Friday, 28 October 2011

Podcast with

I had another chat with the good Bruce Fenton (talker, researcher, and more), the man behind

"Mark Knight returns to E4A to update us on his remarkable journey towards free independent off grid living. The mountain has now acquired some more yurt’s for guest accommodation and there are many self development services on offer for those who can make the journey to Spain. We go into detail about his upcoming book project which will examine life after the shift. Anyone considering living a more agrarian lifestyle away from the madness of the crowds will gain much from listening. There is also time to get some thoughts on the uprisings and occupy movements as well as sharing of our thoughts on the failing consumer society. "

 For the podcast link please listen here.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Book Project...The re-Emergence of Man

hi all,

I am taking a break from blogs now for a while as I want to write something a bit more beefy - something more structured.  I am going to write a "future visionary book" based in about 10 or 20 years time - after the fall of money, the vatican, and the mega-corps.

"The re-Emergence of Man."

I guess this is fiction, but as much as across the viel that can be called upon' may help it become less fictitious as time goes by...lets see.  The project is not just a writing project - I see it as a gleaning information and preparation project.  I wanting to leap forward and then look about and look back.  

I do not know what it is even about yet, but I have about 50 concepts in my head, a host of ideas, a big wachuma download, and I am getting tired of writing about the world around is too slow to change and few seem to be focusing upon what may happen when the cash machines stop and the supermarket lorry drivers need to feed their family instead of going to work.

A few early concept images:

A few things are for sure; the future will not be like this exactly, nor will living in cities with 7 million people being sustained with shoes, toothbrushes, mobile phones et al be possible either.
Another certainty is that protesting in thousands or hundreds of thousands (Greece this week) will not make any rich elitist change his or her mind....though it can help raise awareness (bring the new cycle upon us quicker) as some good souls are involved, and more people are waking up......(though beware there are some dangers in some of these protests).

A sustainable exciting new cycle awaits....with a few bumps in the way....and different fresh sprouts will come out of the seeds that the courageous will lay down.

In the meantime, turn away from the mainstream media that lies beyond belief (one and two) and seems to reports on violence more than any underpinning issues (greece, dale farm, #o etc).

Until next time, occupy truth, the self, nature, and empowering knowledge.  



Sunday, 9 October 2011

thoughts and vent...

hi all,
I recently watched this documentary about the ancient Kogi tribe that still exist in Columbia, and it resonated in many ways, mainly two.

1 - They spoke of the great mother, from the vast sea, one of truth.  This is Binah, and also Ma'at from ancient Egypt.  The way this core knowledge spread across the globe really lends itself to their having been an atlantis civilisation.  The presenter took the word "sea" to be literal....shame.

2 - In the past year I have spoke to two people (hyperthetically) about taking a young human and placing him/her in a pure environment for their upbringing - and then when 15 or 16, we show them the world and heed their views and feelings.   The Kogi take this on, and place newborns in a cave for years where they are trained - the output of this is great spiritual seers, the people who go on to become the ultimate oracles and great leaders within their communities.   A far cry from D.Cameron who tells people to get rid of debt then borrows 75bn from a private bank for stocks and bonds huh?

The other day I was in Matrix level 4 (outskirts of a city) and found myself in an "ecological toilet."  Now, I know an ecological toilet when I see one as I have a modern compost loo, and this was very strange - I even took a video (poor quality- have old phone)....see if you can guess where it is?

So they kill birds with oil slicks then play bird songs in their toilets?   Very strange.

So 'occupy wall street' is gaining more will be interesting to see where this goes - either pitter out, or police get heavy and move them on I guess.  Why be in a city if one dislikes the system so much?  I think protesting does little (unless it really occupies wall street and stops the city going to trade).  It is best to protest by planting food, and taking money away from the corps and banks, and to just not jive to their drum beat.  If the protesters kick off it will just mean more control laws, and this lot do not look as 
tho they will stand up to the police anyway.

I saw that out of the 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, only 20 did not give their names and addresses.....maybe a watch of this may help people realise they are free.

Still, the wall street workers did not seem to care amongst any of this, they like money too much, so much they even keep lids on free energy.

Occupy the self is better in my view, or even Occupy nature, but good luck to the people there....but it is hardly Cairo.  
Interesting to see another rare BBC slip last week. 

But they re-aligned themselves here in an unrelated report.
So an IMF advisor is saying meltdown is imminent, the webbot guys at halfpast human are predicting some sort of crazy spike in October related to finance, and the anon (controlled opposition?) lot are saying they are hacking the NYSE early October.   One thing in all this is for sure, the days of the private central banks are coming to end, in a week or a few years no-one knows, but the age of chaos is nearly upon us (chaos as in the shingle going crazy as a wave retracts).

The miracle shown below for to only result in financial slaves is near pointless, and the coming times are going to be fun - make the miracle worthwhile :)


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Space 6 - Alpujarras Luxury Yurts

Amazing views of the Sierra Nevada.
Drinkable spring water stream piped to the Yurt and land.
100+ Almond trees.
50+ Olive trees.
30+ Fig trees.
Veg patches.
Goats with housing and pen, Chickens with coop.
Solar Electric System.
1 Large 8m Luxurious Yurt - wooden floor, inbuilt kitchen, storage. 2 doors, clear roof, 6 windows. Wooden house permanent style.
1 luxury 13ft yurt - Oak and Chestnut, Mongolian style.
1 luxury 8ft yurt - Oak and Chestnut, Mongolian style.
1 Tipi.
Each yurt has insulation, and a superb log burner for if needed.
Dual chamber modern compost toilet (never need to empty / no smell).
Outdoor shower room.
No fencing or walls for miles - just open land....acres and acres.
Small outdoor eco-pool for Summer.
Large shed.
Small waterfalls and pools in the drinkable stream.
5km track from nearest village (most like to use a 4x4 or elevated car).
20km from bustling Orgiva.
Quiet, serene, and tranquil.
1.5 hours from the beach. 1.5 hours from snowboarding in the snow.
4x4 Nissan Patrol included in the price, as are tools (optional).
The space has been used for retreats, rentals and woofers the past 3 years (I can source reviews and feedback of the space). 

£50K without 4x4, two of the smaller yurts or tipi.  £68k with everything.

Click for more Photos.

A video in deep January winter is here too..... 

Space 5 Axarquia Casa and Land

Well and a spring, plus Mains Water.
Beautiful house, with garage and workshop.
Solar Panels, and mains electricity.
Scores of Fruit trees including olive and almond.
South east of Canillas de Aceituna.
20 mins from Velez-Malaga, 25 mins from the coast. 50 mins from Malaga airport.
Two large water deposits.
South facing.
Amazing views to the sea and mountains.

Space 4. Los Romanes Trailer and land

Beautiful Land with Trailer just west of Los Romanes, in the beautiful Axarquia region.
Mains water connected.  Would require solar panels for electricity.
Incredible views to south, west and north, and of the hilltop town, Comares.
Sea views just a few minutes walk away.
Approx 400m above sea level.
Suitable for yurts, tipis, bell tents, trailers, or caravans.
Amazing mountain with a handful of international neighbours.
25 mins from beach.   10 mins from lake. 5 mins from village.  20 mins from Velez-Malaga. 45 mins from Malaga Airport.
Olive trees and other trees.
Good and very quiet access road.
Much of the Land could be terraced cheaply.
Approx 8000m2 of land.
CompostToilet could be added.

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