Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Compressed Energy Void of a Blank Page.

I had some ideas for some writing so I opened MS word, and then instead of writing I just stared at the blank page, the blank canvas - and this got me thinking.

A blank page is something we all have in multiple facets of our lives, but so much of our species seems to be in fear from the blank page moment, the moment when we have full choice, open unlimited potential, and the power to flow and to choose with consciousness-creation.

The blank page can of course be writing, but also can be the moment at the end of a relationship, the leaving of a job,  the entering into a new town, the clearing of space, the entering of a building for the first time, the coming into a new experience, a standing at a fork in the road, an empty google search field - the fractal is endless.

A blank page moment has a beauty to it, it is a compressed energy void, and it can only be shaped by consciousness, ones own consciousness.  As much of the species shys away from these amazing "mini singularities" we should feel them with joy, revel in them, and observe these moments.   

These moments enable us to be truly alive.  It is our essential being beyond the "physical being."
Pretty soon the system the world seems to worship; the one of profit, self gain, and status is going to fall - it is crumbling now, and individually we will each then be presented with a "blank page," a "blank canvas" - and we will have no choice but to create with our consciousness, there will be no other choice.    Therefore it is good to start practising with the smaller "blank-page-singularities" we are presented with right away in every day life.

The Decline of the West from moriartyb on Vimeo.

The blank-page-singularity is akin to The Fool(0) card, it is a leaping off, a jumping into the new, a void, an emptiness of ego, a carefree abandon, qabbalisticly akin to the precise moment before Ain Soph to Kether - and we can find and source the strength of these archetypes every time we are presented with a blank-page-singularity.

What we have been and done up until now is irrelavent to what we can do and be, we can simply create a new page and create whatever we wish, one just needs to jump.

How we interperate and deal with our "blank page jumps" with conscious creation, leads to the reality that fills our 3d reality.


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