Sunday, 17 June 2012

Parents Claiming to Love Their Children.....

This is one of those juicy blogs that always loses me a few friends, one of those bursting with uncomfortable truths people just don't want to hear as it cuts away at comfort 
blankets   :-)

Many parents in the western world swear they love their kids, they hold them close, think of them as perfect, stare at them, tuck them in, cuddle them, kiss them, and "feel" love for them.

Nice :)   but is this enough in today's age?   Let us unravel this all a little.

The parent, uncle, or aunt should really have a keen eye out for the world they are growing into, plus the vibrations surrounding children.  For instance, to feed a kid lots of toxins, let them watch mind numbing nonsense on TV, and follow toxic fads, for me, is not love, it is ignorant and lazy.  To go a step further, some parents' "love" for their children could be seen as selfish, more of a kind of, "You please me and make me feel good when you get what you want and smile," type of love - something to serve the self.

Telling someone they are cute, amazing, and good, with words, but then giving them toxic vibrations with actions is a wild contradiction, and one is stronger than the other - guess what one?

On a recent trip to England I saw the massive commercialisation of kids working well, and parents not even aware in the slightest.

I saw Xbox games (Lego Indiana Jones) where a 5 year old gamer smashed up shrubs, trees, buildings, and furniture, all for money, and an 11 year old playing a military simulation wrapped up as a game.........based upon a sinister power rising in the Middle-East.  Sigh.  With kids playing military simulations and forced to be involved in patriotic street party's they will be more than ready to fight in wars when they are older.

I came across TV shows for kids full of zombie, witch, and skull and bones symbolism, and a 5 year old even told me he wanted this!  A torture cannibal play set.

Lego-The Cannibal Escape Includes Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and two cannibal minifigures.  Set features chief?s chair, bone cage, cannibal hut and two snakes.  Escape from the cannibals before dinner time! Also includes roasting spit.

Many parents who love the above type of stuff seem to also like the odd trip to mcdonalds, kfcand the odd can of coke...because they love their children and want them to be "happy."

Western TV shows for children are now quick, aggressive, and hectic, they place old shows with soft imaginative wisdom like bagpuss in a completely different dimension.

Talking rubbish am I?  Well lets see about some other things many kids in the west love.....(this is a random selection from scores of possibles).

Even the music industry is controlled and targeting kids to lower their vibration.   We could go deep into the Disney club, but lets just look at Hanna Montana....

Dressed up as a whore and a slut and aimed at 7-14 year olds, and many parents spend money to help their daughter copy her.  This is not my subjective opinion, she is factually wearing slutty clothes and dressing like an object of desire, lust, sex, and provocation.  This is fact, and I am happy to discuss this with anyone.    

But what chance have children got?  Their parents send them off for thirty odd hours a week to sit in rows and get indoctrinated.

It is pretty obvious ADHD is just a reaction to bullshit.

I was with a ten year old recently and spoke to him about school, he explained in basic terms that he felt his unique creative potential was totally overlooked, and that they did hardly any art, expression, or imaginative work at school.

Schools don't really like children knowing things like this:

Many western mothers nowadays hardly know anything about food or crafts, they shop in supermarkets and vaccinate their children completely unaware of what is in things....

 .....or where it came from


.......and look at breastfeeding as old-school and not required.

Many mothers' intuition has gone, as few mothers are lighting the goddess archetype bound to the earth as a mother naturally should be, and naturally has been for millenia.

The problem is that there are spiritless puppet humans as parents, and astrally attacked young ones because they are being bombarded with low vibrations from all angles.  

To love ones offspring fully one must put in the research and work to protect them and show them the way.  This may stop a few "toddler smiles" in he short term, but the game is not all about making children smile as much as you can, that is just indoctrination.  One can train a child to "like" and even "hate" many things, so be very careful and walk a way of authentic truth.



ps, oh nearly forgot, just a sidenote, the economy only has a few months till it has a major wobble, don't forget to prepare, maybe put it higher on the "to do list" than a new Hannah Montana DVD for Christmas.