Friday, 30 November 2012

last chance for the 2012 scientists?

hi all,

for those new to recent "solar" blogs, a recap of planetary alignments, prophecy, and science is here.....

During a great full moon period personally, I met an adept who also agreed the astral is a little quiet regarding 2012  - it is like the usual haunts and corners that contain the odd image or spec of info have been spring cleaned, and energies are whistling as if "nothing's going on here guv."

It makes me giggle for sure.

But then on monday, the theory vortex spawned a mini theory vortex...someone sent me this incredible theory.   Then I thought little of it really, until one minute later a seperate unlinked person sent me the video below.  When the same info comes from two seperate sources in the same day, let alone the same minute - I always take notice.

Then, as some of you know, the scientist P.Geryl is looking to December 3rd due to his following words:

As you can see [above link] Saturn, Venus and Mercury match with the Giza pyramids on December 3!

The big question is why?

That you find in the countdown to December 21...

On December 3

1) The Earth is in a conjunction with Jupiter
2) Opposition Neptune - Mercury
3) Opposition Uranus - Venus
4) Most important of all...Start of the Triple line up... SATURN - MERCURY - VENUS! The high from this Triple is from December 17 till 23... 

It is this Triple that will activate the Sun and cause the gargantuan electromagnetic storm that will cause an X-flare towards earth... (what an outstanding achievement from the Old Egyptians).   m.knight edit - those Egyptians were amazing.

December 3 should also give the start of the creation of the mega sunspot that will (m.knight edit) cause wobbles... Should become visible on this side of the Sun between December 10-15.


- This is really the last throw of the dice for the "astronomical / scientific 21st December 2012 crew."

For me, if some event did come, the most important thing would be to be in one's centre, and be at peace with ones stories and past.  Softness - away from the mind - in awareness.    But the astral is smooth and quiet at the moment.

An interesting few weeks ahead for sure.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Above and Below, and the Intuition.

Does a physical change occur before an individual shift in consciousness?

For this we have to first ask what can really trigger a shift in ones individual consciousness?

  • A shock.  
  • An experience.
  • A study of new information.
  • A fast.
  • Solitude.
  • An altered state.
  • The dissolving of duality.

All require a physical catalyst that one does with the physical vessel (e.g taking the body somewhere, placing it with certain people, holding a book, deciding to sit in silence, not ingesting food etc).   Each then create an energy movement on other planes.    I cannot think of any consciousness shifts that occur without a catalyst in the physical realm......(save for consciousness slowly getting deeper and more complex over generations as source seeks to experience itself).

"...And that which is above is as that is below," The Hermetic axiom has told us for millenia.

....and of course, the trigger list is true collectively too.

So then, how come so many fluffies seem to think a "collective" consciousness shift will occur without any physical event as a catalyst?     Some also kid themselves to think the super slow awakening of social and political ills will win out - but with 100 million or so drones voting for puppets in the USA this week, this will take too long, everyone would be in a control grid DNA network long before that could happen....munching on genetically created broccoli-potato hybrid trees, whilst their field of vision was shared with virtual auto-friends, and the taste sensation was then evaluated online for people to rate....(sorry got carried away, see the new book then excuse me).

At the current time there are some keys pointing towards a "collective" physical event possibly can pool info from rational or metaphysical sources.

....Or even look to rational researchers, or the mother shipton and hopi prophecies.

One thing is for sure, hard science is aligning with prophecy - even mainstream media put out a docu last night - and a very impressive offering too - get on it, and the next four episodes are on a tv (I don't have one) the coming friday nights.

Hard facts are that eight CME's (see recent blog for what a CME is) occurred between 2-4 November.

...and a small one is headed towards earth arriving monday (see from 1min 14secs of this vid).  No issue, it's small, but if it was big it would be an issue - see recent blogs.

