Sunday, 21 October 2012

Facebook, Pigs, The Ancients, and Flares....

I have yet to put the log burner on today, so feel a bit ratty, so thought it would be good to do a blog in this state.   So many only entertain fluffyness, happiness, light, but rattiness is real, it exists, we all feel ratty some times. Therefore I thought to balance out the sheer weight of false fluffyness I find out there with some stern hard truths.    This will make more sense as we move thro the article.


Pretty toxic huh?

We could go into the timeline and how kids will have their whole lives on there, but there are other paradigms that need mentioning.

In the top right now you can now see what your "friends" are saying to other people, and what they are "liking."  Even what your "friends" are saying to people you don't even know.   You can even see photos your friends comment on, taken from people you have never conneced with, then view other people in the photo and see photos of them.    Pretty wierd huh?   Some sort of wierd hive-mind voyerism being created, with the CIA plugged in deep to data-mine and steer it all.

Generally on facebook, a good portion of people tend to subconsciously create an indentity of who they want to be.  I have a good handful of examples of people posting high vibration stuff, and then when I met them they where unhealthy, problem ridden, and with toxic addictions - it was like it was a different person to the identity on facebook - probably the facebook archetype they created was the person they wished to be?   Wierd huh?

I today did some chi-gung and ate a healthy breakfast, woopee doo, this is my personal thing, and felt no need to sprawl this all over facebook.   I prefer to share that I am ratty because the log burner is not on yet.  It's like people have forgotten how to share their own truth, because they have an identity to uphold......but moan about the lack of truth in the world.....err, fractal anyone?  

The best example is someone I know on facebook who posts a mountain about the lies, greed, and theft from the world elite, all with a little anger, then I know for a fact, he owed someone a good chunk of money, then lied when promising to pay it, got greedy and tried to keep it, and then effectively stole it.   He was himself a fractal of the large problems in the world......that he was daily posting against, and still posts against.

Shame.   Karma will eat him up, unless the darkness of his lies and greed does not munch on him first

Individual supression is all over the place on's a false reality.  It forces people to supress for this reason - if we share some deep dark issue with like 500 people, the ammount of energy (thought forms) that would come into ones aura would amplify the deep dark issue.    Facebook = Supression.

Stick to email, write to one person you actually really know, be open, go deep, and share.   This is like what letters where.  It's kind of intimiate and more meaningful.

It seems too that the last few months facebook has grown to be all about a pretty picture and some self-rightoues phrase that everyone likes, then the posters go out drinking, eating meat, and then working to pay's a trap, but nobody see's it.    It is akin to one of those big expensive festivals in england, "I feel like i have done my bit, I'm part of the goodie gang, now quietly back to my toxic life that causes the problems in the first place that ensure we have to pay to be in a field."    heheh.

Looking at a screen and feeling good about a phrase is really a bit selfish, it does little in the scheme of things, unless it shifts so much energy it transforms your life, but a single phrase really doesn't often do that.........a book or some finely chosen phrases in an isolated fasting silence might, but a phrase on a screen?   nah, get real.

It's like a fast food drive-in, log on - get a few pretty pics and phrases, pretend your life is some care free perfect swim of pure unconditional love, then log off - oh how the ancient sages, alchemists, and scholars would have shook their heads.


I popped out to western civilisation the other day, and a friend and I got stranded in a Spanish city whilst hungry.......noooo, such a dangerous place to be....a sort of no mans land..........we found somewhere that had 100 (yes, one hundred) bocadillos (sandwiches), nice, we are saved we thought ......and then we saw they only had one without meat, and that was with fish.  

Don't believe me?  Look here.

They even call that one VEGETAL (56), the Spanish seem to think an animal is  only flesh if it lives outside water, and that if a flesh animal lives in water and swims, it is a fruit, or a nut.  Look below, this is meat, it does not matter how it breaths, where it breaths, it is meat.  It is not VEGETAL number fucking 56 you complete morons.

100 sandwiches, 80 of them with pig, and not one for vegetarions.   Spain has its plus points, but I can assure you, when it comes to food, the deep consciousness is all about chocolate for breakfast, and then pigs for the rest of the day, all washed down with coffee or piss wine.   There is no choice, and 90% of people over 40 are fat, and 90% of people over 50 are in the chemists all the time.      Can't think why, any ideas anyone?

Feed your Karma, Spaniards, and keep marching in the streets blaming the bankers and politicians for everything.   You didn't seem to mind the bankers and politicions when you got large paro (dole) and you swanned off to mexico did you?    Again, selfishness, now the bankers and politicions affect the 'I' it is now a problem, but when one was swanning it up in Cancun eating pigs it wasn't a problem.    Sigh.  "Down with the bankers, they infringe on other life forms," they cry as they munch on their pigs.

Pot, Kettle, Black.

Ok, I don't want to fall into my "100 things that makes Spain a wierd place" blog, that is for another time, and also relevent is that blog will include more mass supression, like if anyone mentions Franco, people run in the other direction covering their ears as though it never happened.     Yep rainbow light ascension is coming in 2 months the fluffies keep saying - pah, more like lower denser realities will be created, and a cataclysm to move souls to these lower hell worlds so they can evolve in another octave.


A couple of amazing utubes......if you don't know about coral castle, then the first  is a must.  The second is for my friends that love ancient sites.

........also, a big flare popped out of the sun again this week 

This sunspot will be facing the earth in 10 days or so.....but this is not on the news or in the papers, so carry on being free, getting comfortable, and being entertained.

Wow, this has been fun, I should write in a ratty mood more often :-)  Right, where's that fire wood....