Thursday, 21 July 2011

conformity soul sleep program Vs truth and purity.

Why are so many people alienated from truth and purity? 

Not even going into any of the issues in todays world, I want to step back and ask why are so many people alienated from truth and purity? 

But what is truth?

In this i am talking about objective truth.....the nature of what happens and the nature of authentic selfhood.  

e.g "I am cold," - no you are not, you are "feeling" cold, it is not what you are.
e.g  The system is corrupt and toxic to human young minds.
e.g  A human is born with oodles of creativity, naturally seeking balance between inner and outer worlds, feelings and intellect.

But what is purity?

Nature; natural harmony, what is between the silence, what is behind the elements. The natural instinct to help others with no reward.

But What happens is this thing called school came along and delivered a hard sell false doctrine - which kills truth and purity.

The science is not complete (all external and atheistic), the history is faulted and incomplete, and there is no tie up or relation between subjects.  All is racked into silos just like how a corporation works.  

The kids cannot move or express, and then after the caged mind control, they memory test the caged mind control to give jobs out according to this measurement.

The parents are kept sleepy with the "good grades" sent home (that all kids get).  "Oh my Timmy is very clever, look what we made Derek, a clever human, he will do well in life and get a good job and be important and have lots of comfort in his life."   Zzzzz.

What is a job in the system consciousness?  Something to help the species, or progress consciousness? No, it is "to make a living," to "make ends meet," and "convenient" in most cases.  Most Careers now are a hinderence to the humans' harmony, soul, health, and future....but if one talks about any of this they are is nuts.

Kids at school are all really working with the dynamics, and spend most of their energy trying to fit in to, or find their place in their (usually toxic) peer group - the way other kids pigeon hole them often stays with them for life.


What I do not currently understand is how adults send their kids off for most of their childhood to be with a young "fresh from training college," teacher (buzzword) who they do not even know.  Especially when there is an invention called the internet....

...and...drumroll......dancing girls........the education system has not changed at all since the internet came about.    Do you not find that funny or completely strange?   Is it really that floored?  Why has nobody mentioned this?

Look at the Khan academy for one of hundreds of examples to wake up to 21st century teaching.      

But in this debate, people say "Mark, our child needs to be with other kids" - what, 
the ones forced into the rational mind, the ones ultra materialistic and controlled by sport and MTV?   "Errr, no they don't" I retort.

It is like saying I need to be with people, and the ones down the road are toxic pimp coke pushing soldiers, but as they are local and I need to be with people, these ones will do.  Or that someone is looking for a lover, and the only guy interested is the not suitable persistent type, but as he is about - he will do.

I know of one kid that lives in an eco community aged 9, he asks questions and is listened to, is told the correct way (true teaching) and treated as a human - not a "go and play with the other kids"  or "go to bed as us adults are eating now."  He is beyond his years and has fun in nature and truth.

I also know of a school in England that recently said a 5 year old was cause for concern because he was in his "own world" some of the is called imagination you foolish people.   The killing of imagination is the hidden parasite that is never mentioned in todays world.  If the school system does not "get them" then Beyonce MTV porn will get them at early teens, along with the technical materialism and snobbery.

“Imagination is not something apart and hermetic, not a way of leaving reality behind; it is a way of engaging reality.”

Even people talk of Stiener schools as being weird, "very hard to fit in with others when in late teens" people say.   Good I say, and many parents could do with reading the odd Stiener book - but even that has been corrupted; I know of people who are not allowed to work in Stiener schools due to "not doing the official course for 3 trillion years"  and of Stiener schools making a cool profit.....arrrgh.

If we all spent our time trying to fit in and not be seen, to be another sheep then the status quo will never change, and if that never changes, evolution wont change, and then the planet will suffer more......simply because the way the species lives on the planet right now is the worse it has ever been - and it is not sustainable.

So therefore we grow up with sheep like truths, in group think bubbles, delivered from intelligent illuminati troll battle orcs, that live behind the curtain laughing.  

Once an adult and more rational, it is then fear of leaving the collectivised consciousness that keeps the alienation from objective truth alive.

So how to know truth and purity?  Work on and know the self, develop a razor sharp intuition and will, create a two way path between conscious and sub conscious minds, search for the language of ones soul and feelings.....and seek the truth within nature.

These bubbles can be collectivised, condensed, and compressed - allowing objective truths to be "experienced," and ultimately, "known" - then truth comes to one, attracts to one, and all becomes transparent.

All this talk of truth makes me want to post truth; here, here, and here, and whilst we look at these three example truths, we can look back to schooling, the system, and conditioning as to why these little three truths are hardly known.



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