People may need to look one day to physically prepare, but many see this as negative, and even the ridiculous notion that thinking about this or preparing in some way would create it!   Some are so stuck in their own ego they actually think their thoughts could cause or stop a planetary event - I asked one of these persons to make the tide go out with their thoughts........they couldn't.   I asked them to focus on it for days on end, they still couldn't.   I asked them if they put a jacket on when it rains or whether they focus on clear skies - they told me they tend to wear a jacket. 

The causal plane is above the mental plane, and if some fluffies think they are so adept that they are changing cosmic or planetary cycles with their conscious thoughts, they really are caught in some sort of inverse-self-mind-control-ego-trip.   

Note: Saying that, the collective consciousness (not subc) does affect the collective social paradigm, and in this too, the collective social paradigm also creates the collective consciousness - it works both ways.  Think of a torus.

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and? perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." ~Luke 21:25

So was Luke a bit negative, and should he have been fluffying it up a bit more?

One can only choose from a few options regarding earth changes:  IGNORANCE,  REACTION,  PROACTION, FLUFFACTION.

I want to talk about fluffaction.   This is to have no plan, no preparation, and to delude oneself that they are so evolved that their intuition will tell them where to be, what is going on, and what to do - and funnily enough, most of this grouping are currently being told to be in self indulgent comfort and luxury.....funny that huh?  Many are in the "My intuition told me not to look at any information that could jolt my reality tunnel that likes restaurants, decadent food, and nice houses.'s funny is it not?

For true progression and decision making, one Qabalisticaly needs Hod and Netzach balanced (rational and feeling), only then is Yesod true and finding the correct images.   To choose drifting, and call it "being open," is a new age trap.

Physical events require physical preparation.  If someone told me Vishnu was coming down to besiege gifts to me from a higher frequency, then I would prepare's pretty simple.

Intuition is really for ones personal psychic chords to other people and places, for ones immediate pressing decisions, not for larger events on the casual plane.    Many seem mixed up in what the intuition actually is and what it can do.

One person told me that their intuition will tell them when and what to do, I asked if their intuition could tell me what zodiac signs the planets where in - they couldn't.   


Back in the matrix I saw that the new Bond film creates a hero out of an alcoholic womanising assassin, and that Xmas presents for small girls are now slut-monsters (Megabrand, Monsters-High) to scrape ghouls into their auras.    

Anyone who knows the occult knows exactly what is going on here, and it's toxic.

Four years ago I wrote in my first book about UK government leaders involvement in paedo rings.....people thought me crazy, others didn't its all starting to come out (link1, link2) seems our parents intuition was not too hot on who Jimmy Saville was that's for sure, or the people they voted for.  I used to feel a little like this about this sort of thing......but now prefer a more gentle perception, and prefer to breath, relax, and allow ones imagination to wander.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Facebook, Pigs, The Ancients, and Flares....

I have yet to put the log burner on today, so feel a bit ratty, so thought it would be good to do a blog in this state.   So many only entertain fluffyness, happiness, light, but rattiness is real, it exists, we all feel ratty some times. Therefore I thought to balance out the sheer weight of false fluffyness I find out there with some stern hard truths.    This will make more sense as we move thro the article.


Pretty toxic huh?

We could go into the timeline and how kids will have their whole lives on there, but there are other paradigms that need mentioning.

In the top right now you can now see what your "friends" are saying to other people, and what they are "liking."  Even what your "friends" are saying to people you don't even know.   You can even see photos your friends comment on, taken from people you have never conneced with, then view other people in the photo and see photos of them.    Pretty wierd huh?   Some sort of wierd hive-mind voyerism being created, with the CIA plugged in deep to data-mine and steer it all.

Generally on facebook, a good portion of people tend to subconsciously create an indentity of who they want to be.  I have a good handful of examples of people posting high vibration stuff, and then when I met them they where unhealthy, problem ridden, and with toxic addictions - it was like it was a different person to the identity on facebook - probably the facebook archetype they created was the person they wished to be?   Wierd huh?

