Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Publisher deal signed......

Hi all,
Today was going to be the day of the launch of the new book, but on one level it still is.

Last week (on the New Moon) I was offered a contract from a niche publisher in the United States, plus an offer from another larger publisher.  After much contemplation (in a Peruvian sort of way) I decided it was better for the book to be in the care of a new niche progressive publisher, a publisher that fits with my ethos and future.
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One quote from the publisher kindly said, "This is obviously a genuine work of inspiration and experiential knowledge. It is written at a high level."

Therefore instead of launching the book today here, I instead signed the contract.  The book has a vibration and trajectory of its own, and certain signs and symbolism were also evident to guide the book this way.

This means that after taking a break I will be busy ironing out any copyright issues on images and fine tuning some sections before distribution to the physical outlets and web.

The publisher is very future and electronic minded; eBooks, Kindle downloads, and various multimedia will all be available along with the physical book.

For now, I can only share an overall summary regarding the book:
The book came about after spending time in a mystery school, then performing a 55 day silent fast in a pyramid, then being guided one on one through a 100 day merkaba process up a volcano, and also spending time with various shaman.

It looks at where the human species is now and where it is most probably headed, all upon an undercurrent of Hermetic, Alchemical, and Qabalistic thought, philosophy, and theosophy.  It looks at glitches in our reality and quantum truths as well as the hidden history of Hermetic thought weaving through history since ancient Egypt, symbolised in our modern day.  It covers the ancient science of raising vibration and awareness, how to tap into synchronicities, lucid dreams, and archetypes, and also how to "spin" using the depths of the vehicle of the Unwritten Qabalah.
It looks to the future times, and shows a clear route map for Merkaba Mysticism and how and why in the coming times this will be useful....and probably needed!

Overall it is about a truth based ancient path to self-hood via the source of consciousness.  

I wish to apologise to those whom I guaranteed the book would be ready, and I hope you are able to understand.
Here is a small gift for now....a new way to read the ever popular Wayki Wayki.

With respect,

M x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oil and Porridge.....

Hi all, another quickie....

Ok, that oil rig in the gulf needed a little look I thought as I was scoffing my morning porridge.

By the time i was scraping the last oats onto my spoon I had pieced together the following.

Just 1 (yes one) day before the explosion, Goldman Sachs, the banking giant betted against 'the gulf of Mexico.'
Link1   Link2

Then I found survivors were being told to sign secrecy contracts.

Then I see companies who can fix the oil leak deep underwater are being ignored.
Link1 Link2

Then there is the Hollywood movie 'Knowing,'  a film that had more predictive programming than a Sky News UK election feature.

Notice the clock hits 12 (=3 create) and then the number on the paper is 81 (=9 initiation).

So if this was an inside job, who is to benefit?  Well it is for sure more leverage to raise green tax and the price of oil.....and an all round low feeling of helplessness.

Think what you want, but think about people who are coincidence theorists.

I off to do the washing up.


Saturday, 8 May 2010

EU logo change this week....

Just a quickie as I'm pretty busy.

Did any of you notice the change in the EU logo and name this week?
All amidst the week that the EU (elite subsidiary) gained a tighter grip on Greece and the UK.

The Logo now looks more like an eye, and the "European Union" is being referred to as "Euro Zone" much more.

This lot are getting worse than Hollywood for symbolism.

I saw an interesting post from someone online too - 
"I'm sorry, but there isn't [ a global awakening]. Over the last week or so I've argued with seemingly “intelligent” people, (university grads and student-types) over the idea of 9/11 being an inside job (nine years and counting), political parties being nothing but paid fronts for the banking elite etc etc. They just won't except it, never mind the mind-blowing stuff that reality exists beyond the five physical senses (I know, I've had out-of-body-experiences). Face it people, we're fucked! Maybe this is all for a reason, I don't know. The best thing you can do is look out for yourself and those nearest and dearest to you. Fuck the rest! It may sound harsh but if they can't be arsed to question the nature of reality, their place in it and the mass manipulation of their lives, then fuck 'em!"

One one level, I may start to agree with him.

Happy Saturday :-)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Mcann's at it again....

For those that don't know, I wrote a little in Wayki Wayki about Madeline Mcann being an arranged child sacrifice by the elite....the reasons for this were quite clear:
This goes on with hundreds of children.
The parents are elite and in the gang.
The outrageous length of the story in the mainstream press (one girl over thousands of others).
The symbolism used.
The £1m collected at the online madeline store. (Gerry McCann says they wanted to set up the website ‘to channel all this good feeling into something that will benefit other people’.)

I forgot all about it a long time ago until today I saw they released an "anniversary picture" of her.  i almost spilt my tea in my space bar!

Now, before we look at the picture, realise that each time we see her we give emotional energy, this is in affect "spiritual energy" and is harvested and gobbled up.  

If this is too crazy for you to believe, then go back to sleep, get down the high streets, and wallow in an identity via an off the shelf magazine or hobby.

Within a nano-second i saw the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  
Top right is Chokmah - shown as one of its symbols, the line (2), top left is Binah (black) with a tad of pink (Empress scale colour of Binah), and bottom right it is a blue circle (Chesed).   Bottom Left is also black (Geburah colour in the Empress scale).  The girl is "rising" up the tree and she sits in Daath (the invisible Sephirah).  If this is a "coincidence" (they don't exist from where i've been playing)  then we are looking at solid million to one.   Do you really think a picture given out to millions would not be thought about?  "Oh, just grab one out the albumn for the ritual anniversary harvesting will you please dear."
She looks ready for ritual, all tranced out, with make-up taboot.  

Also the media refer to her as "Maddie" which is an annegram of "I'm Dead," this is how it works.
If the state taking children is new to you......have a peak at this lecture.

Moving on, what else is going on at the moment?

Jacksons lawyer was shot in the head in the mopping up process of one of the biggest mind control gigs ever known.

New Yorkers had a fear injection into consciousness from a "There is a car bomb in Times Square" nonsense......a few days after Obama the actor said "The single biggest threat to U.S. security, both short-term, medium-term and long-term, would be the possibility of a terrorist organization obtaining a nuclear weapon....This is something that could change the security landscape in this country and around the world for years to come." 

People are still fuelling their cars at BP stations after they just made £4.3B net in 3 months and this week destroyed a good chunk of the worlds sealife and natural waters.

The BBC reported sadness about how a rich cocaine addicted fashion designer killed himself.

People in the UK think immigration is an issue in the circus Bilderberg puppet election when the fact is the EU has open borders so all they are referring to is non-EU immigration which is not an issue as there is hardly any movement that area.

Greece doesn't actually exist anymore, it is now a part of the IMF, and the protestors (called anarchists by the BBC) are playing into the elites hands by creating anger and frustration.
But convincing your average Greek demonstrator that peaceful protest is the only way to instigate change is a pretty hard sell.

It's funny how the word bailout soon turns to defecit...look, a badger.  heheh.  Greece is being used first then its Ireland for sure, and then pop them off one by one.  Even the UK was put into the consciousness by elite behind Skynews (the actual broadcasters are made of plastic with an array of remote control nodes within their jaws).  Look at the UK debt clock, there is actually NO way to turn this the other way!  Creating money out of nothing backed by nothing only prolongs the inevitable.

And amidst all this silly play of theatre, Hollywood still throw out symbolism that goes back to Mithraism and beyond with a new movie coming out soon.

none of this affects my vibration as none of it affects me, I walked away from this nonsense a while ago, but I see it all in a way that I feel I should share.  The real game is going on at a much higher level of consciousness than all of these symptoms, but the sleepy do not even wish to walk to square 1.

From nature with love,