Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Truth in a Fractal......

Hi all,

I said here last week there would be an elite created event for Beltane and sure enough they came up with Bin Laden's death (again).   Now there will likely be a "retaliation" false flag terror attack in the USA or Europe before the summer solstice, probably one of the last ditch attempts to save the dollar.

What has shocked me more than the whole silly story is the ammount of people that are on board with the offical media repetition regarding 9/11, terror, and the celebration of a phoney death of a CIA asset that is no longer useful.  Many of these good people that have been media-hacked are evident here, here, and here.

Vengeance, and enjoying death are both very dark emotions, and the masses are helping to fuel this Beltane ritual.

It is a shame and very sad, and we can only hope and get our own house in order.

Anyway, instead of going deeper into all this nonsense and wasting energy,  I will instead share my first 3d fratal art range.  The images for me hold more wisdom, truth, and feeling than anything that comes out of the mainstream media.



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  1. Mark, I found you via a friend of mine from the UK, Bruce Fenton. He posted your blog on facebook. Since I trust and appreciate Bruce I followed the thread. Your blog is short, direct and to the point. You've done a great job of stating 'what is' in a way that hopefully will reach more minds. Great job. Keep up with your information as you have those out here who enjoy your facts and discoveries. The Best to You. Cosmic sunshine, Candia Sanders www.candiasanders.com


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