Saturday, 10 November 2012

Above and Below, and the Intuition.

Does a physical change occur before an individual shift in consciousness?

For this we have to first ask what can really trigger a shift in ones individual consciousness?

  • A shock.  
  • An experience.
  • A study of new information.
  • A fast.
  • Solitude.
  • An altered state.
  • The dissolving of duality.

All require a physical catalyst that one does with the physical vessel (e.g taking the body somewhere, placing it with certain people, holding a book, deciding to sit in silence, not ingesting food etc).   Each then create an energy movement on other planes.    I cannot think of any consciousness shifts that occur without a catalyst in the physical realm......(save for consciousness slowly getting deeper and more complex over generations as source seeks to experience itself).

"...And that which is above is as that is below," The Hermetic axiom has told us for millenia.

....and of course, the trigger list is true collectively too.

So then, how come so many fluffies seem to think a "collective" consciousness shift will occur without any physical event as a catalyst?     Some also kid themselves to think the super slow awakening of social and political ills will win out - but with 100 million or so drones voting for puppets in the USA this week, this will take too long, everyone would be in a control grid DNA network long before that could happen....munching on genetically created broccoli-potato hybrid trees, whilst their field of vision was shared with virtual auto-friends, and the taste sensation was then evaluated online for people to rate....(sorry got carried away, see the new book then excuse me).

At the current time there are some keys pointing towards a "collective" physical event possibly can pool info from rational or metaphysical sources.

....Or even look to rational researchers, or the mother shipton and hopi prophecies.

One thing is for sure, hard science is aligning with prophecy - even mainstream media put out a docu last night - and a very impressive offering too - get on it, and the next four episodes are on a tv (I don't have one) the coming friday nights.

Hard facts are that eight CME's (see recent blog for what a CME is) occurred between 2-4 November.

...and a small one is headed towards earth arriving monday (see from 1min 14secs of this vid).  No issue, it's small, but if it was big it would be an issue - see recent blogs.

People may need to look one day to physically prepare, but many see this as negative, and even the ridiculous notion that thinking about this or preparing in some way would create it!   Some are so stuck in their own ego they actually think their thoughts could cause or stop a planetary event - I asked one of these persons to make the tide go out with their thoughts........they couldn't.   I asked them to focus on it for days on end, they still couldn't.   I asked them if they put a jacket on when it rains or whether they focus on clear skies - they told me they tend to wear a jacket. 

The causal plane is above the mental plane, and if some fluffies think they are so adept that they are changing cosmic or planetary cycles with their conscious thoughts, they really are caught in some sort of inverse-self-mind-control-ego-trip.   

Note: Saying that, the collective consciousness (not subc) does affect the collective social paradigm, and in this too, the collective social paradigm also creates the collective consciousness - it works both ways.  Think of a torus.

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and? perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." ~Luke 21:25

So was Luke a bit negative, and should he have been fluffying it up a bit more?

One can only choose from a few options regarding earth changes:  IGNORANCE,  REACTION,  PROACTION, FLUFFACTION.

I want to talk about fluffaction.   This is to have no plan, no preparation, and to delude oneself that they are so evolved that their intuition will tell them where to be, what is going on, and what to do - and funnily enough, most of this grouping are currently being told to be in self indulgent comfort and luxury.....funny that huh?  Many are in the "My intuition told me not to look at any information that could jolt my reality tunnel that likes restaurants, decadent food, and nice houses.'s funny is it not?

For true progression and decision making, one Qabalisticaly needs Hod and Netzach balanced (rational and feeling), only then is Yesod true and finding the correct images.   To choose drifting, and call it "being open," is a new age trap.

Physical events require physical preparation.  If someone told me Vishnu was coming down to besiege gifts to me from a higher frequency, then I would prepare's pretty simple.

Intuition is really for ones personal psychic chords to other people and places, for ones immediate pressing decisions, not for larger events on the casual plane.    Many seem mixed up in what the intuition actually is and what it can do.

One person told me that their intuition will tell them when and what to do, I asked if their intuition could tell me what zodiac signs the planets where in - they couldn't.   


Back in the matrix I saw that the new Bond film creates a hero out of an alcoholic womanising assassin, and that Xmas presents for small girls are now slut-monsters (Megabrand, Monsters-High) to scrape ghouls into their auras.    

Anyone who knows the occult knows exactly what is going on here, and it's toxic.

Four years ago I wrote in my first book about UK government leaders involvement in paedo rings.....people thought me crazy, others didn't its all starting to come out (link1, link2) seems our parents intuition was not too hot on who Jimmy Saville was that's for sure, or the people they voted for.  I used to feel a little like this about this sort of thing......but now prefer a more gentle perception, and prefer to breath, relax, and allow ones imagination to wander.