Sunday, 19 June 2011

Atomic Dream Synchronicity

Hi all,

I had a dream last night of being stuck in a house due to an atomic fallout from a nuclear issue / was clear in the dream we had to stay in the house for 18 days.   It was one of the big vivid dreams where everything was as real as this 3d reality, and where much was remembered.

I recorded it as I do all my medium to big dreams, and carried on with my day (teaming up with the wasps and daddy long legs against the horse flies amongst other things).

Later on a friend emailed me about a possible (false flag) terror attack in Berlin later this month, and as I have predicted a (false flag) terror attack not far from the summer solstice I decided to spend five minutes investigating this.

I typed into Google "berlin terror attack 2011"  and most hits said the word "Nuclear."  

Then I typed into Google "berlin nuclear terror attack 2011" and it returned about 4 pages of (related) hits towards this theory.

Here is one related youtube video I plucked out at random amongst many.  Before viewing note that I am not endorsing this theory (yet), nor am I peddling fear, I am at the moment just passing on a couple of synchronicities.

Note that this video, and other online info point toward a football match that kicks off at.....18:00.   1+8= 9, which Qabalistically is Yesod (dreams, psychic, synchronicity).

As explained in my book ToW, synchronicities are very real, and something that can even be "chased down."  
One thing is for sure, we leave home when we dream and go elsewhere.



ps when publishing this blog, much disappeared, and i was logged out of blogger.
pps if you are interested more in the theory, there is a 5 parter here (German and Spanish).


update:  I watched the 5 part documentary and found it very interesting in places (especially part 4).  Many people are aware 9/11 was symbolised in many hollywood productions prior the event (see wayki wayki), and there is much evidence that this is happening for 26.06.11.   Even my 18 came up again in the documentary from a recent Doctor Who programme.

One does not need Spanish or German to get the gist of the documentary, and I think it wise to know about this information because then one can see how it resonates with the self. 



  1. I also had one of the most incredible dream of my life last nite. It was so vivid and actually even more than a 3d perspective.
    An ufo came to pick me and some other guys up, (I had to choose wheter I go or not) and then a ray of light took my body and guided me in the spaceshift.
    I was feeling incredibly conscious and all around me seemed more alive than ever.. I arrived to it and it was full of "different" people, that I felt had gone little deeper in their life.
    It actually felt like the waking life docos (with the same guy that is talking by himself and then vanishes in the roof)...I felt so much synchronicity and truth in that place...and a phrase was bouncing constantly in the air "life is just an illusion, everything is achievable, remember it and you will know".
    The I went into the past and it showed me something (at this point i think i lost my lucidity) and then i woke up. I felt like Neo after taking the pill, i stayed up for an hour and half, trying to rationalize what I felt and saw and then I felt that I consciously fell asleep (first time) and I got a clou on how to understand one of our egyptian friend...
    Then I opened my laptop and first thing I saw is ur post, so I thought I needed to share it with you.

    Keep up the good work Mark!

  2. wow, amazing :-)

    we are coming up to the solstice, plus in the middle of 3 eclipses, and just after a full moon - the gateways are now very loose at the moment.

    The solstice will be a good time to attempt any "tapping in."


  3. hey, great blog. i'd love for you to come visit some time and let me know what you think

  4. Hey Mark, how are you?
    3 years ago you have met a guy from New Zealand, Jamil Hannah, travelling around Guatemala or somewhere in Central America.
    Jimmy introduced me to your website as we share pretty much the same ideas, so I'm just dropping by to say THANK YOU, this is excellent piece of work and I have been posting this link into other websites, to try and generate some traffic.
    Wishing you a fantastic time in Spain! :-)
    Andre Seloto

  5. Hey Mark,

    I read this blog post a few days ago and thought nuke attacks, predictions, eh will never happen!

    Then I remembered that since the start of June I have had three dreams involving crashes(I have been trying to document some dreams in journal). The first crash dream on the 8th of June involved me being a co-pilot of a Russian plane that crashes near an airport and people died(wish I have written down more). A bit mad but that's the way dreams are I thought, move on.

    Then this morning I was checking the paper online and saw this headline:

    Uncanny really...this certainly open my eyes and made me think deeply about dreams and this article.


  6. great posts guys.

    gladly yesterday in Berlin passed without incident :-) it was an interesting one for sure.



  7. ....some may say the info pointing towards this date was hoax or created by nutters, but as Dion Fortune once said, "forged bank-notes would never gain currency unless there were such thing as genuine bank-notes."

  8. Your dream could also be linking to the explosion in the largest nuclear complex in france 2 days ago or maybe to the nuclear catastrophes arising in the usa


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