Sunday, 1 July 2012

The manifesting split, and the abundance hurdle.

There is a slow split coming into our species and world.

With more and more people not resonating with synthetic cities and copy and paste towns, with more knowing about corporate greed, and silly things like pooping in clean drinking water and doctors that are just pharma sales clerks, more people are jumping, or trying to jump, into a life of more freedom, more authenticity, and a life closer to nature.

Kids now in the matrix of the western world would have toxic answers to a small quizes like this.

But in this split, with people now firmly rooted on both sides, there are millions of fringe dwellers inbetween, to coin a phrase from Stuart Wilde.  Those who can't let go of the handrails yet.   And as Stuie says, it is about a 1000 day climb from one side to the other.  A climb that is internal.   

If you cannot see this split manifesting or coming, then I think you may have been reading books from the.....

(I'm so glad I managed to get that one in)

In this split, with wanting to jump towards the other side, but not doing so, and going against the signs and intuition, this is dangerous, and will cause many inner contrasts and conflicting vibrations.  These mess with your resonance and bioryhthm.  Inner opposites need to be united or evolution gets blocked and health can suffer.

So why do people not jump into the 1000 day climb?   It is mostly a lack of abundance (followed by conditioning and fearing what others will think).  This is where Lakshmi comes in, a vedic archetype of abundance and (authentic inner) wealth.  With visualisation and mantra she can come to your aid.   Try it for 9 days and see how your life changes, mantra is a science explained in my second book very clearly.   Trust, faith and positive thought forms all aid in smoothing life changes for sure.   

But also know that if one leaps into the trench towards the other side of the manifesting split, some inner destruction is guaranteed.  

This split between a corrupt narrow reality tunnel matrix that is destroying the earth and living in an ethical authentic harmonic is going to get bigger and bigger, and teens will look up and see a clear fork in the road.  They will look up to parents for guidance and example.  what example are you setting?   This growing split is looked at in depth in my near future conceptual fiction book, and the different ways this could manifest.   Some of it is already manifesting since it was written!

Beware the catcher baskets for anyone trying to jump to the others side, such as eco-shops, festivals, and city healing parlours, big group yoga halls, most are part of the matrix and keep people firmly in the matrix side of the split but thinking they are near the other side.



ps advice for people going crazy needing to jump but really feel they can't,  get a bank loan and don't pay it back.  The money is created out of nothing by nutters, so it's not backed by any energy exerted, and doing this hurts no human whatsoever.  Karmically, use the money for good and growth, and when they write to you, tell them you are not accepting any paperwork.  If you have nothing, they can't take anything, and paper money is due a massive wobble this autumn anyway.