Monday, 13 December 2010

How to trash a whole planet in a single generation.

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I’m in…..hi there, this is not Mark this time, this is a speaker for the collective consciousness of the generation that had a good go at ruining the whole planet in just one generation.  I am a collective of those minds that were born between around 1945 and 1975, and trashed the planet between around 1960 and 1990.
For thousands of years generations of humans lived on this planet, each with their faults, ups, and downs, but most of these were fixable, what we did had a much more permanent and devastating impact.

This is how we trashed the planet.

After The Second World War (we like capitals for that because we are proud of it and celebrated it yearly) we were scared and wanted “them” to tell us what to do.  We were told to seek security and comfort, and then without question we went for these full on.   We even evolved (cough) and added “status” into the mix to create a triple wammy of low consciousness criteria ripe for harvest.  Let me explain a little about these three that we embraced so well.

We were in fear big time, so we thought the goal in life was security, we looked at security as being an external thing, so we bought homes, and gained careers to give us the bio-survival chips (money) to pay for the upkeep of these two – to keep us within a strange physical feedback loop.   

We listened to the News and to our governments, and believed every word, not knowing they were both pawns for the banks and corporations.  We bought into nationalism as this gave us a feeling of unity because we did not know about seeking unity within the self.  Security was also about fitting in, and not being diverse.  We didn’t want any black sheep in our pack. It was so safe.

Due to our careers, we could gain more and more comforts; a new car or a new sofa, an we could watch TV for entertainment – not knowing about the mind control coming from this box.   We loved gameshows and soaps especially because they really took our minds down into the trenches away from anything real.  

We liked shopping, sports, consuming, listening to pharmaceutical company pawns (doctors), and loved the royals (who we didn’t know or even meet). 

 We went on package holidays were someone would meet us with a clipboard and plan our whole break for us, no spontaneity or synchronicities for us.  We ate food from supermarkets and rarely looked at the labels, they are feeding us real food because it is a food shop of course, we didn’t even have to grow it, wow, how evolved were we!  So much better to buy a chemical white loaf in plastic than bake it yourself we thought.  We even used poison to clean our teeth because the TV commercial told us to.  On top of this, if we did not want babies we could still make love using a tablet that messed up the pineal gland, hormones, and natural bio-rhythms – we were so lucky. 

We spent our lives looking for short term ‘emotional-body happiness spikes’ (deemed within our consciousness the goal of life).  We did not know we were supposed to be sad sometimes and that the emotional body (the only place happiness can occur) was a learning tool, we did not know the game was to evolve, to harmonise, to be centred, and to find inner peace and to feel and express from the soul.  All we knew of the picture below was the Physical Body, one out of eight. 

In our wondrous comforts we liked to keep everything external very clean, we would use toxic chemicals like bleach to kill germs, and then flush this all out to sea along with our personal body waste.  Cleanliness was external, and also helped our status to have clean things when others were present.

It was a fun rat race; we would compete with others in careers, and with comforts.  We would show our value and worth by what we had brought and how we showed it, it was especially fun when we had something better or newer than a neighbor, sibling, or friend.   This all made us feel above or different from the other sheep.

We became in debt to feed our status, but did not look at what this meant, let alone what inflation was or what that meant.   In our competing careers, we managed to invent intelligent bombs, barcodes, rfid chips, credit cards, fast food, and satellite spying.  In nationalistic conflicts more bullets and bombs were cast than ever before.  We polluted the air, the sea, and chopped down large forests – this was not a concern or an issue because personal security, comfort, and status was above all else.

We aimed to be emotionally closed, to hide our true feelings and issues, to be non-creative, non-holistic, and disconnected from the primitive natural world. We stopped questioning because the News told us what was happening- we were lucky, we were informed.  Words like intuition and awareness did not matter or enter our mindset because we were really good at the big three; Security, Comfort, and Status.  Our consciousness was also taken up with ‘I’ and ‘Me’ issues such as juggling what we liked and disliked, and molding our outward personality in a feedback loop - this was our favorite pastime, and great for conversations with friends.  There was a chasm between the inner and outer worlds but this did not matter, this was not for us to dwell upon.

