Monday, 11 April 2011

The History Channel - a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

There I was a few weeks ago, standing in a Spanish cafe buying some water, and as always in these establishments the TV was blasting......i turned round and I couldn't believe my eyes.

The History Channel was on showing an advert/interval style clip, and I just could not believe the symbolism, it is only today when I have found it online to share.

I have ridiculed this pile of trash channel before for deliberate disinformation, propaganda, mind control, and consciousness shaping.   Watch any of their programmes on the Maya, Eygpt, or Secret Societies and it is laughable.   This all adds up a little more when one finds out they are owned by a joint venture group called A&E Television Networks (comprised of the Hearst Corporation, Disney-ABC Television Group and NBC Universal.)

Yes, Disney.....probably why it is so Mickey Mouse.

Ok, let us look at the advert that I saw.

We see the illuminati style pyramid going out to all (via the TV and the lies), but look at what else I found after getting my spade out.  I mean for starters it is hardly an advert for learning History, it is so random.
  • 0:01 - numbers in numerology equate to 9 and 10, meaning initiation and completion respectively. (7,4,7=18=9  & 2,8=10)
  • 0:02 - broken history books, and then a key.
  • 0:12 - illuminati hidden behind the channel.
  • 0:19 - conveyor belt of illuminati energy (e.g. disinfo programmes).
  • 0:34 - pyramid symbolism again.
  • 0:37 - 3 heavy dudes in black, outside a gold and silver pawn shop....something many will need in the coming times.  
  • 0:42 - an underground bunker?
  • 0:46 - people in the hills with guns.
  • 0:47 - the logo Northwind with a little demon.  Northwind was the Greek God Boreos, the God of the cold north wind and the bringer of winter.  His name also meant "The Devouring One."  Below is a picture from 360BC.

  • 0:50 - just what is this truck towing?
  • 0:53 - someone who cuts down the forests.
  • 0:56 - "Made every day"  - are they referring to "made up"?   History occurs, it happens, it is not "made" in the sense of the verb "to make."

Each scene is so quick that the conscious mind just cannot grasp it all, but the subby collects all of it.   They are putting it in our faces....but hiding it.

Some of you will think I am crazy and adding 2 and 2 and getting 5, but this will open your eyes a little bit more.

If any of the symbolism here is foreign to you, then I invite you to have a look through my free ebook Wayki Wayki where more is explained.

It seems that the people behind the History Channel think we are eating bowls of stupid for breakfast......alas, it is unfortunate that the below is the case for many.....

But we love and understand.

In both of my books there are history sections, where all research and work was conducted with sources who do not work for profit making corporate PLC's, history is not something one can be given, one must go and find it for themselves.

To know where the species is, one needs to know the track upon which the species came along, and the History Channel along with schools, aim to rob people of important, true, usable, objective knowledge.



P.S  Also this week, gold has sky rocketed, another tyrant has come down, and the high street shops are all looking is happening if you are able to join the dots.


  1. I have not watched TV in a few years now and while I am no longer shocked by your report it never the less is a compass of corporate controlled media...
    Attempting to control the public is near maximum and I guess that to get any more control will be by force with armed-troops on your streets and invasion into your homes in the guise to protect you from the terrorists.

    Awareness reveals that the corporate-governments are the team of terror leading the world to destruction and domination.
    Awareness reveals "The power is in the hands of the people they have only but to exercise it."

    LOVE & Peace

  2. Thanks Ron,

    I completely agree with all your word :-)




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