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Google - from geeks to elite controlled internet feds.....

First off,  I want to thank Bruce from www.2012rising.com for an enjoyable weekend here, and the related article here :-)   One of the definitive sites on the maya links to 2012.


Google had been got-to a while back, but the wheels are only now really being put in motion.

For those that dont know.

Google brought the once free, innovative, fun, and expressive youtube.com in 2006 for nearly $2Bn, then brought blogspot and loads more companies, adding more social and business services, and gadgets.

But then the syringe from the illuminati plunged deeper.

The new Google policy for those that don't care to read the boring, confusing text, devoid of any humanity, soul, or sharing, it basically means in an intelligent summary; we own your ass, collect everything you do, cognitively model all you do, and shut down any countries we want our banking mates to take over."

The day they brought out their new policies they had one of their tossy, "my banners are so hip" banners, with geometry falling down into the middle with a thump.  This is talismanic in the realm they are using it for?

See here the countries they shutdown youtube or other services recently.

Oct 31, 2011 Pakestan  Google services partially accessible. 
Sep 9, 2011 Egypt        Google services partially accessible.
Aug 26, 2011 Burma      YouTube accessible. 
Aug 21, 2011 Libya         Google services partially accessible.
Aug 11, 2011 Uzb'stan    Google services inaccessible. 
Jun 2, 2011   Syria         Google services inaccessible.
Mar 28, 2011 Armenia     Google services partially accessible.
Mar 3, 2011 Libya         Google services inaccessible.
Mar 1, 2011 Turkey       Blogger partially accessible.
Feb 18, 2011 Libya         Google services inaccessible.
Feb 17, 2011 Libya         YouTube inaccessible.
Feb 8, 2011 Syria         YouTube accessible. 
Jan 30, 2011 Iran         Google Videos inaccessible.
Jan 27, 2011 Egypt       Google services inaccessible
Jan 26, 2011 Sudan      YouTube partially accessible.
Oct 31, 2010 Turkey     YouTube accessible.
Jun  3, 2010 Turkey      YouTube. 
May 20, 2010 Pakistan   YouTube for 6 days 
Jun 13, 2009 Iran         YouTube inaccessible
Mar 23, 2009 China       YouTube inaccessible.
Mar  6, 2009 Bang'esh    YouTube inaccessible.

(*sidenote: they can't even paginate or format well).

They are a poodle for the western elite and governments.  Toxic.

Even youtube is starting to look like google - it's getting all communist (pretty much the same as fascism when one compares the extremes of each).

Even megaupload.com, (note, that does nothing with data, just provides web space), is being shut down, 50 million users data are to be wiped, and the man behind it now extradited to a usa jail. For what?  Allowing the world to spread and see art.  Hollywood robbed us all anyway ......from more than just cash, and if one creates "art" solely for money, it ceases to be art.

And do you know how many question you need to ask to join a large isp these days?  Basically they might as well come and live with you for a bit.

With SOPA, ACTA, and the other stuff coming in too, one may want a solution - go to another planet, or use this secret start page, and hushmail.

Personally, i dont like the time and bumps i would need to port things over, but i'm mulling it over.....i feel personally impartial to much of what goes on as it doesnt really touch me as i'm off grid chopping wood and using solar etc, I feel self-responsible.

Another gem I noticed is those new personal Bank Card readers.

The slimey's with unauthentic existences have slowly made it so you now need to use personal card readers just to log-in to your bank account online.    

These are tracking devices, and also to get people more into an electronic control grid, but most were/are mind controlled to think they were/are to prevent fraud.



a)  They put a 1 year fraud campaign into the main media to scare everyone, and nick the odd bit of money themselves to get word around of fraud.   Surely not the banks, they're nice? 

b) They put throughout the shops the pin press devices, and added a curved cover to shield all the prying eyes.....lol...I mean, seriously, please.

c) To make and dispatch these things cost tens of millions, but the banks are skint right?   

So now everyone ends up keying in numbers to a device from a card with a chip to fart?

It's so transparent where this is going.

For the super sleepy, the word bail-out means paper money gets created at a mint, and given at interest to banks of a nation......drumroll, so the people can borrow it and then pay it back at interest.   Where this all really falls down is that the people again pay in tax and austerity measures for the bailouts in the first place - at the other end too.

Whack with stick, pay attention.

We are heading on a trajectory towards this amazing art video below, and it's up to each person to join their own dots themselves.  

I don't have time to go into transhumanist Aubrey De Brey, who spoke about anti aging tecnology, stating, "We age simply because the human body is a machine." 

"The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge."  Elbert Hubbard

"Life is a destructive process for someone who only devotes himself to outer sense impressions.  A person who darts from one impression of the outer world to another, who constantly seeks distraction, cannot find the way to higher knowledge.   The adept must not blunt himself to the outer world, but while lending himself to its impressions, he should be directed by his rich inner life."  R.Steiner


;-)   Mx

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