In our generation some did escape our collective consciousness for a while, the hippies, punks, and some others, but they ended up doing nothing different in the overall scheme of things, and most ended up in a nice 2 bedroom semi watching TV.  The hippies voiced love and freedom (strange notions for sure) but really just smoked a lot of dope, had a lot of sex, and listened to a lot of music – pretty much just like the teenagers of the current generation…..but without the painted vehicle.

Our generation did not recycle or look at waste, or the planet as whole, and some silly people said the planet was itself a conscious organism – something our collective consciousness would not entertain.  We heard some people with these cares and whims, and labeled them “greenies” – this worked for us as we liked labels for things that did not fit into our collective mindset.  Below is one of our greatest places where dreams were made - Los Angeles.  What an achievement.  Here people could become famous, a great ambition within our generation.

As a generation we are now old, but as a consciousness we are still going strong, not least because of the good numbers within our recruitment policy known as the education system.  There, humans are taught how to use the left brain for logical work, something they will need within the bio-survival rat race when they are older.

Now we are preparing for Christmas, we don’t even know its roots, or what it means, but our imprints from cultural tradition are deep within us, and we will buy plastic for youngsters and junk for our loved ones and sit together to watch TV and be gluttonous.   We will advise our offspring about their lives because we know better,  but it is peculiar that youngsters in the community do not come to us for wisdom and advice…..they must be busy I guess?

But in all of this we individually did not really do anything wrong, so how did we trash the planet?   We did this with IGNORANCE, SELF CHERISHING, and LOW AWARENESS, and therefore we became malleable to the elite who shaped our thoughts, whole lives, beliefs, perceptions, and norms.  They know more about reality, words, the mind, energy, and a lot of ancient wisdom, and they used all of this against us by keeping us within a false bubble.

Do you wish to know THE FUNNIEST THING IN ALL OF THIS?  In all this we did not even know we were trashing the planet, we thought the way we lived was good and upstanding.  We trashed it subconsciously.  Think about this please for just one minute.
We leave the planet soon, and maybe you will recruit to our level of consciousness to keep the status quo – some good souls still think that this vibration can be changed from within this vibration, this is not so, there can only be this vibration as it is, or a new separate vibration.  Whether it is too late for the next generation to realise this, only time will tell……but the planet does not have oodles of time amidst this vibration………..because WE TRASHED IT :-)

*** IP Hack Found >>>  Kill Bug Bot **>>>> GO>

What, who was that?  Mark again here, wow, I was hacked  – what a massive over generalisation from the speaker for the collective consciousness from the older generation…wow, but there are sure some comments that ring true for me.  Much of their fear was harvested and manipulated, and fear put them in a low vibration easy to control.  Humans are creatures of habit and struggle with change, this too is known by the elite. 

What is the moral of all of this?  Well we need to make a decision upon what consciousness vibration we are aligned to in all aspects of our lives.  The planet is near trashed, are you helping to sink the ship, or are you plugging the holes?  Are some of us still living to keep members of this generation proud and happy?   A generation that was without doubt the most destructive ever!   (subconsciously).

There is no website to follow, no documentary to watch, it is just simply up to you.  Does external security, comfort, and status take up any portion of your consciousness?  More than freedom, compassion, and inner balance?

Ps.  If you visit the family this Christmas, when you are with your parents pulling a crackers please ask them why they trashed this beautiful planet,  ask them politely to post their answers here because I am most curious, not least because I have invested interest in this matter because my vessel exists upon this plane.

With love,

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Vibration Razors...

The new book now gives me a base for more articles about metaphysics and vibration, and just as the book was aimed to use the minumum words for maximum effect, working with vibration is very similar: minimum effort > maximum effect.

It would be all too easy to again dissect the latest surrounding the IMF, chemtrails, control, numerology in media news, etc, but we all know it is an attack on our electromagnetic vibration no matter what fancy dress outfit it comes to the party in.  Is it worth us looking at another 50 vigilant citizen articles (though intelligent and well formed) because you know it?   There is nothing more to gain,  you know it, so integrate it, move on, and use the knowledge for something positive for the self. 

I was going to look at the paradox of the students in England protesting at the system because they really want to be in the system, but will leave that because it is too silly.  There is no money left, so kicking things won't help, nor will a degree help in materialising inner balance within a falling economic system based upon mistrust and competition.

