Sunday, 13 May 2012

Transhuman Symbolism in Prometheus

Many films have given us transhumanism, such as terminator, bladerunner, 2001 space odyssey, transformers, I-Robot, and more. With most showing the robot, cyborg, or transhuman as a friend (or at least in parts).

Also games like Deus Ex, Half-Life, Halo, Transhuman Space, Total Annihilation, and even the new call of duty 3 lordly present the coolness of transhumanism.

More can be found here and here regarding movie and game symbolism.
Even pop music videos, such as the mind controlled Britney Spears offering last year had Transhumanism within it.   Watch out for the mind controller handler symbolism too.

But this summer comes Prometheus, and I want to go deeper into two of the trailers.

Note, this is the biggest film worldwide this summer with a budget of $150 million (yes folks, and everyone is skint - work harder), and every tiny detail is there for a reason.   Many times i have shown movies help to predicatively programme seeds into people's subconscious (and conscious) minds, ready for what is to come.


He is at a future TED conference, and those that read my previous blogs will know TED is a PR wing for Transhumanists.  

He speaks of mind power, and the stealing of fire from the gods (Prometheus myth), and that fire is the first piece of technology.  Fire, in the occult, is spirit, so swap this word and one gets a new angle.

Also with his list of evolutionary inventions through technology, why state gunpowder was a real game changer?.....What game?    Alas, Most of us know.

Why state 2023  is  the year of our lord?  Is this to do with the numerology for 7, which is the sacred number in occult terms?

There is a big dark city in background, and even though it is "a movie,"  a corporation claiming they are the gods is pretty toxic.

In the myth of Prometheus, he was punished for stealing fire from heaven, and was punished by being ties to a steak with an eagle eating his liver, with no rest, no sleep, and no respite - the transhuman agenda for the masses.

This Prometheus trailer has even more to look at.

0.22 seconds - the AI android is between two pillars of skulls, and wears wings upsidedown.
0.35 - sitting at the white chess pieces, but playing the black pieces.   (Pretending to be for good, but actually dark).
0.50 - states he can carry out unethical things for corporations. 
0.52 - smells a dekula flower, know as the devils apple.
1.05 - what are the flashes of dark chaotic imagery?
1.09 - baphomet anyone?  just when he says "angels."
1.15 - David stands on a "playing field" for a "game," and there is a ladder (ascension, reaching), above a metropolis.
1.29 - just like the transhumanists who speak on TED nowadays, he says he does not like war or poverty. yayayaya.
1.42 - as he does not feel emotions, he is more efficient as a worker.   Very Hod (8) in Qabalistic terms, and funny how there are 21 small dots and one big dot = 22.  Both numbers very qabalistic.
1.49 - molding a human.  Why?
1.58 - Gives gratitude to his creators whilst smelling the Devil's apple again.
2.17 - David is written in yellow, and David the biblical archetype would live in the yellow sephiroth (Tipareth) on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  A black number 8 (hod) is on the screen too, and the path between Tipareth and Hod is the Devil.   Coincidence?   Up to you.
He also looks at peace within his concrete servitude.

If one goes to the weyland industries website, one can see it takes itself VERY seriously and has PR about life extension, employment, resources, and other Transhumanism PR.   Scary.    It even says here that, "Weyland Industries consolidates all products and solutions into seven verticals: health, transportation, energy, electronics, terraforming, security and cybernetics."  Well that sounds just like our world elite right now.  The fictitious corp also has links to the FDA, US Goverment, and........Olympics!!!  As well as defence, security, and arms.

Yes it is fiction, but the subconscious cannot tell the difference, especially with this site being so non-fiction in style.   It is all about the seeds being planted into consciousness.  

Ok, we found some symbolism, but how does this affect the now as many think noone likes transhumsanism or that it is sci-fi.

Check these Transhumanist dudes out with thousands of members worldwide, and how the same people are involved in the IEET!  They look and feel weird, shame.  Plus there is this blogger who is a part of the Human Council 2.0, and wants to open a biohacking salon in LA!!!   Just like in the sprawl in my new book...heheh.

More evidence our DNA is mutating now is the mobile phone networks (wait for 4G coming out soon that goes thro thick walls), and GMO's.  Hormones are now being replaced by synthetic chemicals and GMO's are now found to mutate organs.

This is all linked to the subliminal messaging films, it is the same egg.

So, what can one do?

Turn into Decker and take the Transhumans out in a few years maybe?
Learn that when you see the words low fat, fat free, or no added sugar, they each really mean "chemical shit storm."

Or make sure ones vessel and energy is clean by taking drops of activated MMS, using prill beads and charcoal filters for drinking water, and getting to know the power of crystals (disclaimer, some of this crystals movie is a little fluffy).   

On a closing note, I see the festival season kicks off in England soon, yep Sunrise has lots of eco-build, alternative-tech, and 'conscious' areas, even a unity temple.....but the "good" people need to pay £115 to get in as it is surrounded by security and fencing.  lol.    "Oh, but i will have a good time."   Sit and think about it.  "Oh but the money they make they put to good."  What, like fencing, security, credit card handlers, booking databases, and bars selling booze?     wake up.