Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Book Completed......



A podcast talking about the book is here too.  

Alex Polanco from came on board with the amazing cover art.  

A trailer for the book is here.

    The Reemergence of Man,  Kailin from on Vimeo.

The book covers issues many will soon start thinking about, such as the transhuman agenda, the transition of the system and cash, individual selfhood, and positively growing scenarios and paradigms within more authentic evolution.  All within a fictitious story - that is more fun than a hundred dry articles.

The story and concepts came in an altered state and since then I've rinsed it out at high intensity in three months.


Monday, 12 March 2012

UK jaw drops...

a recent trip to the uk brought some new jaw dropping realisations.....

1)  people think the biometric scanners at gatwick are good because it is quicker than the other queue.

2) the water companies brought in meters "to make it cheaper" but have really used them to hike prices.

3)  everything is now online and electronic.....human intervention is the exception not the rule.

4)  kids with messy hair and the odd accident are now sent to social workers.

5) solar panels from the government ensure they own your roof, take take the electricity back to the grid, then sell it back to you.

6) many schools are like prisons with photo id and "forced solitude" detentions.

7) there is more to existence than celebrity and smartphone apps.

8) though in london everyone looks widly different, the energy signatures are similar.

9)  many seem to live as though the system, concrete, cash machines etc have been here forever and will be here forever, and that no other cultures exist.

back to the mountain :)



p.s. Thought provoking movies recently have been Take Shelter and Limitless, and did anyone see this on the sun yesterday?