I will though mention quickly my opinion regarding Wikileaks.  Surely this a CIA operation as a way of shaping the world political map?  This weeks release was like a release of a Hello magazine, the world media was completely synchronised and pushing it, nothing was really revealed, but more focus is now upon the middle east and Iran.  It looks like controlled opposition to "mainstream news," and it first gained its credibility by showing videos of US torture in Iraq - something everyone knew about anyway!  Make your own mind up, but don't believe anything straight away, and I am not the only one with this opinion, see here, and here.  It's like this, the collective consciousness now is starting to know that the governments lie, and that more is going on that what appears, therefore the elite create a "catcher" for this, something that appeases the curious mind, "oh I heard about those conspiracies, that Wikileaks exposes them doesn't it" is now a mainstream view.  It is like the elite place a chess piece to stop further collect conscious intrusion, like placing a pawn in front of a pawn.

Make your own mind up, but always be wary the wolf in sheeps clothing.


I wish to look at some simple "self" solutions, because after whizzing around the washing machine of truths, sooner or later we realise that what we can really tangibly do in the now is improve our own vibration.  After much thought on this matter I would say it is probably better to improve your own vibration 5% than to splatter information in the faces of 10 people who realistically, have a level of consciousness that would rather be buried in family photos, local events, or aunty Maltida's hip operation, rather than face the inner death and inner wobble of realising what is really going on in the five sense reality (let alone on the more subtle planes).

But when we look to rocket up our vibration, there are minefields of profiteers, charlatans, and rainbow new agers....arrghhh, it's a mess.....hence most go down the pub.

We could look to yoga, but that is a little messy these days too; often aimed at the worker to "de-stress," and swanky (should I remove the 's'?) expensive parlors with the handsome teacher etc.  yuk.  The schools in the west are also very feminine in energy and turn many off.  I was chatting with someone not long ago, and he was like, "I did 2 hours yoga today and feel great"....good for you I thought, a little self indulgent on the time, no?  I want 10 or 20 minutes of time invested and a big return.  Yoga asanas without mudras, bandhas, or pranayama is just stretching anyway, and as Franz Bardon said in the legendary "Initiation to Hermetics" you only need a bit of stretching to keep the body limber and flexible as a base.  

In yoga classes you have to move from a posture you like and feel that you need because someone told you to, and someone is speaking most of the time - this alone keeps you in the "external."  The words said by some teachers are 80% about asana (physical postures) and little about where to place your consciousness or any energetic alchemy.  

Anyway, enough of that...I play with some respected techniques, I try some out, keep some, and always look to minimize time but to maximize effect, and I think I have 3 simple techniques that you can do alone and that you will ALL fly from.  Each take no more than 15 minutes!  Remember, it is better to do something that raises vibration for 10 minute with 100% intent and focus, that to do something for 5 hours with 80% effort.  Of this I am sure.

These techniques are ancient, used in mystical and esoteric circles, and come from different parts of the don't need a £30 mat, swanky flowing "I am spiritual" clothes....and each have a bit of "warrior" about them.   Most important of all, the attack on your vibration by the powers that be will bounce off you akin to Batfinks "wings like a shield of steel" because your vibration will be razor sharp.

The techniques are:

a)  Kuji-in   b) Kriya Pranayama  c) Vowel Mantra and Visualisation.

I almost included "The 5 Tibetans" but this takes about 20 minutes...too long, sorry.

Out of these, maybe pick one that resonates with you and go with it for around 11 days.  I say this as you probably won't feel a vibrational change during this time, this is why many esoteric techniques are "occult" - the benefits are hidden from the profane.  Most want results NOW, and it just doesn't work like that.  Did you get mind controlled by the system in a day?  No, it took years.   You may feel like a lemon the first few times too, good, get over yourself,  nothing looks as silly as someone watching X-factor, shopping for fashion, or working in a job they hate - bear this in mind.

a) Kuji-in.

Known as the 9 seals to Taoists and also used by ninjas, Kuji-in has its roots in north India, though now is used mainly by Kung-fu masters and Tibetan Buddhists.  Used with the Sanskrit mantras instead of the Japanese ones, this can really rocket vibration.

It is basically 9 levels of power / being;
It consists of 9 mudras, each with a mantra, a part of the body to focus on, and a relevant contemplation.  The depths of this are deeper than the mines groups of 33 keep finding themselves in, and I won't go too deep here....I will just show the basics.  Remember not to move up a Kuji until you feel ready, and do a few minutes each day or the build-up will be lost.  We are building up a reservoir of energy.  Note: The mantras can be said internally.