I today did some chi-gung and ate a healthy breakfast, woopee doo, this is my personal thing, and felt no need to sprawl this all over facebook.   I prefer to share that I am ratty because the log burner is not on yet.  It's like people have forgotten how to share their own truth, because they have an identity to uphold......but moan about the lack of truth in the world.....err, fractal anyone?  

The best example is someone I know on facebook who posts a mountain about the lies, greed, and theft from the world elite, all with a little anger, then I know for a fact, he owed someone a good chunk of money, then lied when promising to pay it, got greedy and tried to keep it, and then effectively stole it.   He was himself a fractal of the large problems in the world......that he was daily posting against, and still posts against.

Shame.   Karma will eat him up, unless the darkness of his lies and greed does not munch on him first

Individual supression is all over the place on's a false reality.  It forces people to supress for this reason - if we share some deep dark issue with like 500 people, the ammount of energy (thought forms) that would come into ones aura would amplify the deep dark issue.    Facebook = Supression.

Stick to email, write to one person you actually really know, be open, go deep, and share.   This is like what letters where.  It's kind of intimiate and more meaningful.

It seems too that the last few months facebook has grown to be all about a pretty picture and some self-rightoues phrase that everyone likes, then the posters go out drinking, eating meat, and then working to pay's a trap, but nobody see's it.    It is akin to one of those big expensive festivals in england, "I feel like i have done my bit, I'm part of the goodie gang, now quietly back to my toxic life that causes the problems in the first place that ensure we have to pay to be in a field."    heheh.

Looking at a screen and feeling good about a phrase is really a bit selfish, it does little in the scheme of things, unless it shifts so much energy it transforms your life, but a single phrase really doesn't often do that.........a book or some finely chosen phrases in an isolated fasting silence might, but a phrase on a screen?   nah, get real.

It's like a fast food drive-in, log on - get a few pretty pics and phrases, pretend your life is some care free perfect swim of pure unconditional love, then log off - oh how the ancient sages, alchemists, and scholars would have shook their heads.


I popped out to western civilisation the other day, and a friend and I got stranded in a Spanish city whilst hungry.......noooo, such a dangerous place to be....a sort of no mans land..........we found somewhere that had 100 (yes, one hundred) bocadillos (sandwiches), nice, we are saved we thought ......and then we saw they only had one without meat, and that was with fish.  

Don't believe me?  Look here.

They even call that one VEGETAL (56), the Spanish seem to think an animal is  only flesh if it lives outside water, and that if a flesh animal lives in water and swims, it is a fruit, or a nut.  Look below, this is meat, it does not matter how it breaths, where it breaths, it is meat.  It is not VEGETAL number fucking 56 you complete morons.

100 sandwiches, 80 of them with pig, and not one for vegetarions.   Spain has its plus points, but I can assure you, when it comes to food, the deep consciousness is all about chocolate for breakfast, and then pigs for the rest of the day, all washed down with coffee or piss wine.   There is no choice, and 90% of people over 40 are fat, and 90% of people over 50 are in the chemists all the time.      Can't think why, any ideas anyone?

Feed your Karma, Spaniards, and keep marching in the streets blaming the bankers and politicians for everything.   You didn't seem to mind the bankers and politicions when you got large paro (dole) and you swanned off to mexico did you?    Again, selfishness, now the bankers and politicions affect the 'I' it is now a problem, but when one was swanning it up in Cancun eating pigs it wasn't a problem.    Sigh.  "Down with the bankers, they infringe on other life forms," they cry as they munch on their pigs.

Pot, Kettle, Black.

Ok, I don't want to fall into my "100 things that makes Spain a wierd place" blog, that is for another time, and also relevent is that blog will include more mass supression, like if anyone mentions Franco, people run in the other direction covering their ears as though it never happened.     Yep rainbow light ascension is coming in 2 months the fluffies keep saying - pah, more like lower denser realities will be created, and a cataclysm to move souls to these lower hell worlds so they can evolve in another octave.


