Friday, 25 May 2012

Olympics PII and Positive Art

I was going to do a nice fresh article about some nice fresh upifting things, then some information came my way that nearly made me spill my rooibos tea all over the cat sleeping below my chair.

Following on from the 2012 London Olympics Mega Ritual blog I did, I came across these two videos.....

*## Edit: The above movie was removed a day after posting it here, and also my account for this blog was blocked for a bit too.   Weird.    Ok, I have some screen shots from the above movie.   It showed a promo on chinese tv for this summers 2012 soccer championship in Poland and the Ukraine, but for some unknown reason had London in background being blown up!!   

...and while I am on an edit, it is funny how the "conceptual fiction" in my new book had internet passports and then I today see the Bilderberg meeting next week is going to talk about internet Id's for Europeans.  Will be interesting to see how much more of the concepts will come to pass.

Back to the Olympics video's

Either ....

A) I'm getting sucked in to a man made created theory with nothing in it, created to give us the hoo-ha-hoopy-doopla run around and to attempt to create some fear (not that I'm scared, more intrigued).     
B) They are putting symbolism all around of what is going to happen this summer to feed the ritual more resonance.    
C) This is all coincidental.   

I don't believe in coincidences, especially when the probabilities are billions to 1,  so A or B it is then, unless anyone can give me some other conclusions?

Ok, still some time for some nice high resonance art and images that i wanted to do in the first place..........