Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Obama Initiated in London before False Flag terror.

Hi all,

For those who only know Obama through the mainstream media please see "The Obama Deception" for just a glimpse into his administration.

For those who do not know that the American revolution was controlled and orchistrated by the British oligarchy (with links to high level Freemasonry), or that the American financial institutions are mainly controlled by the British based oligarchy (mainly the Rothschilds based in the City of London), then my free Ebook Wayki Wayki will fill in some of the holes.

The whole Obama in London pomp was easy to see that he was "under the British oligarchy,"  especially at the Banquet where Jesuits and Bilderbergers et al met up to nosh tax payers funded grub.  I am even 100% sure his speech was supposed to be said during the "God Save the Queen" anthem to show his submission and allegiance, the story that this was a "gaff" allows the event to be exposed onto more media sources.  Also, why was his speech done in Westminster Hall, more of a religious temple than any sort of government building.

Each media shot is at this world level is very well prepared, and even the ping pong shots just throw into the subconscious, "they are on the same team," and "batting on the same side."

Now, let us look at the Rothchilds coat of Arms, noting that the Rothschild dynasty is based in the City of London and controls the world finance.

And now, let us look at the Royal Crown's coat of arms.

Very similar...what a coincidence.

What does the French (think Templars 15th century) underneath mean, Dieu Et Mon Driot?   It means "The Divine Right of the Monarch to Govern" or "God and my right shall me defend."

Now....drumroll....what do we see Obama and Cameron have in front of them when they are fooling the world's TV slaves?
The Royal coat of arms! They are speaking under the control of the British oligarchy.  They even have a black one too....lovely.

This symbols is deeply esoteric and occult.

It shows a Lion's head (alchemy, force, strong, kingly) wearing a Royal Crown, and on the opposite side it is a white unicorn with chains around its neck. This is implying that they are enslaving Aryan race and the rest of humanity.  There is much more too, any many interpretations...  

Revelation 13:2: 
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
and his feet were as the feet of a bear,
and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:
and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 

Obama also said on his visit in front of most of the elite that are based in Britain.
"Time for our leadership now" and "Our Nations are at a pivotal moment."   Why?  False flag terror coming soon?
"Our fight is focused on defeating al-Qaeda and its extremist allies."    al-Qaeda does not exist.
"The reason for this close friendship doesn't just have to do with our shared history, our shared heritage, our ties of language and culture, OR EVEN the strong partnership between our governments.  Our relationship is special because of values and BELIEFS that have united our people through the AGES."  Very Masonic and historically true.

As i said a couple of weeks ago, a false flag terror event is coming to the west, probably around the summer solstice.....and most will support the resulting attack on Pakistan and/or Iran through ignorance of truth, and apathy towards truth.



Thursday, 12 May 2011

The 7 of Cups, all is not as it seems....

Many things in todays modern world that millions of people invest into with their energy (whether it be mind, money, or movement) are not what they seem.

Mainstream news is easy and boring, so let us start with popular TV in the UK.

For recent years the following favourite TV "programmes" have each received around 10 million viewers per episode (that's around 1 in 7 of the whole populous!!):
X-Factor, Pop-idol, Britains Got Talent, & Dancing on Ice.

Beyond the talismanic wording, zodiacal and occult symbolism, these all have an identical theme in common beneath the surface.
  • Each of these involve outside JUDGEMENT from others that deem the fate of participating drones.
  • Each have so called EXPERTS that tell the participating drones whether their dreams will continue or vaporise.
  • Each have judges of AUTHORITY that make decisions for participating drones.
  • Each take away subjective art, and bring in objective black and white.
  • Each take away ones personal power.
  • Most viewers have no real love for, or a hobby even related to singing or dancing.
  • Each of these "programmes" are massively pushed into the consciousness from many marketing angles.  One can even go into a clinical cold shopping stores now and see advertising for the latest EXTERNAL AUTHORITY JUDGEMENT "programme" that slashes false egoistic dreams.
We could even include slightly similar heavily marketed "programmes" such as The Apprentice (now in its 7th season), and Masterchef, both based upon JUDGEMENT and FAILURE.  In The Apprentice, archetypal bully and lord (heheh), Alan sugar, is all about money and business, and is promoted on TV as a success because he has made money!  The programme is all about ego office types being able to make money or else becoming a FAILURE

