Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Subconscious Reflexes....

Over recent months I've noticed something about people...........many of their actions, responses, and opinions, are done unconsciously, without presence or awareness, because they are often times living within a long succession of "subconscious reflexes."

School, work, and generally all aspects of life have nothing that teaches us about the 
importance of subconscious extraction.   In this, I mean conditions, emotions, fears, and 
patterns that have been lodged deep in the subconscious.

But why would we want to extracts any of these, or anything else from the subconscious?

We seem to think that as we are, in our normal state of consciousness, we have all that is going on at an easy reach of our mind and awareness.  But this is not so.

Conscious Mind
• Temporary Memory
• Will Power
• Rational/Analytical Thinking
• Critical Faculty

Subconscious Mind
• Protect, Preserve Body/Controls Body Functions
• Controls Habits
• Permanent Memory
• All Emotions
• Beliefs, Expectations
• Values
• Imagination & Creativity
• Doorway to higher consciousness

Your SM processes about 100 billion bits of information per second. In contrast, your CM processes 40 bits of information per second.

The subconscious receives more, sees more, remembers more, intuitively knows more, and knows the body and immediate environment more.   But as it receives so much more and remembers more, there is a danger of it becoming the autopilot, especially with opinions and cultural imprints, especially if the conscious mind is not sharp and aware (due to toxins, processed food, lifestyle, low energy etc).

We arrive here pure, well, with some karma from past lives, and our birth astrology, but not much else though.......pretty pure, and what happens is that the subconscious gets 
bombarded patterns from (think Russian dolls):

local area culture
local region culture
national culture
collective consciousness 

Have you noticed when hanging out with a group of friends, how you picked up some of 
the words they regularly use?   And how couples start to dress similarly over time?

The result in today's world is that there are millions of humans bumbling around with most of their lifes' actions, comments, and opinions being nothing more than "subconscious relfexes" from conditioned inputs.

There is nothing wrong with friends, unity in small groups, or 'tribes' parse, but when
inputs turn around to become sub conscious reflexes there is a danger.   

So how to overcome "sub conscious reflexes" from past conditioning?
Travelling, experiencing other cultures, getting outside the comfort zone, meditating, meeting people really different to yourself, reading books, and being consciously aware to develop and evolve.

The game is surely to rise above the conditioning, whilst still respecting and valuing roots and (some) traditions.    But ultimately a human needs to find his or her own truth and way, and shed off the conditioning.    

The conscious mind can build a bridge into the sub conscious using esoteric techniques, this helps massively too, but takes some work.   This can be in the form of dreamwork, meditation (again), entheogens, tarot, pendulum, theta waves, keniesiology, pineal and pituitary stimulation, or other tools.  Take heed though, the subconscious is pretty abstract if one dives in there, it isn't rational.

Without any 'work' in this area, the subconscious lies a thick wall away from the conscious mind,  and therefore is more likely to jump into the pilot seat with its reflexes.

The issue with so many people bumbling about in "subconscious reflexes" is that evolution 
gets slowed right down, because a generation ends up reflecting and repeating much 
of the generation prior.   It is strange, we are kind of devolving, but watch a movie from 
the 80's. 90's, and 00's and now, and you will see we are 'evolving' (in words and depth, if 
not quality of morals and content).

The world is nearly all capitalistic, there are no Essenes, Indus valley tribes, and only a 
handful of authentic groups remain.  Therefore, the conclusion is to ask yourself, to catch much of your action, movement, comment, and reaction in your life are  sub conscious reflexes from conditioning?    If it is allot, a part of you is dead inside......a copy.......a mirror of cultures.  Harsh, but true.

Nature does not repeat, evolution does not repeat.....these progress, evolve, and 
develop.....growing, integrating, and learning from the past.

So when you become your own truth, and see things for what they objectively are, and feel no need to follow traditions, cultures, fads, and patterns for the sake of it, you may come to see that certain traditions and norms are silly.

If you start to explore your subconscious more you will also very soon find these attributes...

Deeper insight into your relationships.
Improvement in health and well being.
Higher levels of creativity.
Problem solving capabilities.
More relaxed and composed.
Ability to transcend limiting beliefs.
Creating a sense of happiness and purpose in your life.
Sense of control and empowerment.
Enhanced intuition.
Doorway to higher consciousness / mystical states.

With the subconscious mind and conscious mind fused, or even just communicating, or playing tennis, so to speak, one finds a real key to inner power, and it cannot be brought or trader for, or gained through external power, money, or having a big house.

It seems silly for us not to explore the inner world as much as we do the outer, as some groups do in The Reemergence of Man.  So for all the people you hear boasting about the hours of yoga they do, and the super healthy food they eat (though both are keys for sure, but not identities), take more note of the man at the back quietly and humbly doing some subconscious extraction.

“Only Breath.”
“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, nor Hindu,
Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion
Or cultural system. I am not from the East
Or the West, not out of the ocean or up
From the ground, not natural or ethereal, not
Composed of elements at all. I do not exist,
Am not an entity in this world or the next,
Did not descend from Adam and Eve or any
Origin story. My place is placeless, a trace
Of the traceless. Neither body or soul.
I belong to the Beloved, have seen the two
Worlds as one and that one call to and know,
First, last, outer, inner, only that
Breath, breathing human being.”
- Rumi

oh, and a beautiful vedic tune for you all....

ps the olympics went without a bang, as I partly mentioned before, it probably was either a) pys-ops, to make all CT's look silly, and help censor the internet more in future, or b) they pulled out plans due to awareness.  I will never see the multidude of symbolism evident as a coincidence.

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