Friday, 30 November 2012

last chance for the 2012 scientists?

hi all,

for those new to recent "solar" blogs, a recap of planetary alignments, prophecy, and science is here.....

During a great full moon period personally, I met an adept who also agreed the astral is a little quiet regarding 2012  - it is like the usual haunts and corners that contain the odd image or spec of info have been spring cleaned, and energies are whistling as if "nothing's going on here guv."

It makes me giggle for sure.

But then on monday, the theory vortex spawned a mini theory vortex...someone sent me this incredible theory.   Then I thought little of it really, until one minute later a seperate unlinked person sent me the video below.  When the same info comes from two seperate sources in the same day, let alone the same minute - I always take notice.

Then, as some of you know, the scientist P.Geryl is looking to December 3rd due to his following words:

As you can see [above link] Saturn, Venus and Mercury match with the Giza pyramids on December 3!

The big question is why?

That you find in the countdown to December 21...

On December 3

1) The Earth is in a conjunction with Jupiter
2) Opposition Neptune - Mercury
3) Opposition Uranus - Venus
4) Most important of all...Start of the Triple line up... SATURN - MERCURY - VENUS! The high from this Triple is from December 17 till 23... 

It is this Triple that will activate the Sun and cause the gargantuan electromagnetic storm that will cause an X-flare towards earth... (what an outstanding achievement from the Old Egyptians).   m.knight edit - those Egyptians were amazing.

December 3 should also give the start of the creation of the mega sunspot that will (m.knight edit) cause wobbles... Should become visible on this side of the Sun between December 10-15.


- This is really the last throw of the dice for the "astronomical / scientific 21st December 2012 crew."

For me, if some event did come, the most important thing would be to be in one's centre, and be at peace with ones stories and past.  Softness - away from the mind - in awareness.    But the astral is smooth and quiet at the moment.

An interesting few weeks ahead for sure.