Sunday, 24 April 2011

This Weeks Symbolism....

I stumbled across some symbolism in the new Hollywood film 'Hanna' this week, nowadays I watch the background more than the foreground on "big promoted" movies.

The movie is about a girl who was born in a research eugenics laboratory, and was born with super strong soldier abilities with little capacity for emotion or pity....nice.

At around 64 mins of the movie (stream here) the main male in the movie is being closed down by his chasing agents to hush up the eugenic gig, and one sees a 10 second sequence that shows in the background lots of eyes, then the slogan "One Nation under CCTV," and then "Hotel Ibis."

The Ibis is Thoth from Egypt, and the related wisdom within the Hermetic and Egyptian traditions are well known to the elite and kept from the masses.

Hollywood is a big part of the corporate elite (which includes their front desks of banks and governments), and if this is new to you, then check this out.


On another note I see that the Prince of Bahrain and General Sir David  Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff are both attending the royal wedding this weekend. Maybe some more arms will be sold to kill more of those living under oppression (news speak protesters) whilst the best man speech is on?  

Also on 29th April Obama is attending the space shuttle launch, this, along with the wedding will open the elites Beltane festivities (April 30 - May 1).
This is always marked in blood (fertility) so expect some sort of event; ground troops into Libya or the media admitting the death of the dollar, or similar.

There is much symbolism of power and authority within Westminster Abbey, which is a stones throw from the London Eye, and there is even the eternal flame outside, as there is at JFK and Dianas murder spots.

But the PR machine has gone into overdrive, and "cute commoner soon to be fashion icon" Kate, and the corporate controlled press will ensure millions worldwide give their emotional energy to what will be just another mega ritual.

One may even take special note that they are even taking their honeymoon on Lizard Island in Australia.



P.S  Chocolate Easter eggs are hollow, it is a warned ;-)


  1. Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed reading Trinity of Truth. Great book.
    Need to read a lot of it again and use it as a reference for further study.
    Fascinating experience you have had and living in mountains must be quiet beautiful.

    I just want to mention some videos I recently watched. First is Russell Brand's interview with BBC.
    It seems Russell is quite aware of his role in the media. In the interview he claims he want to "ascend"
    and comes out with some interesting statements. He has been doing Ashtanga Yoga, Transcendental Meditation
    and interviewed David Icke on his radio show a few years back. It is strange watching this as I don't
    think he is a funny comedian and is a fame whore so maybe his ego is grasping at ideas of ascending or he is genuine about making a difference? We will see I guess!

    The Pat Tillman Story is quite a good documentary. As the story unfolds it totally exposes the evil forces in America military/government.

    Also Transcendent Man is a strange documentary about Ray Kurzweil. He actually seemed like a very
    robotic person in this and I really hope this singularity doesn't happen. He is convinced of his
    role of saving humanity and making us into robots or potentially living in virtual worlds eventually to discard our bodies. He seems to have little respect for nature, calling it "computation"!!!

    Anyway you might find these interesting...
    Take care.

  2. Thanks so much for the links Brian, and I hope this finds you well :-)

  3. Wow....I am most impressed (and surprised) with the RB interview,thanks again.

  4. I said in this blog there may be an event, and sure enough the mainstream media are reporting Bin Laden was killed. But we all know he was mainly a fabrication and his death will probably be used as a vehicle to promote more false flag "retaliation" attacks.

  5. Right on time! Another blood sacrifice.

    Recent Wikileaks' files show that the Al Qaeda had hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe and that it would be detonated if Osama bin Laden is captured or killed!

    Oh dear...more fear.


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