Monday, 1 November 2010

Brushes With Babylon....

Some of you may know that I have been living off grid for a while, and currently live up a mountain with free energy.  The main thing with living so close to the elements is that the elements don't fight for rule or supremacy, they are even and in harmony with one another, they sink into eachother, and if we respect them instead of fear or ignore them, they show us the power they hold and allow us to merge and weave into their harmonious dance.

Unfortunately, this article is not about alchemy or a hermetic look at the elements, it is about some of my recent (and rare) ventures into Babylon. I seem to see things in a way that is deemed "extreme" by many, and it is only fair that I share these, for others to call me crazy, or maybe for another one or two souls out there to agree.

I flew back to the UK recently and the first thing that caught my eye was at the airport after the "get your passports out" signs.  I saw a barrage of machines selling toxic food, and then a "green" recycle point next to  It is surely more "green" to just get rid of all of the machines then there would be nothing to "recycle"....but people looked at this as a good green area.

In the UK many people had been swept up in the elite corporation controlled "festival season" to meet with their friends at £80 ticketed events complete with "Vodafone tents" next to £3 mineral water bottle stalls....I sighed.

Due to the lack of local natural earth produced food (known as organic to the strange) I was near forced on one occasion to go into one of the strangely lit supermarkets.....there I was herded to use this strange machine....I thought it was a time machine or something, or even better - something that would teleport me back to the mountain.  It even spoke to me....i touched something and alarms went off and about 5 people (buying the sun and daily mail newspapers to find out about X-factor and fear respectively) looked down on me as I "did not know how to use the machine (conform well)."  It was like the sheep herd looking at the black sheep....I was confused....and afraid of this strange land.  

I was with children during my time in the UK and realised that certain archetypes are loaded into their minds.  Harmless looking cartoons watched by those under the age of 5 are imbedded archetypes, as the mind at that stage knows not the difference between reality in the physical, imagination, sub-conscious, or inner or outer archetypes.  I realised that children in the UK were bombarded with archetypes that represent fighting and being upset by "evil" at a very fast jerky pace. At that age one can only be a result of the inputs and Nikolodean is owned by some people with an agenda (shown within wayki wayki) - just research it for yourself - and they and their buddies wish to create uncentred, ungrounded, hyper, agressive, dualistic, monsters.  Imagine if all the children in the UK were implanted with archetypes of virtuous mythology as they are in India. Note India has very little in the way of ego and chav.  Also note that deity and cartoon hero's are just "characters" to a human mind at a a young age and there is NO difference.

After being even more confused with how people in the UK manage to pay for food, insurance, taxes, and 
energy, I witnessed and noticed the following too:

  • At 7am on a Thursday all the dustbins were layed out neatly a few inches from the kerb in a neat uniform those who pay hundreds in council tax....this made me nearly physically sick.
  • A massive 18stone guy buying 10 cans of diet coke.
  • A mother stating her child's long term illness should not be cured by veggie smoothies instead to long term (not working) steroids - because the 9 year old "did not like the smoothies!
  • An old man saying to his doctor he will take experimental pills for the remained of his days without doing ANY research into what was in them!
  • Mothers saying "oh he doesnt like vegetables" about their childrens eating "desires."

Upon my return to the mountain (ahhh) I was in a circumstance where we needed to visit a hospital...something that I very much avoid for endless reasons not to go into within this article.  First i noticed that the building looked nothing like a place of "healing."   It looked like a cross between a prison and a school.

Once inside i noticed some strange machines everywhere, and after a short time I went to check one!!  These machines were so that patients in the hospital could BUY a card and watch TV for a day!  The TVs were turned off unless unlocked by a card that the hospital profitted from!  They even did an offer of 20euros for 3 days viewing.  

I felt sick, and almost asked for a doctor but I escaped just in time before they looked in their "what are the Pharm Corps telling me to administer for this symptom" database.  Phew.  
So, all patients could watch WHATEVER they pleased, therefore someone who just came out of an operation could watch a horror or something similar, something that is detrimental to the vibration of healing.  Just how disconnected is babylon becoming?    So disconnected it seems that I found Aspartame round the corner being sold as a sugar replacement" on the selves!

There is so much going on at the moment, from the false flag "ink cartridge" terror nonsense that is based on no facts whatsoever, just see the Yemen Post.  Crazy chemtrails almost everywhere, and even every other Movie coming out of the states being a severely low vibration.  

What to do?  Laugh at it all a little, and realise that this whole blog just looks at what is happening at a 5 senses level.  Try and think what is going on behind this, take coincidence out of the equation, try to look at evolution and generations across time and how events shape the collective consciousness.  

All one can really do is improve the self and raise ones vibration as it is a "war on vibration and consciousness."  One could also attempt to explain some things softly with love to the odd bank or vodafone working robot .....this is actually a new form of Yoga known as "hdbangbrikwaldroneahom."

Something is coming, an event, and its probably coming before the new year.  What, i don't know, but it 
will be an event that will be noticeable within the collective consciousness, and this will take us onto 
March 2011, a date i have looked at for a while, a date important within the Maya Calendar.  As I was writing this I even came across some more info on (T.Mckenna's) Timewave Zero that look at these dates too.

Whatever one thinks or feels, the control mechanisms are ramping up, and show time is not far away.  Make your play.

A heart full of love and a being full of freedom is a priceless powerful ray (and shield) of light.

"A cosmically sane man living quietly in society is worth more than a million screamers for reform." Vernon Howard.


  1. Many solid observations that unveils the dis-ease of modern society.

    Thank you for sharing

    LOVE & Peace

  2. Great post. Looking forward to the new book. Peace


  3. I appreciate much of what you write about so, thank you. However, you say India has no ego or chav? How do you explain the caste system?


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