Thursday, 10 March 2011

A conscious look @ The Consciousness Evolution documentary

A new documentary has recently gone viral, a new documentary based around "waking up" to many issues in todays paradigm.  As I used to watch many of these types of documentaries i decided to check this new one out.

The young lads who created it uncovered all the required and valid stones, such as banks, food, ego based consumption, media, education, planet damage, and much more great information......but also in my opinion a couple of oversights.   

Don't get me wrong, the lads did a good job in getting together this movie, I enjoyed it, but nowadays sooo many are watching these things that I felt a need to point these out.  
If one is placing some work out there philosophising - one needs to be meticulous.

@50 minutes: Religion was rightly slammed but Taoism and Buddhism were labelled Religions when they are fundamentally philosophies.  Taoism has no rules at all and much less guidelines than this documentary itself, it is based very much upon "doing nothing."

That paganism was placed in the same category as scientology (above) can only be from a lack of research.  It is also very rare that a documentary presents where would.....
  • Yoga be without Hinduism
  • Meditation be without Buddhism
  • Qigong be without Taoism
  • Tantra be without Buddhism
  • Sufism be without Islam
  • Rosicrucianism be without Christianity
  • Shakespear be without Hermeticism / alchemy
  • Symbolism be without any of the above?
The above esoteric, occult, and mystic practices are proven over centuries to yield results in the journey to the core self.....which is, as the documentary apparently agrees, is the ultimate solution.

@51minutes: Regarding sacred documents from centuries ago, one of the lads states, "It has been around for centuries, and at this point we can't ever really look back and say, where does this information really come from, maybe it served at the time, but you look at it and you say, is this still resonating with us.......we are still buying into is just information handed down to us......does it really have any truth to it."

I strongly feel the lads have not done any deep core-self work with:
The Sepher Yetzirah (Book of formation - Qabalah)
The Baghavad Gita (Book of formation - Hindu)
Meditations on the Tarot (Christian Mysticism)
The Kybalion (Hermeticism)
The Sutras (Buddhism)
Corpus Hermetica (Hermeticism)
The Emerald Tablet (Hermeticism
Esoteric parts of bible (Qabalah)
The Vedas (Hindu)

All of these documents were either channeled, received in astral, or somehow downloaded from greater men than walk the earth now, and to disregard such ancient texts and questioning if they still resonate is surely an oversight.  These big hitters will be resonating within the collective consciousness for many millenia to come I feel.   Also, many viewers may now close their minds to any sacred text after this documentary....this is dangerous, because timeless wisdom exists within these, and these wisdoms will help the species through and after the coming changes (as explained in depth within Trinity of Wisdom).

The documentary showed a picture of Alex Jones whilst saying "daring souls standing up to speak out in truth." Jones makes a fortune from angrily peddling fear without solution, and even we can see how silly he now looks due to a good friends article here.   
It also has footage of Charlie Veitch, someone who has turned from being soft and funny, to someone who is now promoting riots and protests.

@41mins: After quite rightly showing all the ills within the education mind control system, the documentary seemed to then side with students protesting about fee increases - those fighting the system because they really want to be in the system, educated by the system.  This appears to be a contradiction.

In a recent interview I heard one of the documentary creators state:
[regarding 2012] "There is no actual specific date." 
"In Atlantian times we destroyed the planet."
"Humanity destroyed itself twice before."
"Technology advanced and consciousness did not advance, and we manipulated the ionosphere so much we destroyed the planet."

One just cannot say these things commandingly as fact without firm back up, these are theories.
These lads tore apart the media and system for implanting belief systems, and repeatedly said to let go of belief systems....but they dishing out their own.....even the greatest students of Plato, Cayce himself, and all of the Atlantis book genre authors do not know the full story of Atlantis 100%.  The high initiates within the mystery traditions will have more of an idea in my opinion....and experience, and it is these initiates that tell us the remnants of Atlantis are the sacred texts that are listed higher up.

There was much talk in the documentary of the ills of profit, money, and ego, yet the DVD is $14, and on the main website the team are asking 30$ an hour to talk to them....about tangible product or service, just for the people to be available...see for yourself below or at the site page here.

So, what is this?  I can call them up crying saying my belief system has crumbled, and they tell me to believe their unprovable information on Atlantis, and charge me for it?   Throw in a chat about toxic food and a DVD and we could be looking at $74.   This is all a little dangerous me thinks, and not a part of any evolution of consciousness I am afraid.  I am 100% sure this is not what they are intending to put out, but this is how it comes across, it is a little rash.

But this is not an isolated case, and in no way as bad as the champions league of profiteers such as the Spiritual Centre at Findhorn, The Prophets Conference, and the latest Spirit Voyage retreat.

The documentary also states that "We can create whatever we want" - for this one needs to be a super master adept who can out-will and out-intend the karmic and causal planes......if we could manifest our whole lives we would never be surprised or receive any lessons....this is a little misleading.  

There was no positive look at organic planting, eco-housing, alternative energy, spiritual practice, community, gold, or the possible future direction of the species.  One new to this info could be left afterwards feeling a little down and helpless.....just telling one to go deep into the self I feel is not enough (though it is essentially the ultimate answer).

I am not trying to dig at the documentary or the makers, I respect them, they are on the right team 100%, and they are talented and have alot to add.  It is a positive decent documentary, but it seems to have an impulsive feel to it.  The lads come across as still being "supported by the system" and with also knowing the ills of the system, this can fuel a compelling "need to do something."  

Still, at least it does not talk of a communist resource based new world order as the Zeitgeist Movement now longs for.

The hard hitting, but slick, intelligent, and complete, Architects of Control by Michael Tsarion here still stays a clear number 1 in this genre of documentary.

Consciousness Evolution 7/10......


p.s...I would have called the documentary creators and told them all of this instead of writing an article, but it would of cost me $30 ....which I don't have as I opted to live off grid without much need for money.