Monday, 4 June 2012

Internal v External….and best of the week.

It appears the modern western world is now almost 100% in “the external.”  Wash the car, clean the house, look good, smell of a manmade chemical smell, be seen somewhere, be part of social groups, but If anyone tries to focus on the the internal with either focus, diet, fasting, meditation or similar they are labelled and marginalised.
Strange, as we really live in “our heads” and the internals of our human vessel relate to our energy levels and abilities in life.
The main internal attribute becoming more rare is lone time, which forces one to automatically go deeper into “their” internal.  In this, I mean really alone, not watching a film, texting, or with a magazine - no input - alone - allowing one to expand.
The whole western culture is set up so people rarely spend time alone, it is almost a taboo now, to the point of comments like, "What, you were on your own on a Saturday night, are you ok?  Oh, I’m so sorry you were alone."  
Being "social" now carries positive connotations, and if one is alone the negative labels fly in, like "anti-social," "unsociable," "loner," and "billy no-mates."

We all know someone who is always surrounded by lots of people, always saying yes to meeting up, and when alone quickly calls  or texts people to keep "contact" with others, and this is all seen as popular and busy with friends - positive labels again.

Nearly all mind control shootings (schools, colleges, jfk, hungerford, etc) sow the subconscious seed to beware the lone man, the lone nut murderers.  But it is the introvert that can't be hypnotised as easily as an extrovert, and it is always Mr popular happy go lucky loud n proud external bulgy eyes that is overpowered with will in seconds.

On a side note, I have found it is those with bulgy eyes that rarely blink that are so in the external they are almost jumping out of themselves.  This guy on The Apprentice in the UK is the best example in recent years, he changes depending on who he is with, lies for favours and gain, and is almost completely inside out.  Eek, scary.

"Oh no don't judge anyone else, we are all one."  Err, at this level of manifest we are all unique experiences, and I am using discernment and reasoning, not judgement.

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.”  Einstein

Inner work = inner strength, but the system wants externalised people = no inner strength = insecure = materialistic = easy to control and herd.      The jubilee was a good example of this, create some patriotism and link it to the monarchy and millions fell for the sub conscious PR NLP tricks.   They even got to every child in the nation and created more nationalism.   Clever huh?

The thing is, one is never alone anyway, all is connected, space and time is an illusion, and the inner world is full of opposites.

The inner world is full of logic and emotion, male and female, courage and mercy, wisdom and understanding.    The inner world contains thousands of images, thought forms, patterns, beliefs, memories, projections, fractals, ideas, all either fed or starved of your energy from awareness and focus, all contributing energy to the external world around you.   If you run from the internal, you are unbalanced, this is the only way it can be.

When one is alone, one gets in touch with their inner worlds, their feelings, thoughts, relationships, and their place in the universe (if left alone long enough).  This is not wanted by the powers that be, so much that recently the lying BBC (who do nice articles) had a main news story in march 2012 claiming "living alone makes people depressed."  

what a load of nonsense.

“You cannot  be lonely if you like the person you are alone with.”  Wayne Dyer.

Another group who have been infiltrated and steered into never being alone are the new age brigades.    Have you ever noticed how they always hang out in groups together, cuddling eachother, including eachother in everything?   Rarely alone?  Rarely going deep into any issues, with claims of "if you focus on anything negative you create it (lol)."  The new age rainbow gatherings (even tho with some great individual people) are all about a hive of people running in the opposite direction from being alone.    Surely spending all ones time in like minded large groups dilutes the self?

From these new age groups, one never sees any of them come out of their herd and go among prison inmates, hooligans, or into many alternate vibrations.  I have never seen a new age yoga rainbow type person outside a pub in Macclesfield at closing time on a Friday night, if they were, they would hide their energy and self.  So many new agers think a massive transformation of energy is coming, well, that is because they spend all their time with like minded people and therefore don't receive a rounded view of the world.   This gives can give one some important information - but it requires some contemplation (and saves me 1000 words of writing).

The key to obtaining any slithers of authenticity and selfhood is to be yourself in any situation with any person, and the only way to get to this is from some time alone, sorry, it is just the way......all other routes are a trap.
As i went into deeply within my latest book, the human race is currently far too external, only a small percentage is spent in the inner world, and ideally this should be around 50/50 but schools soon put a stop to this.

A great master once said to me, "We are inside out, when we die all is inner, there is no outer."  Again, needs contemplation, and maybe think of your dreams - all 100% inner, and full of so much information - unless you have a toxic diet or super external life so you cannot even remember them.  "Oh, i don't dream, they are a bit weird aren't they, not for me Sheila."

There are many occult benefits to lone time, they are not in plain sight, no one is going to come and give you a certificate or some sweets, it is subtle and internal, and even slightly tailored for each individual.  Remember too, boredom is for boring people, how can you get bored alone with consciousness?  Impossible, surely?

When alone in nature with with no inputs,  nature gets louder and comes alive, as does stillness, and as there is life in nature all around the self.  The stillness that occurs ensures the self sits right at the centre.

In solitude, there is no escape, ones inner demons will come up and seek you out - beliefs, relationships, actions, who you are, what you are doing here, will all come.   And it is the powers that be on this planet that be don't want you going near.these places, as they make you stronger.
It is dark in this lone time, the dark night of the soul as Buddhists would call it, it is scary, one is tested.
In this alchemical lone time, one could  make sense of these images with ease, as they cannot be understood using the intellect or with large groups of huggy fluffy's.

You are not supposed to "like" (desire, I want, service to self) these images, they are dark, the inner self is dark, it has shadow, it has gunk and slime, but these are the realms and dimensions your consciousness will learn to understand in solitude...there is no other way.

In ayahuasca also one can grind through these arenas of darkness to get to the light.

The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live." ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

If you did not like those images, here, have some more, the reality of the universe is not all about making you is about you evolving.

In this lone time one can learn how to ring the bell, and it's different for everyone.   There are dwellers on the threshold, but It is always darkest before dawn, and the light always shines brightest through the darkest darkness.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”
“Silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of everything.” John Grossman
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell
“Never be afraid to fall apart, because it is an opportunity to rebuild oneself.”


In ancient Egypt, the archetype of Anubis would weigh the hearts of dead against a feather, and then give judgement.  

The heart can only be opened in deep inner work, and the heart is not all about loving those the same as you - it is about love to the planet, your connection with the universe, all life, truth, and discernment.  (Crazy talk in most places).

Even lone time every day is beneficial, it is scientifically proven the benefits of meditation, and is so much more useful to you than cleaning the car or doing the dishes.    For one day, don’t do the dishes, and the next day eat with the same unwashed bowls, plates, and cutlery, millions couldn't do this, but this is what they do with their mind, mental patterns, and body.
Some people even wash ties, and fold handkerchiefs, but still eat rubbish and are 90% external.

Take a few minutes and try and work out how much of your consciousness is placed on the internal and external, what is the ratio?  I would say around 50/50 is about right, and I have explored in my new book how this could work in large numbers, and the colossal benefits the species could gain from this.

If anyone wishes to experience some lone time, solitude, or customised retreats, then check out the images and info here for our mountain space.

Talking this way as I have may get you accosted by the thought police, beware, and be become eternal……………and watch for those with the bulgy eyes ;-)


A few items from the past week; toxic transhumanists now have modelled the whole brain by slicing mouse brains, and think they now know consciousness (lol), a great new movie proves how money is now worth nothing, and Reactor 4 in Japan could bring a massive disaster unless someone finds a way to fix it.

Ps, enjoy the venus transit.