Monday, 13 June 2011

Into the busy hologram....

Hi all,

Recently I went out for a couple of days into the the mountain and into the modern world.   Most thing to "go out" is to have "fun" and make yourself as "happy" as you can, but I am sure the whole game is to objectively see the self as it really is, and the world as it really is - as this negates any shadow (internal or external) suppression that can gasket into and through the collective (creating events or internal issues).   Concentrating on happy thoughts for its own sake (love and lighters etc) could even be accused of self-deception and lacking the faculties of critical thinking and reasoning, surely?

Anyway, it all looked interesting anyway, a couple of towns, two nights away, sunny, etc.

1)  I came across the spanish newspaper Sur's article about the hundreds of 15-M and Real Democracy Now! Spanish movement groups.  This lot think they are revolutionists by sitting in squares asking politely for "shorter working days, retirement at 65, and large dole payouts, and more elections".....wooo, such vision, seeking confrontation and asking the system to be their authority and helpers.  What they do not realise is that the system does not care about them, and that it cannot be fixed or repaired upon or within its current vibration.  If you do not like the rules and control, then why live in the cities?   These "revolutionists" (cough) do not realise that Spain is owned by the international bankers and EU / Bilderberg elitists, so whistling or chanting outside some village town hall is not going to do anything at all except appease for a short time the helplessness and frustration in each of them.

Tip to the above: no it is not, never has been, and if you really want to protest then stop paying tax and grow food, simple.  But many of these like it in Barcelona and Madrid because it is cool, there is lots of entertainment, and lots of good pigs to eat (see further).

I also read in the same paper that massive profit making energy companies are raising bills in the UK, here is a tip: Don't pay them, wait until they threaten to cut you off and then ring up and say you're a new 'occupier.' Give them a name and DOB of your choice (be creative) and set up a new account.  Repeat the process again in six months time.

2)  I was at the seaside town of Nerja at a quaint and pretty beach and then i went for lunch - note that all that is on the menus in Spain is pigs, booze, dairy, and caffeine, so it's kinda hard for me - but i found a place with an asparagus, tomato, and lettuce sandwich.  When it arrived I noticed none of it was fresh; all out of tins and freezers, so i told them nicely that this was not really what i was expecting - they had a hissy fit because they did not promise it was fresh, well I did not promise i would pay, so that ended that encounter.

Upon ordering I asked her to take out the eggs, mayonnaise, and cheese, and she looked at me like i was an alien, it was quite a picture, I felt a little like this:

Upon leaving this establishment, I noticed two chairs with a bin between them, everyone else thought this was normal.   I mean who would ever sit there?

4)  In Nerja centre, at a viewing point nearly ALL visitors goto, is a black 10 pointed star.  No reason, just there.

I have only given this spot twenty seconds of research and already found that in 2008 the Mayors secretary was shot in the face there, and that the Caja Granada bank has a black 10 pointed star above all cash (debt) machines.  I have better things to do so won't delve anymore.

5)   I saw wedding guests (from a posh doo mind) leave a church in Nerja and ALL the women were dressed like, well, whores.  They all were trying to look like the magazines,  tons of sludgy make up in the heat too, slutty clothes, and super high heels that made them walk like horses.  It all looked very wrong, It made me sad.......for a minute, and then I is as it is.

6)   On the way home, I saw a Z group of trails come out of 3 aircraft, and then 15 minutes later they turned into massive chemtrails that then turned into white cloud.

I have meditated upon these in altered states a few times, and even cleared a few, and the energy that comes from them is always a "preparing" or "barrier" energy - akin to a curtain at a theatre....I know no more.
ahh, back up the is all a but strange out there, some may think i didn't have a "nice time" - I am not sure what these words actually mean, what I will share is that my core inner balance was not rocked, i was internally at peace, I felt all that was beautiful, and I observed the (objective) toxic (to the planet and species) things that many see as normal.

It is as it is,  and we can only change it by knowing the self, and the world.

The evening I returned I had a dream I have had many times before in different flavors, one about the end of airplane travel, and in this dream I had to combine parts of "old" airplanes (current to us now) and mummyfy them into a massive Egyptian style sculpture / mummy.

On the awareness front, there is new great movie about how cancer is fixable and how the FDA treat it all as a business, and also there is info regarding the media black out regarding the Japanese radiation issue.

respect, and enjoy the lunar eclipse,


"Man clings to the known and fears to see what is unknown because then he will have "no place to lay his head". He prefers to build nests, Chinese boxes inside boxes, endlessly. Nests in which he can live in comparative safety, insulated from the hazards of reality. He does not wish to open his eyes and see things as they really are, infinite."
Carlo Suares, The Cipher of Genesis

“People convince themselves of their own lies, becoming victims of their own inventions as they begin to direct their lives by standards of behavior, ideas, feelings, or instincts which do not correspond to their inner reality. What is truly serious in this matter is that the individual loses all points of reference regarding what comprises truth, and what comprises lies. He becomes used to considering as true only that which is convenient for his personal interests; everything that is in opposition to his self-esteem or in conflict with already established prejudices, he considers false.”
John Baines

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