A couple of amazing utubes......if you don't know about coral castle, then the first  is a must.  The second is for my friends that love ancient sites.

........also, a big flare popped out of the sun again this week 

This sunspot will be facing the earth in 10 days or so.....but this is not on the news or in the papers, so carry on being free, getting comfortable, and being entertained.

Wow, this has been fun, I should write in a ratty mood more often :-)  Right, where's that fire wood....



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunspots, CMEs, and Solar Flares...

hi all,

Over the coming months you may come across information/news about sunspots, CME's (Coronal Mass Ejection's), and solar flares.  And seeing as we are pretty much within a "solar maximum," and geomagnetic storms are active, I thought to provide a really simple summary without too many long words or any equations.   

Sun Spots

Due to the pull of the planets on the equator of the sun, the sun's equator spins faster than the solar poles, and as a result,every 87 days the equator ‘laps’ the pole of the sun.

The effect of this is a winding of the magnetic forces within the sun, creating sun spots.

 The sun goes through sun spots cycles, wherein there are many sunspots appearing around every 10.8 years or so, in what is knows as sunspot season.  When the sun is at the peak of the sun spot season it is known as solar maximum (we are in solar maximum around now/early 2013).

Each sunspot has two magnetic poles.   They can be around 4500 degrees and span over 80,000Km.  At the time of writing there are over 80 sunspots on the sun and a new one arrived today, and most solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's) originate in the magnetically active regions around visible sunspot groupings.

Many state there has been mini-ice ages in solar minimums (low average number of sunspots) and evidence of droughts during solar maximums - pretty much controlling our climate to an extent.
Here are the past two days sunspot regions condensed into 10 seconds.

Periods of high sunspot activity are also associated with a slight increase in the total energy output of the sun.

Here are a few graphs showing the number of sunspots in recent cylces.

It seems to be getting more spotty thats for sure.....just like a teenage boy ;-)


Coronal Mass Ejection's are a massive burst of solar wind and magnetics, rising above the solar corona or being released into space.  They are sometimes, but not always, associated with solar flares.   They increase their arc as they travel, at speeds of up to 1 million miles n hour!  At solar maximum about 3 per day can occur, and at solar minimum about one every 5 days.   CME's are caused by magnetics reaking havoc.

And a video of the effects on earth here.

A CME can make the 93-million-mile journey to Earth in just three to four days, usually slowly accelerating all the way,  but as the suns surface moves (not in a fixed rotation like a planet), a CME can go in many other directions away from the sun.   As a CME arcs and grows as it moves it does not have to be directed exactly at the earth to come into contact with the earth's own electromagnetic field.

A CME can impact the Earth in a couple of ways. It can cause aurora's, and can damage satellites, electricity, and radios. 

We just had a largish CME the other day on the 8th which arrived here on the 10th, creating auroras far down from the north pole - This is Alberta in Canada, looks nice, but hey, it's really a bit dodgy.

Many scientists have come up with the following pattern (below- top left) in the auroras when a massive electrical discharge or plasma instability is present, I find it interesting to see this pattern has been in cave art and pottery all around the ancient world.   A massive CME must have happened before.  Research the Squatterman if this interests you.


Solar Flares

A Solar Flare is a large energy release from the sun,about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second!   And are usually followed by CME's.

They are tremendous explosions on the surface of the Sun, and in a matter of a few minutes they heat matter to many millions of degrees and release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT..... (don't tell the American goverment).

Not much is really known about solar flares really, for example, it is not clear how the magnetic energy is transformed into the particle kinetic energy, but the scientists like to pretend they know everything.

There are 3 categories: X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. M-class flares are medium-sized; they can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth's polar regions.  C-class flares are small with few noticeable consequences here on Earth.  So an X is ten times an M and 100 times a C.  Within each letter class there is a finer scale from 1 to 9. 

Here is a massive X6.9 flare from august 2011....with nice music :)

And another vid of it here.
Even mainstream media has mentioned a little about flares, but generally keep it all quiet.

