough to travel this far. Even if it could, the speed of it was slow and would have taken a few days to reach the North of Scotland. Three or four days more to reach London, if indeed it could travel that far. Er well apparently it can. In fact it can do much better.  Airports in Norway then Sweden started closing down. They are to the east. What a clever ash cloud this says I. The little sod can drift South while drifting East at the same time. Never seen that before.  
Barcelona airport closed even though the skies where completely clear, and friends in southern England told me of (trail-free) clear skies too.  

The news and matrix drones were funny though, all I kept hearing and seeing was that airline companies were losing money.  So, large profit making corporations not making their forecast profit is the main issue?  Its almost funny.  These airlines will soon be compensated by the taxpayer too.  Other main news was that the Pharmaceutical companies couldn't shift their money making chemicals about, and that the odd Sharon couldn't go to Lanzarote to get drunk and laid for a week, while attempting to read a trashy romance novel but not getting past page 28 as the words are too long.  This is a classic case of the media shouting "look.....a badger....over there."

What was also noticeable was that Britain relies on foreign countries for food even though it has some of the most fertile farming land in the world.  
Why is this?  Globalisation and profit.   
The ferry, taxi, hotel, train and hire car firms all made a packet out of the problem by rising costs, how helpful and humanitarian of them.    If the sister Volcano Hekla in Iceland goes off then we really will have an issue, but I think all the matrix drones will think about is money loss, and beach time lost.  Maybe it should go off until people start to really think about how they live on this planet.

But travelling around Europe this week has turned into the logistical equivalent of travelling around India, it's good for people, a little spontaneity and chance encounters with no safety nets.  The stranded corporates have become backpackers for a few days, its healthy.

Right, that’s far too much fluff, we need to go a bit deeper.

One thing you should see at least view is this strange V formation hovering near the ash, this for sure looks like birds, but on another glance why is the V formation so tight, and what the f*** are birds doing migrating through a volcano eruption?  

Now that the blocking of travel is implanted into the collective consciousness, all it will now take is some wind and ash and it could be airports opened and closed weekly.  This will help the planned economy dive gain pace and control movement.  This could be linked to the consciousness moulding from all of the Hollywood and glossy series' that contain armageddon, blackouts, solar-flares etc.

We now know that FEMA camps have and are being built in the USA. This started out as a myth, was plagued with criticism, chanting and indifference. It then became a book or two, and then became a website or two, still plagued with sceptics and critics, and its now all out in the open.
There are FEMA camps all over the place in the USA.  

Just what are the Elite preparing for?  We know that Trillions of dollars went missing from income tax in the USA, and also that much of the Bailout trillions went missing too (note that one of the players in all this - Goldman Sachs, are charged with $1Bn fraud this week).  

 Ok, lets get back to the planet.

The electromagnetics of the Earth are changing; the magnetic field around the planet is weakening (see wayki wayki) and the magnetic poles are moving around 40km a year.  

You can monitor online the Suns Geomagnetic Field and space weather

It is said that the magnetic poles have reversed (known as a pole shift) before by many scientists, and by some interpretations of ancient texts.  Mainstream science and news Link1 and Link2 can give you some background information.  For sure if this happened the issues are massive for all inhabitants. 
Whether the electromagnetic changes are linked to volcanoes, earthquakes, HAARP, the Sun, divine trajectory, or the Earth being pissed off I don’t know.  This is because the net is swarming with disinformation, and my meditation powers are not yet strong enough to ask some astral know-it-all.  
One thing is for sure, the view of a deluded Iranian cleric that women wearing tight clothes and "showing hair under headscarves" is upsetting god to create quakes is pure nonsense.  This stuff even makes the BBC, can you believe it?

If you’re interested in the Earth magnetic field and wish to see a well presented and well fuelled "theory" regarding these changes, then I suggest you spend an hour of your life watching this.

And let us not forget about the case of the Tromsø / Norway spiral which was later ludicrously attributed to a Russian Bulava missile test taking place hundreds miles away.

More likely the HAARP installation known as EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter facility) was involved.

Even the BBC this very day (today) had solar flares as one of its main news item, very much from a creating fear angle it seems too.
Why is this all being pushed into the consciousness? Remember collective thoughts create manifest reality (explained deeply in the coming book) and the elite know this (through the esoteric knowledge they hold).

For me if a large solar flare comes and creates power-outs  I certainly won't be ruling out EMP from the hidden hand, will you?

For me, it is highly probable the no fly zone the past few days stinks of a massive test of somesort (probably HAARP), I mean why is The News all be about Dave and Julie stuck in Malaysia and Terry stuck in Delhi and no hard proof from satellites about this ash cloud?  The images I kept seeing with the cloud looked like they were done in MS Paint.

Amongst all this, this week the Former Monsanto Exec. was appointed to the Head of the F.D.A, Greece is being pushed further into the financial mud, and the next Bilderberg meeting is to be held in Spain in June, and Obama said nobody should entertain any notion about 9/11 but the official one.   Also due to millions looking at The News due to the travel and volcano events, the elite use this opportunity to throw in a "Al Qaeda Chief Killed in Iraq" consciousness moulding grenade.  The reality of this (people only look at the headline and it sinks into the subconscious) is that they never existed, one was captured before, and been killed before too! See here.

Also in the last article I accused the elite of assassinating all of the Polish cabinet ministers in their stinky plane crash.  Well a man filmed a walk in the woods around the plane crash, and this is well worth a watch, especially now rumours are surfacing that he has been stabbed to death since this movie appeared online.  Why hasn't the news or governments mentioned any sadness towards these deaths?  No plan for a memorial, nothing.  John Cleese paying £3k for a taxi is more important.   What is going on?

And on top of AAALLLLLL  of this, no-one really cares about any of it, and this is the funniest thing.  Send someone a MafiaWar something on Facebook, get drunk and laid and goto sleep, ready to goto work tomorrow - (and get this) to pay a mortgage for your home....that you are never in....because you are at work......trying to earn to pay for it.....with money that is backed by nothing....with interest.

Maybe the Earth has the right idea, give us a few more Volcanos, until we realise a few things. 

The skin cream for the planet before it gets really annoyed with what is going on comes in the shape of the world elite being cleansed off the face of the planet with some "walk away from the matrix sharing and compassion cream."

Unfortunately many fluffies say that as I'm focusing on these issues I am feeding them....but here is an experiment:  I will close my eyes and ears and feel love NOW....................NOW open my eyes.......nope, FEMA camps are still there, FOX and CNN still broadcast, and Monsanto still nearly controls the worlds food via biotech disease technology induced into natural DNA.   If it wasn't for this crazy elite we would ALL be drinking pure clean water and probably be exploring the galaxy by now.

love and respect,

 M x

ps  no planes in the sky is sooo peaceful, the fluffy clouds and singing birds all returned :-)

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  1. This is Jon from FB popping over. So you mentioned volcano Hekla without even mentioning the volcano more directly connected with volcano Eyjafjallajoküll (the one that just erupted), volcano Katla??? Katla has the history of erupting in the wake of the waning of Eyjaf's ash cloud. Though no rumbling has been reported to have been recorded for Katla as of yet, news sources are saying that scientists are watching it very closely now since it's far overdue for its eruption.

    On another note, I certainly don't see these eruptions (so called "disasters") as man's fault, but as a part of a much larger mechanism in the lifespan of the planet, which in turn is yet another mechanism of the greater cosmos in which the awakening of the consciousness of humankind is yet another part, awakening into its own progressively more active role.


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