1) RIN   Power        STRENGTH of mind and body

2) PYO   Energy       DIRECTION OF ENERGY 

3) TO    Harmony      HARMONY with the universe 

4) SHA   Healing      HEALING of self and others

5) KAI   Intuition    PREMONITION of danger



8) ZAI   Creation     CONTROL of the elements of nature

9) ZEN   Absolute     ENLIGHTENMENT

Also, just knowing which element relates to which finger can make this go deeper too.

b) Kriya Pranayama

Kuji-in not for you?  Then give this a whirl (open images in a new tab for full size).

After doing this set every other day or so for a while I guarantee you will be less tired, have more energy, and need less sleep.  Note: You don't have to wear a silly thing on your head to label yourself into a religious silo when doing this, also there is no need to do the inner mantra, it is better to focus on counting the breaths.

c) Vowel Mantra and Visualisation.

What are vowels?  What are sounds?  What do they originally mean?  Hebrew has no vowels, so we need to look to Sanskrit to find the source of vowels and their meaning.

When we as a mantra resonate the vowels all in one out breath in a continuous flow (ee, eh, oh, oo, ah, nn), each with a focus on a chakra, and each with a focus within a "state of being," we can lift our vibration in just a few "goes."  

Take a deep inhale and then start focus at the 3rd eye and move down as shown below.

The root Chakra is a NNNnnnn sound, coming from the Hebrew letter, Nun, esoterically meaning "unique within the sea of the all" or "I, the flesh, the vessel."   Then as you are breathing-in ready for the next round, squeeze your perineum (known as the Moola Bandha lock), and feel (and intentionally focus) energy to surge up your spine.

This is a fractal of how ALL things came to be from creation, from Ain, from Shiva (call it what you will):
>intent > wisdom > oneness > experience > presence > uniqueness.

With the deep ingrained knowledge of vowel meanings, all mantras and ancient words make much more sense, even basic words will gain more meaning because you will be more aligned with the root sounds and meanings.

A bonus fourth quick technique comes from Taoism and Chinese philosophy, the inner smile.


From any of these, wisdom will soon come, not from a book, not from a 6 minute glitzy youtube video; wisdom from the self.  Talking of wisdom, I saw this recently and it is dripping with wisdom - a movie about the mythical hermit buddhist masters in the Chinese mountains and what they get up to.

This whole article is really all about freedom, but the message of freedom is hidden, just as it is in this amazing video by Sigur Ros.  

All we need to do individually is raise vibration and then this elite nonsense paradigm we live in will fall apart because of the frequency it exists upon will then be left behind.  This is the only way, because asking politicians to change policy is still upon that lower vibration.  If we concentrate upon the journey of our soul all else will look after itself.


ps The first external review of the new book is here and thanks for all the comments so far :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Book: Trinity of Wisdom

I am glad to say that Trinity of Wisdom (with contributing global artists) is now available as a paperback, and for various e-formats.


There is a movie trailer for the book here.

The personal journey of this book was an amazing one, and if you are interested in a brief physical background then please read here.

To get hold of a copy:

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Email me direct for information on ordering a kindle or pdf version at


Monday, 1 November 2010

Brushes With Babylon....

Some of you may know that I have been living off grid for a while, and currently live up a mountain with free energy.  The main thing with living so close to the elements is that the elements don't fight for rule or supremacy, they are even and in harmony with one another, they sink into eachother, and if we respect them instead of fear or ignore them, they show us the power they hold and allow us to merge and weave into their harmonious dance.

Unfortunately, this article is not about alchemy or a hermetic look at the elements, it is about some of my recent (and rare) ventures into Babylon. I seem to see things in a way that is deemed "extreme" by many, and it is only fair that I share these, for others to call me crazy, or maybe for another one or two souls out there to agree.

I flew back to the UK recently and the first thing that caught my eye was at the airport after the "get your passports out" signs.  I saw a barrage of machines selling toxic food, and then a "green" recycle point next to  It is surely more "green" to just get rid of all of the machines then there would be nothing to "recycle"....but people looked at this as a good green area.

