Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tipi Bear - Episode 1

Hi all,

Today google took down this website, and only put it back up after I gave them some personal details......about a pink rabbit that lives in a cloud.....pah.....freedom of speech, and freedom of the internet are on the way out it seems......but only before they come back in full force in the is all only a blip - a result of the current hack into our 3d-reality......ho hum.....all is as it is.

To celebrate a pink rabbit saving this site (for now), i give you the first episode of the "Tipi Bear Adventures" :-)

Tipi bear later emailed me and asked me to post these topical and relevant links too - here and here.


p.s I now include at the end of each blog a books that I have read and fully enjoyed.


  1. I like Tipi, nice one. Why did Google tell you they took you down? And who did you contact to get it back up so quickly? Thanks. Peace.

  2. yeah I would like more info on the google attack! unbelievable...


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