Thursday, 20 September 2012

**-The wayki wayki deep truth freedom voyager mega mix-**

hi all,

something i've been wanting to do for a while and finally got round to it.......

free download here.

containing words from michael tsarion and stuart wilde.   

audio tracks and samples from artists such as solar fields, asura, distant system, carbon based life forms, phutureprimitive, byron metcalf, mindthings, kinetic, and more. 

mixed in reaper and audition.    

83 minutes high definition mp3 file.

enjoy and share, and thanks for following the blog :)  


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Monday, 3 September 2012

Water, UFO, and Batman.....

hi all,

Due to little rain and no snow on the sierra nevada, and for the first time in decades, the mountain spring that provides the stream and all the water here, got very dry, and got driven underground.

I have lived for the past six weeks or so, collecting water in containers from another mountain, and in this I have been grateful and sparing with each drop (especially during the days of 42 degrees).

Why would one do this?   Running water is everywhere, and most people would hate the thought of living with this amount of "lack" in "basic requirements."

But in asceticism and minimalism is gratitude, and to be grateful for the smallest things creates personal power.  It creates appreciation, and bends the see-saw of "appreciation Vs lack" in the right direction.

The mindfulness required to balance little amounts of water between washing, clothes, drinking, plates, cooking, and plants has been fun too.   Most would think this is a waste of time and completely unnecessary, but surely time is a gift and anything that helps us develop internally is time well spent.

Gratefully, I recently found another spring 400m away near the pipes, through a mass amount of brambles.  It was built by The Moors in these mountains centuries ago and only reachable by walking, and this trickle now provides over 100L a day :)   Also, the stream has started to rise again, and many birds are returning.

I don't think I will ever use water the same again, and a great lesson has been learnt, and a free one too.  

There must be millions of people on this planet who collect water every day of their lives, and I have lots of respect for them.  Look how mindful, happy, and colourful these people are.

When they use water I am sure they do it with glee, unlike those who take it for granted.

Collecting water is very real, and probably, and arguably, more real than paying a direct debit to a greedy company that places toxic chemicals in tap water in the cities.   

The balance between authenticity and technological help is a big debate, but when "technology" creates disconnection, poison, profit, and disease, the species really needs to have a little sit down.

Many people have so many things they say "they cannot live without," but most of these things are folly, try and go without something you feel you "need" and learn from the feelings that arise.....or not, its up to you.


I have seen the same UFO here twice in the past year, and only one other person knows about this....I certainly was never going to post this on here before.   But this week, two other people here saw it too (separately).   It each time appears as a bright star like phenomena, only a few km up, too big to be a satellite, and too big to be a plane, and moving slowly and super-smoothly......then each time it has zooped off at super speed....with no noise at all.   Stuart Wilde says to move your hands to make it go away, and this is strange, as a year ago I did this naturally (I had not then read SW's article), and it disappeared.

I don't think it was physical, and strangely the night after seeing it I had dark dreams and woke up drained, and another here awoke with a bad back - until a healing body magnet fixed the pain in an hour.  I did some 'clearing' and have not seen it since.

Some readers may now click X on their browser making this action....but we saw what we saw.

The new Batman film (The Dark Knight Rises)  has a lot of social engineering, the first 90 minutes creates and builds a really dark, evil, and cold hearted villain, and then later shows him wanting to break a city because it is based on corruption, poor justice, and the rich getting richer.  It then shows the police and the system as the goodies and that the current paradigm is to be protected.     Beware high budget movies from hollywood.....they implants seeds into the subconscious that align with the news corporations.   

Gold is going up, and with the FED about to print tons more paper notes backed by nothing, it should go up even more soon.

I part with some art from Jofrah.