Sunday, 8 July 2012

UK government document leak, and Olympics part 3

hi all,

I managed to come into possession of a document from within the UK Government.

Created by the Cabinet Secretary / Head of the Home Civil Service, and also the Exec Director of the Institute for Government, both working for the Cabinet Office (whatever all that means).

Other authors and contributors include Government strategists, researchers into behaviour, and one into experimental psychology.  

It is called "Mindspace, Influencing Behaviour Through Public Policy,"  and clearly shows that they look at society as something to be manipulated and controlled.

Download Here

Always nice to know where your tax goes.

If the men in black suits come, I advice them to get some black shorts and t-shirt instead.


Back to the Olympics (part 1 and part 2 blogs from before).

Muse provide the official song I see, and the lyrics provide and interesting read.

These two adverts I came across are interesting too, check out the cretinous looking Muslim on the right....

....and the two on the left here with backpacks.

The new BA advert is interesting too (if we follow on from the last two olympics blogs).

.....and also there is this new documentary, and this 3 hour hitter...

...and a prophecy from Nostradamus about an Olympics past the millenium, that could be grab its number 7 from the closing ceremony date (12 08 2012 = (1+2+8+2+1+2) = 16 = 7).

Another interesting date during the Olympics is the 4th August, as the main stream media blantantly peddled this date amidst a conspiratorial piece only a few days ago.

Also related are these articles, Health chiefs prepare campaign to prevent epidemic during Olympics2012 Secret Revealed Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By December 21, 2012, and 17k army troops to police the olympics.

Whatever this pit of information is, it has to be one of two things, a) Something is coming  around the Olympics with bundles symbolism to ramp up the energy, or  b) it is a massive pys ops operation to make the conspiratorial / investigative field look even more silly.  
Check out this site for sun weather, due to this week there being an X-Class flare (that missed the earth).

And finally, I am having more repeated dreams of 'last flights,' with people rushing around airports.....hmm.

But it's all just a ride, and there is no reason not to laugh and chill.



ps....for any Olympic tourists....