Monday, 8 August 2011

Red Alert: Freedom Required....

Many are currently stuck paying large interests on mortgages that go straight to the bankers, working for idiots so the idiot can get rich, paying bills that mostly goto corporate profit, and paying tax that goes to the supreme toxic elite (mostly used to pay off government debt to bankers).

A great percentage of these good people have saught truth and realised this is all a bit of a trap and a scam.  


These are the people that have cured themselves from the biggest diseases on the planet today - apathy and ignorance, and realised a few things.  (Note: new age spirituality renamed apathy and ignorance to "not focusing on the negative")

Many of the good people who have realised the scam have then looked to escape but have found little options - but there are solutions and alternatives - all starting off with a little courage.

One does not have to spend over 200k on a pile of bricks, and then pay massive tax and bills just to sit within the pile of bricks - even once it is all paid for.   And as for flats - one rarely even owns the walls - just the inside hovering shoe box - and has to pay money to "maintain" the block due to mafia style "maintainer" companies.

It just doesn't add up, and especially now when our young innocent children are already slaves to national debt upon their birth, and the system is starting to buckle towards its downfall (see gold charts).

For one, just get up and go; travel - live in the flow - keep moving, throw the post in the bin, and it is cheap if one goes to cheap countries - and the experiences are priceless.  As Stuart Wilde once said "if you keep moving, you are safe" - this might warrant a little contemplation.

For two, throughout the world there are thousands of square miles of unused land near clean water - some cheap, some where one can simply ask to use, and some where you can just "rock up."  

There are many ways to build a simple home - haybayl, adobe, hemp, yurt, etc etc.
Here is a slideshow of how to build a permanent wood-based structure yurt - between 5k-7k all in......allot less than the 200k we mentioned earlier.

But many think "working hard" is the name of the game, no matter what it is we do for a job....this is a false doctrine born in victorian times, the real name of the game is to be creative and work on the self.  A man with time, away from the TV and materialism automatically becomes creative - because this is our real true state  - we are all creators.


With this ammount of freedom we can also get closer to nature, closer to the objective truths of our reality, and closer to authenticity.

For instance someone recently mocked me for washing outside in a spring stream, yet they buy plastic containers with chemicals to try and emulate the natural is about connecting the oh-so-big disconnection.   
With this freedom, we can also contemplate, meditate, and work practically on the things that really matter....soul evolution.


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