Saturday, 1 January 2011

Podcasts & Interviews

September 2019 - Philip Daniel Miles.  Astrology / Luminology.

May 2019 - Simon Robinson.  Flat Earth, Crypto, and more....

January 2017 - BioCharisma Podcasy.  Flat Earth Luminology (Astrology).

November 2016 - The Marty Leeds 33 Podcast

removed from youtube

December 2015 - Flat UK Show

December 2015 - Globebusters Show

December 2015 - K-Talk Taboo Radio and WaykiWayki

October 2015 - Flat Out Truth Show and WaykiWayki

August 2015 - Ball Earth Skeptic Round Table - Season Finale.

August 2015 Ball Earth Skeptic Round Table - Wayki Wayki

removed from youtube

July 2015 -  Lisa Harrison and Mark Knight

March 2015 -  Mark Knight and Eric Dubay

Mar 2011 -

I was fortunate enough to be invited to have a chat with the amazing "Occult of Personality" website recently, listen to the podcast here.


Dec 2010 - 

I caught up with my good friend Mikael Cromsjö, brainchild behind the massive (swedish based) truth website. We chatted about living off grid, the planet, our species, and other yarns....

Part 1

Part 2


Nov 2010 - 

This week I was invited to be a guest on the "Arwen's Path" Podcast show to talk about Trinity of Wisdom.   The show covers genres such as spirituality, writing, art, and music, with the odd laugh and chat thrown in too.

Please click here to listen.



  1. mark,

    nice to see you on a video - really liked wayki wayki and trinity of wisdom ( though the ibooks version needs some improvement)
    as i am a smoker myself and you said in your book kill smoking i am curious what you are smoking. is it some kind of natural tobacco or green tobacco if you know what i mean :)

    keep up your great work

    may peace love and light be with you all the time

  2. thanks for the kind comments :)

    ahh, i had a recent shamanic experience and required some grounding so some organic natural tobacco was smoked for a few days.

    mikael got lots of grief on his site for this ....heheh.

    respect and peace


  3. thanks for your answer.

    by the way is there a possibility to visit/join your community in spain?

    and another question since i started meditating i am having strong vibrations in my whole body while meditating....feels very good but wouldnt have thought that this comes so quick - do you have any experience with this?


  4. hey there,

    yes - i started medi 4 or so years ago using theta wave technology - and things happened very quickly :) this is probably a remembering / past life thing coming back into this life trajectory.

    the community the interview was held in has about 200 people and is free to goto any time - it is more a village than a "working" community tho.

    my own mountain with tipis etc is being opened up as a specific space in the spring and will have a page on here.....if you send me a private email i can tell you more.



  5. Hey Mark,Hope your well my old friend!!I would also like some info on the mountain tipis it would be great to get out of this rat race for a cleansing...Keep up the good work mate.


  6. Hey mark,

    Loved your e-book Wayki Wayki. I resonated it with it 1000%!

    I was curious, is there any way you could make that video with Mikael non-private? Or perhaps add me on youtube as a friend so I could view it? (username crizpy9119)

    I am very interested in living off of the grid for some time to further heal and connect and raise my vibrations, and this looks like a great source of info :) Keep up the excellent site.



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