Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Tsunami Gauge Loop Alarm Clock

I have written before about human consciousness changing due to some big natural events coming to our planet (including tsunamis), and just as the Maya calendar (related or not) recently came into its last cycles, and the suns solar activity has increased, a big fat earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear event has occurred.

Wayki Wayki time?  Surely? 

Nope, not at all.....let us look at how the species has reacted to this 'wake up' call.
  • The media (and therefore the people) used separatist words such as Japan and Japanese. This enables the people to treat the event as seperate; it is someone elses event, problem, and issue. Most do not know that radiation spreads (air), and fear and panic spreads (consciousness).
  • BBC online showed video adverts from corporations before showing devastating death.  Disgusting.
  • A rescue team that flew to the scene were unable to help due to red tape.
  • Panic buying has occured near the tsunami, supposedly at the most modern place on the planet.  The people do not know how to have water, shelter, food, and fuel without exchanging money......well if that is modern I want no part of it.
  • People physically near the event queuing up for hours to get petrol, because (see here) if they don't go to work, they will be doesn't matter that 20k people have died and towns were destroyed just down the road.
  • Much talk about economy, stocks, & insurance, over feelings and solutions.  But hey, oil stock is going up.
  • The Japanese Emperor today stated "I am deeply worried" ......well thanks for that, that's real leadership and guile in action, and a few days late - what has he been doing - playing Go?  This is half the problem, we have no real leaders in todays age; the banks and corporations control everything so the archetype of the ancient King, Pharoah, and Emperor is long gone. The paradox is that the only thing that can really re-harmonise the balance is more events, or an unlikely independent spontaneous consciousness shift (pah). Leaders now are seen as men in suits, and their men are consumers plugged into computers so that they can survive (such warriors and sages).
  • There was one news item about an electricity black-out, and people living in near freezing temperatures....what is this about?  Electricity is a luxury, we do not need much, and i have just lived through a winter that went below 0 degrees with only a log burner....millions have lived like this for centuries and now we are such luxurious gluttons that we see this 'hardship' as main news.
  • Most of the 55 Nuclear rectors on the islands are owned by Tokyo Electric, Asia’s biggest power company who employ 50k people, make millions and love cold homes.
  • Looking at some of the pictures, much I see is ego based pleasure boats and planes, plus oil ran cars that we wouldn't need if the corps opened up free energy.  How can one have these pleasures when they have never once thought about the basics like food, water, and shelter?

What this article is really aiming to do is present logically, esoterically, and as a fractal, how there will be more events - as this seems to be the only way consciousness is going to change.
Ok, this is all really to open a thought construct and not to be taken too literally.

If the collective consciousness is ALL 100% within the the status quo, no major natural events will occur.  By saying natural events I don't mean wars as these are mainly created by the elite and bankers, but I do mean mass changes in thought (e.g. Egypt), and massive natural phenomenum (stupidly called disasters when they are as natural as life and death).

In this 100% circular cohesive consciousness, the species plods along with the status quo maintained.

But if around 2% of the collective conciousness become uncohesive and breaks away from the 'norm' (e.g. desiring extreme change) then there is an inbalance, some slight chaos energy, there is a tiny energy battle, the collective consciousness has some disorder. 

Now, holding this in mind, as a fractal, look at a one person in a job or relationship. If this person is 100% happy in his job or relationship (many times we mind control ourselves to be 100% internally cohesive to something that is toxic) then no real 'changing' events will come.  This is because harmony is going out of the DNA transmiter (a human), and harmony is coming back in as 3d reality via the senses.

But if this one person starts to have internal alarm bells or doubts about his job or partner then at around '4% internal doubts' something small will start to happen in the 3d reality - a small argument, a bumping into an irregular circumstance....only small - but something will enter the reality sphere to reflect this inbalance.

If this one person has internal doubts at about 10%, then bigger events will occur - it could be an argument, 'accident,' or a 'coincidental' being late and causing an issue.  This is because internally 10% is not on board with the scenery (the 3d reality coming back in through the sense inputs), and also becasue there has been an increase of energy in this direction > 1% up up >> 5% >> up up >> 10%  >> .  His/Her internal collective consciousness has a internal battle going on. 
The only way I can try and present this increase is via this animation:

This 10% can then swiftly increase to 50% at a steep curve due to the snowball effect of consciousness creating gains momentum, other thought constructs join the motorway.  It is only at 51% when this person will reach the tipping point, the point just after a large event (maybe an internal large event) that has tipped the balance inside the this point the person will change his job or partner.  The job or partner will cease to exist so much within the persons 3d reality.  From 51% this will now be more controllable, manageable, and harmonious, plus the steep curve up will slow down and level out for a while.

This is how consciousness works, it is like a torus field, we create reality from our consciousness (beliefs, thoughts, desires, shadows, fears, etc), this creates 3d reality, 3d reality then creates new sense inputs and again, more reactive conscious creation.  It is more complicated than this though as the karmic and causal planes are in effect, but this is the gig generally speaking.

So if we fractal back up to the collective consciousness we can have another look at it.  

We could say that currently the collective consciousness (CC) has about 7% demanding and crying out for change, and the other 93% plodding along thinking that everything is fine (or actually supressing very deeply any desire for change, hence it not registering within the CC).

One could  even look at the breakaway/battle within the collective consciousness as a gauge for events and how they may pan out, for example:

0%-10% The CC is receiving a new wedge. The CC Inner battle and tug of war manifesting as events in reality.
10%-20% More events start manifesting due to the lack of cohesion in the CC.
20%-49% More events, much more chaotic, quicker and quicker.
50% Tipping point event, most of the CC is now manifesting change.
51%+ Now more harmonious, and managable change is now available.

I see the CC hitting 10% anytime within the next 21 months.
I see 51% possibly anytime from around 2030.

The only way out of these events is for consciousness to change consciously, but looking at how the species has reacted to this latest event (see above), all the CC is doing is sending out an invitation for more events to come.....because for the sake of the future of the planet and species, we need to get to 51%, a tipping point.   

This week the moon is really close, and very soon the Sun and Uranus (the shock and awe initiator) will join Mercury and Jupiter in firey, Mars led Aries.  More is on the way.

These events are not doomsday or negative, they are natural, and here to help us see the damage we are doing to ourselves, our own species, and to our planet.  We collectively create our collective reality.

respect and love, 



  1. You are adept at showing the incongruent.
    This global matrix of deceit and control has to end as awareness increases.
    You speak of the effects of natural catastrophies on the collective consciousness, however I often speak about the man-made ones, such as slavery and bondage...
    The current bondage has morphed from open public acceptance to hidden and paper legalese acquiescence.
    Hierarchy and bondage still exist and thus a conflict still exists in the collective consciousness...
    I enjoy focusing on the concept of "self-governing", yet conversations with the muddled minded get trapped in the conflicts of order, anarchy, and fear.
    Leaving the familiar and the comfort zone is a prerequisite.

    LOVE & Peace

  2. Hi Ron,

    as well as sharing all your viewpoints above, i also share your love of anime and scifi :)

    keep up your great work.




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