Saturday, 9 July 2011

Is it a bird, plane, comet, or brown dwarf death of the love police..

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The comet (or brown dwarf star) Elenin has grabbed my attention due to all of the disinformation and conflicting information there is regarding it.  Usually a comet has a mass and a trajectory and that is that, but Elenin has weird inconsistencies from Nasa, Googlesky, and other Authorities. 

Then an associate of mine emailed me that they believe the Japan and New Zealand quakes were caused by this massive (larger than Jupiter) celestial object coming into our solar system and causing alignments.    This carries some weight as any large object in our solar system affects gravity wells.  Let us remember the Japan quake nudged the poles a few inches.

The video below shows its trajectory and specific dates to look out for.

You can play with the trajectory and dates of Elenin yourself here.

The official line from NASA, plus some "rapture" information is here.


Also this week, Charlie Veitch's mind control has to be mentioned.   The love police used to be funny, then one member left as Charlie got too ego, and then he became an anarchist full of hatred and anger.   Recently he went to the USA to film with the BBC a (yet to air) documentary about 9/11 - he did a 180 degree U-turn and stated:
  • 9/11 was not an inside job in any way.
  • "Conspiracy Theorists" and the "Truth Movement" are like a religions and cults, likening people who search for truth to Scientology.
Now Charlie used to be light and funny, but was never too clever orsmart, he was very extrovert, and very much seeking observers, smoked dope*, plus had a big following online - a perfect profile for someone to get to him via NLP or MKUltra type mind control.  An easy target.

I simply don't get why people have to be labeled "a 9/11 truther" or similar, even if they wear banners in public it doesn't mean that their whole life revolves around 9/11.

Charlie had a chat with Max Igan, and explained how 9/11 is not an inside job (chortle).
After appearing very strange in that interview, he then appears stranger in this one were he is trying to defend himself (note at the end his eye going weird - maybe something for the VC site readers).

I have no issue with someone changing their mind, but to go 180 degrees overnight after hanging out with BBC people and experts it is obvious he has been got to.  Especially as he has mocked all those who have researched 9/11 very deeply, and set them back e.g. etc.

Now he will just become a story of office chatter, and will live out his days with much venom and hatred towards him (though not from me)...shame.   Another man down, a casualty of war one could say.

So the mainstream media are going crazy about phone hacking, something that has been going on for decades.  Something is going on at a higher level, Murdoch (bilderberg) since Thatcher has chosen the party to be "in power" in the UK, and is far above the prime minister in the elite pecking order.   This stinks of problem, reaction, solution, and I think the NoTW must have something in their vaults that needs to be deleted e.g evidence on 7/7 or something of this ilk.  Let us remember Murdoch is about to control BskyB and that is much more important.   Let us see what happens as all the pieces of the jigsaw are not on display yet.

On another note, beware internet personal bubble filtering that is currently increasing. It is hard to see nor is it mentioned much.  Watch below.


* can numb the will, inhibit dream recollection, and create lethargy.

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