Sunday, 25 September 2011

Birth, and the "but what if ___ happens " masses.

I have been thinking recently about the small box of fear the "but what if____(insert anything here) happens" brigade live in.

This disease seems rife in the western world within our current epoch, and we can hear it wherever many grown adults are talking about health, travel, sport, transport, death, birth, young people, or old people.

This large host of masses seem to live in the "worst case scenario" and need "experts" to help guide them to anything but the worst case scenario - even though these "experts" are usually a) strangers, and b) charging money.

Even the "we help worst case scenario mentalities" insurance companies - that feed zillions off fear offer "no claims bonuses" - effectively saying "do not ask for what you are paying for."

All pretty weird huh?

My partner became pregnant 9 months ago and the "what if___happens" brigade of worriers (not to be confused with warriors) all pop out of the woodwork, especially as it was her first baby and she is over 35.    We found out that hospitals basically take over the labor with machines and strangers, forcing the labor, and often performing a C-section to lower risk liability.  They yell to push like there is some sort of rush  - all very toxic and unauthentic.   Hospitals have their place tho - for emergencies and for operations, and giving birth surely is not either.     Danger Danger - Nature doing its thing, seek experts!

So we went it alone, and with pure positivity, some reading of Ina May Gaskin, a couple of sanskrit mantras (to hide in the solar plexus away from thoughts above and any physical sensations below), some clean  rocky amethysts, and some serious study of aligning with nature - all was ready.

On the last full moon we gave birth to our son on our own up the mountain 5 miles from the nearest proper road - 6 hours start to finish - no panic, no worry, no experts.   It is as though as a species we have forgotten that this is the most natural thing to do (along with death), and both have been done for millenia.

A few days later I was in a nearby village and was in a chemist buying some cotton buds, and in Spain and Italy they love a prescription or two so the chemist was packed as usual (they could do with a look at this) - they asked what hospital I used, and when I said none,  and that we did it on our own - this was the kind of faces I got in response:

I thought not to tell them that he has no certificates or evidence of existence yet as the bond time is being protected.

I found out last week that a women in America was arrested for helping a baby be delivered without the proper "qualifications." 

Defcon red.....alert alert....stop the planet - meeting required.


There is a large timid fear based box people are pushed into living in - it is wrapped up with gadgets, sexy icons, status, and mindless entertainment - but more and more people are starting to see through it.

Consciousness is super powerful and this fact is hidden from within the box, but once we get a glimpse, we know that the shackles can come off, and that we can live in pure potential with conscious creation - our authentic natural state.   The power of ones consciousness can outweigh any academic knowledge.

There are ancient proven ways to tear down the box of conditioning, but ultimately, this is an individual process and one needs to crack the code oneself.

Here are some words related to a home birth:
No rush to get to hospital on time.
No hospital gowns. No identity crisis.
No clocks. No drips. No drugs.
No rush to produce the baby.
No poking or prodding. No stirrups.
Just privacy. And freedom.
No superbugs. No strangers.
No waiting-rooms.
No wiring up your womb to a fetal heart monitor.
No screwing electrodes into your baby's scalp.
No false positives, no rush to get the baby out.
No 'emergency' section.
No theatre lights, no high trolleys.
No metal, no Dettol.
Only the peace of your own space.
And your own germs.
No amniotomies, no episiotomies.
You want your perfect body intact.
No rush to take your baby away.
No nurseries.
Early labour? Go for a walk. Go for a swim.
Clean out the cutlery drawer.
Call the shots. Play music.
Make tea. Sit in the bathroom. Be on your own.
No rush, no fear. No pushing, 
no pulling, no panic.
No rush to get the baby out.
You give birth standing up, or sitting down.
Body wide open, baby slips out.




  1. Great post. I would love to translate this post to German for my blog, if you would allow?

  2. of course - thanks, and share :-)

  3. Congratulations to you and the mother on the birth of the child.

    Your friend,


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