Alan spends his life in the city of London worrying about how to make more money on top of his already massive fortune (£830m) based upon businesses that do nothing good for the planet. He was a loner as a kid, is ill tempered, often racist, and donated to Blairs Labor party, what a successful human being!   Let us note he is already linked to the media world by selling Amstrad to BskyB for £125m in 2008, and most of his contestants are groomed for their roles by storyboarding and their drama schools (one surely cannot believe the yarn they tell the viewer about the participating drones when over 10m viewers are at stake and how easy with the camera they ALL are).

In the first episode of the new series, one participating drone said "social and personal life means nothing to me, I am alive to work," another said "i am cutthroat, hard, and have no room for being nice."    

One needs to be aware of what POPULAR and MARKETED "programmes" are implementing into the viewers subconscious.  In the UK people even watch "Casualty" for entertainment - this is about a serious hospital were people come into die, be patched up, and have surgery - this is prime time saturday night and is such a low vibration.

They might as well make a TV show, advertise it via astral into everyones dreamworld every night, paint its logo on the back of peoples eyelids,  and call it "You are a complete useless idiot with no gifts to share, you are a failure and should feel bad about yourself. Get out of my sight, we are the experts and what we say is the absolute truth, if you are not rich or famous then you suck anyway and have a lower life."    .....funny?  not really because around 10 million souls are into this in a big is really called Hypnosis.

Other illusions I recently witnessed:

I was walking down a high street and came across some good hearted but wayward UNICEF youngsters who wanted money towards the latest refugee camp due to the wests Libyan war creation.  I told them that money would only snip the leaf, and that money helping through charity is an illusion.   The root of the trunk, the real cause was all the people around them shopping in large corporate outlets and using large banks and insurance companies.  They started to agree after a lengthy chat, and looked most bewildered.

As I said last year, Wikileaks is a CIA operation, and this new documentary backs this up very well.

Many westerners (mainly those from the UK and USA) are apposed to, in fear of, and are alienated towards Islam.  All religions are full of illusion, but like all illusions in todays world  - when we pierce through them we often find some nuggets of truth dwelling deep within.

We can even look to the TV and the latest technology behind it, and then with this knowledge look into how actually unbelievable it is that planes actually existed within the 9/11 fairy tale.

As the 7 of Cups tell us from the Tarot....beware illusions.

This card could also be deemed as Netzach in Briah within the Qabalistic Tree of life (the 7th Sephiroth and the world creation / the water element).  This correlates to Haniel - an archetype of nature and creativity.....the perfect answer to all illusions.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Truth in a Fractal......

Hi all,

I said here last week there would be an elite created event for Beltane and sure enough they came up with Bin Laden's death (again).   Now there will likely be a "retaliation" false flag terror attack in the USA or Europe before the summer solstice, probably one of the last ditch attempts to save the dollar.

What has shocked me more than the whole silly story is the ammount of people that are on board with the offical media repetition regarding 9/11, terror, and the celebration of a phoney death of a CIA asset that is no longer useful.  Many of these good people that have been media-hacked are evident here, here, and here.

Vengeance, and enjoying death are both very dark emotions, and the masses are helping to fuel this Beltane ritual.

It is a shame and very sad, and we can only hope and get our own house in order.

Anyway, instead of going deeper into all this nonsense and wasting energy,  I will instead share my first 3d fratal art range.  The images for me hold more wisdom, truth, and feeling than anything that comes out of the mainstream media.