Some even think flares can affect us internally, akin to other astrological cosmic energy,   


Some state that the ancient Maya and Egyptians knew how to calculate sun spots, CME's, and flares, but with much of ancient Egypt under sand and forbidden for excavation, and with most of the Maya codixes burnt by the Spanish, we will never really know.

A few things are very real though, ancients all over the world worshipped sun gods, the maya said the sun had cycles, and if electrics went now - well, this short profit free documovie may give you a heads up. 

If this all interests you, get your head around for weather on our very active sun :)   or rinse the videos in my last blog, plus seek out those online who are creating patterns relating sun activity to earthquakes.

.....or keep working for paper notes, watching TV, and consuming from toxic corporations.


On another note, I came across an amazing thesis by independent scholars looking at reasons for left brain dominance, the shrinking of the pineal gland, and how diet has played its part in making man a bit of a right brain' monster.   It almost reads as the science of mysticism in places.   Oh my, what a waste of time school was, it was not just a waste, it hindered, and one has to unlearn all the crud they pitchforked in.....strange huh?

And here is a new amazing blog by a friend of mine.



Monday, 24 September 2012

Earth Pole Shift? What's it all about?

Before we get into it a little, check out these new short videos.


This year I've had people come to the mountain talking about pole shift (something I wrote about briefly in wayki wayki 5 years ago).   Some people have come presenting channelled info, and others with rational scientific info.    hmmm, I decided to look into it some more, and present a short summary for those who have not heard about this, or only seen new age crazy nonsense regarding this.

First off, watch this if you know very little about the Earth's magnetic field **

Basically, a Pole shift in the earth could mean either:
  • An electromagnetic shift, and then crust movement - like the skin of an orange moving.
  • Earth stops spinning (lending to the 3 days of darkness quotes that are found around the ancient world), then spins the other way.
  • Both, spin the other way, and crust movement.
  • Each producing mega waves, volcanos and earthquakes.
How could this happen?   
  • Solar flare (creating solar winds) from the sun onto the current weakening magnetic field on the earth.
  • Galactic superwave onto the current weakening magnetic field on the earth.
  • Earth's magnetic field weakens so much, it flips (pretty much) on its own.
Crazy huh?  

We know of flood stories (Gilgamesh being the oldest), and cataclysmic stories from the past, these stories are all around the ancient world and most probably link to around 10,000BC.   Authors, scientists, and theorists are split between the cause being a pole shift, a comet, or melting of the ice.    

** Note: Some scientists state the last Pole-Shift was 700k years ago due to lava rocks having iron oxides that point south, or are in a range from north to south over time.  These found ARE from around 700k years ago, but I say what if  a more recent pole shift occured whilst no lava was cooling?   Aslo this does not explain how Siberia was warm around 10,000bc (more info in list below).

