Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hacking DNA because nothing is sacred.

Not for the first time I have to take issue with the BBC's flagship documentary show - Horizon.  There is a subliminal straight away with the word 'Horizon' as the subconcsious thinks "Horizon - what's on the horizon - what's coming."  Pretty clever.

In this episode they cleverly implant the idea that messing with natures genetics and hybridising genes cross specie' is exciting, remarkable, and able to help man's evolution.    

The presenter they use is child like, innocent, impartial, and likable, plus they use nice nature and soft music to calm the subconscious so it is open for mind control cluster bombs.

To see it, watch here, and if outside the UK, use expat shield or iprivo for a UK IP address (oh no, breaking rules, fear, cower in the corner).   I list below a few of the deep subliminals and at what minute.

0.21  We did something remarkable [reassemble nature into a programmable machine].
1.41  We are gaining control over living things.
7.02  They are so well behaved as well [genetically hybridised spider-goats].
10.23  We can use it in the medical field (that kills babies
11.32  No matter how bizarre you think this is [spider goats], this is just the beginning.
16.48  DNA is like software you can just print out..... it is called synthetic biology.  (Err, no, its called eugenics).
18.17  The COOL thing is we can go online and download new DNA parts.
19.17 We can cure cancer blah blah blah, then why does the FDA and FBI shut down those that cure cancer?
20.40  We have the tech and the info, brave new world.

And many more.....

I am in disbelief that people are not on the streets with pitch forks after this programme, but they enforce the agenda so slowly and so cleverly that most see it as exciting.

Animals are part of the harmonic, the way of things, and messing with their DNA for human gain is so toxic it is untrue, it is the stuff of doctor evil.  

These people are darwinian aetheistic eugenasists that want to create a superior advanced race.   They are part of the transhumanist agenda pushed along by the elite (more about this in a previous a blog).   "But didn't Darwin write 'Origin of the Species?" I hear someone say, no, he actually wrote a book called 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,'  but they changed the name in 1872.   They forgot to tell us that in school.

So, in a few years what?  "Oh inject me with some snakes eyes and ducks feet?"   Can you see where this could go?  Bear-soldiers?    Raven drone spies?    Cyborgs?    

Why do you think spiderman and batman are such big budget worldwide films recently?      And one may know the occult ritual around the death of the actor who played the Joker in the recent batman film......follow that trail I dare you.

We are already slowly mutating due to GM food, vaccines, pharma drugs, biometric id for billions, and smartphones.   Where this is all leading is pretty toxic.

But when men devoid of spirit start to mess with the fabric of reality for external greedy reasons, then forces will come to intervene.....this is 100% certain.  Get your popcorn and get a ring side seat for the coming  fireworks.

Evolution is not external, it is also not about technology, it is ALL about consciousness, and sooner or later the species will know this, the hard way, or the easy way.   

One should certainly ask their children what they are taught in science classes, the agenda is at work at many levels.  Are they being taught to respect nature?   nope.

The funny thing in all this is people pay a TV license so they can make shows like this, "Oh you are going to use subliminals to mind control me, and I fund it, oh yes please, because i believed your fear campaign about radar-roofed vans monitoring who doesn't have a license."    
Even this weeks Question time on the BBC, the Zionist Melanie Philips said, "I think, personally, that there is no major terrorist atrocity in which Iran hasn't had a hand."  and "Iran is threatening genocide against Israel virtually every week. And it means it," and 
"Iran is hiding some of it's uranium manufacturing centrifuges deep in a mountain so they can't be bombed."

What a load of propaganda nonsense.   

Why not if someone comes on your land asking for a TV license tell them they are not allowed on your land without a license?  And that it costs 4 billion euros and needs 28 forms filled in?   Can you see how asleep everyone is?   

Authority has to go, it's an illusion, it's not real.  It seems like people struggle to climb a ladder, to only put their head in a large backside once at the top.

Ok, breath, and hopefully no more interruptions and back to the futurist fiction project, which will be finished in the Spring.



Monday, 2 January 2012

bank and tech...slippery slopes....

So, one knows the banks steal money, but people's perception of what a bank is often times not objectively true.  They think of the high street, the branches, and their money and accounts.

But this is not what a banks objectively are.   The high street vendor buildings are just the front shops, the tips of the iceberg, the end point of the tentacle from the ugly toxic octupus.

The film Margin Call shows the 2008 collapse of the market, and presents what actually goes on at the high levels of banking; how they think, act, and conduct themselves.  Superbly acted and filmed too. The heads of these types of organisations all share these qualities.

It is more important and useful to change your bank to a local, co-operative, or ethical bank, rather than fluffying' it up saying things like, "money is just energy, manifest abundance, tra-lee-la."   But in saying that, it is a bit too late now and the finance system is doomed to fail, so investing in gold or fresh water is wise.

Another good film (made for just $35) is an independent one shown below that displays the dependency on technology in the collective consciousness, and the possible implications.

Relying on banks and tech are both dangerous, but this is a big subject......hence...

.....the new book project is progressing really well, news of which is coming soon :)



ps What is all this "the world celebrates new year" arrogant......a) the species is in no place yet to actually collectively celebrate, and b) much of the world live by other calendars.   Watch for the programming and conditioning.