In the UK many people had been swept up in the elite corporation controlled "festival season" to meet with their friends at £80 ticketed events complete with "Vodafone tents" next to £3 mineral water bottle stalls....I sighed.

Due to the lack of local natural earth produced food (known as organic to the strange) I was near forced on one occasion to go into one of the strangely lit supermarkets.....there I was herded to use this strange machine....I thought it was a time machine or something, or even better - something that would teleport me back to the mountain.  It even spoke to me....i touched something and alarms went off and about 5 people (buying the sun and daily mail newspapers to find out about X-factor and fear respectively) looked down on me as I "did not know how to use the machine (conform well)."  It was like the sheep herd looking at the black sheep....I was confused....and afraid of this strange land.  

I was with children during my time in the UK and realised that certain archetypes are loaded into their minds.  Harmless looking cartoons watched by those under the age of 5 are imbedded archetypes, as the mind at that stage knows not the difference between reality in the physical, imagination, sub-conscious, or inner or outer archetypes.  I realised that children in the UK were bombarded with archetypes that represent fighting and being upset by "evil" at a very fast jerky pace. At that age one can only be a result of the inputs and Nikolodean is owned by some people with an agenda (shown within wayki wayki) - just research it for yourself - and they and their buddies wish to create uncentred, ungrounded, hyper, agressive, dualistic, monsters.  Imagine if all the children in the UK were implanted with archetypes of virtuous mythology as they are in India. Note India has very little in the way of ego and chav.  Also note that deity and cartoon hero's are just "characters" to a human mind at a a young age and there is NO difference.

After being even more confused with how people in the UK manage to pay for food, insurance, taxes, and 
energy, I witnessed and noticed the following too:

  • At 7am on a Thursday all the dustbins were layed out neatly a few inches from the kerb in a neat uniform those who pay hundreds in council tax....this made me nearly physically sick.
  • A massive 18stone guy buying 10 cans of diet coke.
  • A mother stating her child's long term illness should not be cured by veggie smoothies instead to long term (not working) steroids - because the 9 year old "did not like the smoothies!
  • An old man saying to his doctor he will take experimental pills for the remained of his days without doing ANY research into what was in them!
  • Mothers saying "oh he doesnt like vegetables" about their childrens eating "desires."

Upon my return to the mountain (ahhh) I was in a circumstance where we needed to visit a hospital...something that I very much avoid for endless reasons not to go into within this article.  First i noticed that the building looked nothing like a place of "healing."   It looked like a cross between a prison and a school.

Once inside i noticed some strange machines everywhere, and after a short time I went to check one!!  These machines were so that patients in the hospital could BUY a card and watch TV for a day!  The TVs were turned off unless unlocked by a card that the hospital profitted from!  They even did an offer of 20euros for 3 days viewing.  

I felt sick, and almost asked for a doctor but I escaped just in time before they looked in their "what are the Pharm Corps telling me to administer for this symptom" database.  Phew.  
So, all patients could watch WHATEVER they pleased, therefore someone who just came out of an operation could watch a horror or something similar, something that is detrimental to the vibration of healing.  Just how disconnected is babylon becoming?    So disconnected it seems that I found Aspartame round the corner being sold as a sugar replacement" on the selves!

There is so much going on at the moment, from the false flag "ink cartridge" terror nonsense that is based on no facts whatsoever, just see the Yemen Post.  Crazy chemtrails almost everywhere, and even every other Movie coming out of the states being a severely low vibration.  

What to do?  Laugh at it all a little, and realise that this whole blog just looks at what is happening at a 5 senses level.  Try and think what is going on behind this, take coincidence out of the equation, try to look at evolution and generations across time and how events shape the collective consciousness.  

All one can really do is improve the self and raise ones vibration as it is a "war on vibration and consciousness."  One could also attempt to explain some things softly with love to the odd bank or vodafone working robot .....this is actually a new form of Yoga known as "hdbangbrikwaldroneahom."

Something is coming, an event, and its probably coming before the new year.  What, i don't know, but it 
will be an event that will be noticeable within the collective consciousness, and this will take us onto 
March 2011, a date i have looked at for a while, a date important within the Maya Calendar.  As I was writing this I even came across some more info on (T.Mckenna's) Timewave Zero that look at these dates too.

Whatever one thinks or feels, the control mechanisms are ramping up, and show time is not far away.  Make your play.