What evidence is there of a pole shift happening before?
  • Frozen in Alaska there are bones of mammoths, horses, wolves, trees and moss.
  • In Rancho La Brea tar pits in LA, there are bones of thousands of animals together.   What force could have done this?   in 1906 they found over 700 sabre toothed tigers!  The bones are smashed up and broken too.
  • In Siberia several dozen frozen mammoth carcasses have been found with the flesh still intact.  They died suddenly.  In their stomachs can be found undigested vegetation, including grass, bluebells, wild beans and buttercups - which of course do not grow there now.
  • In a cave near Settle, Yorkshire, England, they found remains of hippo, rhino, mammoth, bison, hyena and other animals all buried under twelve feet of clay deposits.  The cave is 1450 feet above sea level. 
  • Fossiled plants have been found in Pitsbergen (now known as Svalbard), an island in the Arctic Ocean, just eleven degrees from the North Pole.
  • There is a lot of ice in the polar regions.  Antarctica has ice kilometres deep.  The weight of this ice, estimated at nineteen quadrillion[30] tons, will surely be compacting the land below, sinking it lower than before the ice existed.  If this mass of ice were to have occurred anywhere else on land, a depression would result.  Take a look at a map of the world and see if you can spot an area that may have sunk - a circular area, crushed down to sea level or lower.  Hudson Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  Hudson Bay is roughly 30 degrees south of the North Pole, and the Gulf of Mexico a similar distance south again.  These spots would fit a model of regular uni-directional shifts.  If the shift had a more random nature then other previous polar locations could include a large depression in Africa called the Sudan Basin.  Here is littered with waterways, which have no apparent connection to each other, nor with the ocean.  It contains Lake Chad, which originally covered 300,000 square kilometres, but is now less than one thirtieth of that size and is still shrinking.
  • The Piri Reis map, created in 1554 showed the land and coast of Antarctica accurately.  Lines of longitude and latitude only came into be in 1762, and only recently has man tracked the coast under the south pole with modern technology.  (This map is researched deeply in Wayki Wayki).
  • Mars' electromagnetic field is the size of a pea, scientists think due to solar wind.
  • A French book from 1979, Le Livre de l'au-delá de la vie, translates some Egyptian hieroglyphs for The Egyptian Book of the Dead to say "I place the sun upon a new horizon,"  and, "He lifted the rising sun to a new horizon."
  • There is Muslim legend that says there was a time when the sun rose in the west. Ancient Jewish legend also says there was a time when the sun rose in the west. One indicates that there was a time when the sun in the sky went to the north. Native Americans and Hawaiians also remember a time when the sun rose in the west.
  • The ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, known as the “Father of History” writes in his book, The Histories, Volume II, [the priests told him] "When Sethon died there had been 341 kings in Egypt, the son succeeding the father- That three races were equal to 100 ears: and the entire period of time was 11,366.5 years.  And they further informed him that within that period of time the sun had risen four times, not according to its usual rising, or extraordinarily that it had twice risen where it then set, and twice set where it then rose."
  • Haida, and Sumerian myth both speak of the sky changing and then a flood.
  • A 2011 BBC article and programme stated pole shift has happened before and will happen again.
There is more evidence too in the 1950's books by Immanuel Velikovsky.   

Most people think the notion of even just a solar flare knocking out electricity is just a conspiracy theory, but it isn't.  The Carrington event in 1859 saw an a X-class flare knock out all electricity in Europe and America.  There wasn't much electricity then, just telegraph systems really, just think what it would do now (internet, phones, cars, houses, airports, etc).

Also, The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed 17,450 buildings and left 100,00 people homeless, and was said to have been starting by a lantern in a barn.   Funny how the fire’s heat was so intense that coins fused together and a hardware store was reduced into a large ball of melted iron.   Geomeagnetic storm from the sun (solar flare/wind), or earth electromagnetics playing up?

Edgar Cayce predicted a pole shift (3mins:30secs), and more recently we can find lots of channelled maps of future sea levels, and other theories regarding a coming pole shift, most highly linked to the maya calendar end date of 21st December 2012.  
Also visions from people like Stuart Wilde, and more mathematical and geological based theories from Patrick Geryl (very interesting at 56mins).   Patrick Geryl's theory has a link to the great Egyptian Hall of Records, in what Herodotus' named The Labyrinth.  Patrick located this Labyrinth (under water) and when excavating, was stopped by the Egyptian authorities when they knew his research was linked to 2012!

It is up to you what to think - I think consciousness shapes reality and the future to a certain extent, especially in an individual trajectory level, but grand cycles are grand cycles, human consciousness cannot stop a planet spinning or the moon waxing and waning.  Maybe the elite (at the top) are pushing the can down the road with the economy as they know a pole shift is coming?  Just a thought.   Maybe the new age (totally controlled and orchestrated for me) has been set up to plant the, "you create totally your own reality," and ascension theories, to get people off the trail?   Again, just random, half-baked thoughts.    Maybe chemtrails are to block geomagnetic storms from the sun?  Why else spray in lowly populated areas?

