Saturday, 1 October 2011

Space 6 - Alpujarras Luxury Yurts

Amazing views of the Sierra Nevada.
Drinkable spring water stream piped to the Yurt and land.
100+ Almond trees.
50+ Olive trees.
30+ Fig trees.
Veg patches.
Goats with housing and pen, Chickens with coop.
Solar Electric System.
1 Large 8m Luxurious Yurt - wooden floor, inbuilt kitchen, storage. 2 doors, clear roof, 6 windows. Wooden house permanent style.
1 luxury 13ft yurt - Oak and Chestnut, Mongolian style.
1 luxury 8ft yurt - Oak and Chestnut, Mongolian style.
1 Tipi.
Each yurt has insulation, and a superb log burner for if needed.
Dual chamber modern compost toilet (never need to empty / no smell).
Outdoor shower room.
No fencing or walls for miles - just open land....acres and acres.
Small outdoor eco-pool for Summer.
Large shed.
Small waterfalls and pools in the drinkable stream.
5km track from nearest village (most like to use a 4x4 or elevated car).
20km from bustling Orgiva.
Quiet, serene, and tranquil.
1.5 hours from the beach. 1.5 hours from snowboarding in the snow.
4x4 Nissan Patrol included in the price, as are tools (optional).
The space has been used for retreats, rentals and woofers the past 3 years (I can source reviews and feedback of the space). 

£50K without 4x4, two of the smaller yurts or tipi.  £68k with everything.

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A video in deep January winter is here too.....