Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Oil and Porridge.....

Hi all, another quickie....

Ok, that oil rig in the gulf needed a little look I thought as I was scoffing my morning porridge.

By the time i was scraping the last oats onto my spoon I had pieced together the following.

Just 1 (yes one) day before the explosion, Goldman Sachs, the banking giant betted against 'the gulf of Mexico.'
Link1   Link2

Then I found survivors were being told to sign secrecy contracts.

Then I see companies who can fix the oil leak deep underwater are being ignored.
Link1 Link2

Then there is the Hollywood movie 'Knowing,'  a film that had more predictive programming than a Sky News UK election feature.

Notice the clock hits 12 (=3 create) and then the number on the paper is 81 (=9 initiation).

So if this was an inside job, who is to benefit?  Well it is for sure more leverage to raise green tax and the price of oil.....and an all round low feeling of helplessness.

Think what you want, but think about people who are coincidence theorists.

I off to do the washing up.


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