If a pole shift occurs due to a solar or galactic wave, its bye bye baby to electrics, and much life that inhabits the planet.   Note, solar flares do not go from A to B in one direction, they sweep (sun yellow middle, earth green, other two are measuring satellites.

It is worth noting that on 21st December 2012, Jupiter (massive) is behind the earth as seen from the sun, and therefore there is clear run (electrically, gravitationally, and visually) between the sun and the earth.

But fear sucks, so enjoy :) it's just information, and don't shoot the messenger, I just enjoy collecting info and summarising it :)  If it happens it happens, just a reminder to live each day to the full.   If it really spins you out then think about supplies, skills, and location.  Wise though, is to keep an eye on the weather on the sun and this super-impressive, daily updated, youtube news channel for sun and earth atmospheric and extreme weather news.   I am 100% sure, an event like  a pole shift would have a ramp up of earthquakes and volcanos, and some triggered together.

If between the 28-29th September there is an X-flare, and then another X-flare on the 5th October, then maybe allow yourself to get a tiny little bit twitchy.



Thursday, 20 September 2012

**-The wayki wayki deep truth freedom voyager mega mix-**

hi all,

something i've been wanting to do for a while and finally got round to it.......

free download here.

containing words from michael tsarion and stuart wilde.   

audio tracks and samples from artists such as solar fields, asura, distant system, carbon based life forms, phutureprimitive, byron metcalf, mindthings, kinetic, and more. 

mixed in reaper and audition.    

83 minutes high definition mp3 file.

enjoy and share, and thanks for following the blog :)  


(image background above created by  (coming soon)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Water, UFO, and Batman.....

hi all,

Due to little rain and no snow on the sierra nevada, and for the first time in decades, the mountain spring that provides the stream and all the water here, got very dry, and got driven underground.

I have lived for the past six weeks or so, collecting water in containers from another mountain, and in this I have been grateful and sparing with each drop (especially during the days of 42 degrees).

Why would one do this?   Running water is everywhere, and most people would hate the thought of living with this amount of "lack" in "basic requirements."

But in asceticism and minimalism is gratitude, and to be grateful for the smallest things creates personal power.  It creates appreciation, and bends the see-saw of "appreciation Vs lack" in the right direction.

The mindfulness required to balance little amounts of water between washing, clothes, drinking, plates, cooking, and plants has been fun too.   Most would think this is a waste of time and completely unnecessary, but surely time is a gift and anything that helps us develop internally is time well spent.

Gratefully, I recently found another spring 400m away near the pipes, through a mass amount of brambles.  It was built by The Moors in these mountains centuries ago and only reachable by walking, and this trickle now provides over 100L a day :)   Also, the stream has started to rise again, and many birds are returning.

I don't think I will ever use water the same again, and a great lesson has been learnt, and a free one too.  

There must be millions of people on this planet who collect water every day of their lives, and I have lots of respect for them.  Look how mindful, happy, and colourful these people are.

When they use water I am sure they do it with glee, unlike those who take it for granted.

Collecting water is very real, and probably, and arguably, more real than paying a direct debit to a greedy company that places toxic chemicals in tap water in the cities.   

The balance between authenticity and technological help is a big debate, but when "technology" creates disconnection, poison, profit, and disease, the species really needs to have a little sit down.

Many people have so many things they say "they cannot live without," but most of these things are folly, try and go without something you feel you "need" and learn from the feelings that arise.....or not, its up to you.


I have seen the same UFO here twice in the past year, and only one other person knows about this....I certainly was never going to post this on here before.   But this week, two other people here saw it too (separately).   It each time appears as a bright star like phenomena, only a few km up, too big to be a satellite, and too big to be a plane, and moving slowly and super-smoothly......then each time it has zooped off at super speed....with no noise at all.   Stuart Wilde says to move your hands to make it go away, and this is strange, as a year ago I did this naturally (I had not then read SW's article), and it disappeared.