A heart full of love and a being full of freedom is a priceless powerful ray (and shield) of light.

"A cosmically sane man living quietly in society is worth more than a million screamers for reform." Vernon Howard.

Monday, 25 October 2010

New Book Launch....

On 12.11.10 my new book will be launched and available on Amazon.  Here is the Trailer created from those good souls at Dreamz Work Publishing.

The book has the contribution of many amazing artists that really help to bring the book alive.  It will stand tall against all other esoteric, qabalistic, and hermetic works, and covers so much including evolution of consciousness, history, philosophy, and the esoteric arts of raising vibration.

More is mentioned at the publishers site, but for now I just wished to share the trailer.



Monday, 2 August 2010

The Speeding Up of Evolution

The past twenty years has shown an unprecedented curvature in evolution.  To explain what I mean by this we need to break it down a bit.  In this period of time more choice, more inventions, more technology, more dramatic events, and more diversity has arisen than at other time in recorded history.
This shows that consciousness is becoming deeper, larger, wider, and helps to show that consciousness is linked to evolution. 
How is consciousness linked to evolution? Well if consciousness never evolved, grew, or changed, then nothing would really change - hence evolution of the species would be dormant and stagnant.

Consciousness changes = evolution of the species.  It cannot be any other way if you think about long enough.

So just only 20 years ago (in 1990) the consciousness was in this mode:
Simpsons started amidst shock.
Poll tax appeared in England.
Channel Tunnel was being built.
Smoking on planes was banned.
Hubble was launched into orbit.
Windows 3.0 and the 16Mb chip appeared.
NES and Sega games consoles were high tech.
Aids was invented.
Home Alone, Ghost, and Pretty Women (the whore) were the favourite films.
Pokemon, Stars In Their Eyes were favourite TV programmes on the 4 analogue channels.
Tears For Fears and Kylie Minogue were favourite music and Rave culture appeared.
The average UK house price was £59k, it was $380 for a gold ounce (now about $1100), and $17 for a barrel of oil (now about $75)

In 1990 independent travel was rare and difficult, and most looked to career and house ownership as the success and basis for happiness in life. 

Now immediately we realise we have leaped enormously since then, especially in technology and outrageous elite control.  The world has become small, all knowledge is available, and privacy is a thing of the past.


Now when we look back and grab another 20 year period we can then see the curvature difference, lets pick one at random and have a look.....tssssss.... 1630-1650.

Ok, what was going on during this 20 year period to give us a feel of the time:
The collective mindset was one of Empires and Religion, with Catholicism tightening its grip by killing heretics and witches.
The Dutch, Spanish, and English were colonising and enslaving.
There was the 30 year war in central Europe and England and Scotland rucking.
Boston was founded by colonists, and in India the Taj Mahal was built.
The first newspapers appeared in London, and The King James Bible was finished (though millions were Catholic without ever having read the doctrine). 
The Spanish Inquisition forced Galileo to recant his belief that the Earth goes around the Sun.
Inventions were....drumroll....the vernier scale, an adding machine, the barometer, and the vacuum pump...woooOOooo.

Remember in this time there were no cars, phones, planes, or trains.
Culturally, Renes Descartes (Father of modern philosophy) was around and had just started to wrench philosophy from theology, Rembrant was painting, and many philosophers, architects, and composers were "born" in this time.
Entertainment was mainly sport (boxing, hunting, croquet), gambling, church, and theatre.

But in this 20 year period; inventions, entertainment, technology, philosophy, and social views all pretty much stood still - especially as we are looking at this time with the eyes of a 2010 human, and it is these attributes that have relation to evolution in consciousness (collective consciousness).

1630 is not that long ago, and if we include Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Eygpt into our thoughts we see that 1630 was really not very long ago at all.

And what if we looked at say, 110bc to 90bc?   It is even less change curvature for sure.

We need to look back to know fully were we are going, and as a species, as a collective consciousness, we are spiralling in, just like a golden phi spiral seen all around in nature and  in the universe.  All is a fractal becoming more dense.

When you start to see all the crazy world events as nothing but a natural part of this spiral then you can rest in peace knowing it is all part of the natural curve.....with the higher knowledge that each cell can affect the whole curvature. 

Much more on golden phi and evolution is within the coming book.....