I don't think it was physical, and strangely the night after seeing it I had dark dreams and woke up drained, and another here awoke with a bad back - until a healing body magnet fixed the pain in an hour.  I did some 'clearing' and have not seen it since.

Some readers may now click X on their browser making this action....but we saw what we saw.

The new Batman film (The Dark Knight Rises)  has a lot of social engineering, the first 90 minutes creates and builds a really dark, evil, and cold hearted villain, and then later shows him wanting to break a city because it is based on corruption, poor justice, and the rich getting richer.  It then shows the police and the system as the goodies and that the current paradigm is to be protected.     Beware high budget movies from hollywood.....they implants seeds into the subconscious that align with the news corporations.   

Gold is going up, and with the FED about to print tons more paper notes backed by nothing, it should go up even more soon.

I part with some art from Jofrah.



Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Subconscious Reflexes....

Over recent months I've noticed something about people...........many of their actions, responses, and opinions, are done unconsciously, without presence or awareness, because they are often times living within a long succession of "subconscious reflexes."

School, work, and generally all aspects of life have nothing that teaches us about the 
importance of subconscious extraction.   In this, I mean conditions, emotions, fears, and 
patterns that have been lodged deep in the subconscious.

But why would we want to extracts any of these, or anything else from the subconscious?

We seem to think that as we are, in our normal state of consciousness, we have all that is going on at an easy reach of our mind and awareness.  But this is not so.

Conscious Mind
• Temporary Memory
• Will Power
• Rational/Analytical Thinking
• Critical Faculty

Subconscious Mind
• Protect, Preserve Body/Controls Body Functions
• Controls Habits
• Permanent Memory
• All Emotions
• Beliefs, Expectations
• Values
• Imagination & Creativity
• Doorway to higher consciousness

Your SM processes about 100 billion bits of information per second. In contrast, your CM processes 40 bits of information per second.

The subconscious receives more, sees more, remembers more, intuitively knows more, and knows the body and immediate environment more.   But as it receives so much more and remembers more, there is a danger of it becoming the autopilot, especially with opinions and cultural imprints, especially if the conscious mind is not sharp and aware (due to toxins, processed food, lifestyle, low energy etc).

We arrive here pure, well, with some karma from past lives, and our birth astrology, but not much else though.......pretty pure, and what happens is that the subconscious gets 
bombarded patterns from (think Russian dolls):

local area culture
local region culture
national culture
collective consciousness 

Have you noticed when hanging out with a group of friends, how you picked up some of 
the words they regularly use?   And how couples start to dress similarly over time?

The result in today's world is that there are millions of humans bumbling around with most of their lifes' actions, comments, and opinions being nothing more than "subconscious relfexes" from conditioned inputs.

There is nothing wrong with friends, unity in small groups, or 'tribes' parse, but when
inputs turn around to become sub conscious reflexes there is a danger.   

So how to overcome "sub conscious reflexes" from past conditioning?
Travelling, experiencing other cultures, getting outside the comfort zone, meditating, meeting people really different to yourself, reading books, and being consciously aware to develop and evolve.

The game is surely to rise above the conditioning, whilst still respecting and valuing roots and (some) traditions.    But ultimately a human needs to find his or her own truth and way, and shed off the conditioning.    

The conscious mind can build a bridge into the sub conscious using esoteric techniques, this helps massively too, but takes some work.   This can be in the form of dreamwork, meditation (again), entheogens, tarot, pendulum, theta waves, keniesiology, pineal and pituitary stimulation, or other tools.  Take heed though, the subconscious is pretty abstract if one dives in there, it isn't rational.

Without any 'work' in this area, the subconscious lies a thick wall away from the conscious mind,  and therefore is more likely to jump into the pilot seat with its reflexes.

The issue with so many people bumbling about in "subconscious reflexes" is that evolution 
gets slowed right down, because a generation ends up reflecting and repeating much 
of the generation prior.   It is strange, we are kind of devolving, but watch a movie from 
the 80's. 90's, and 00's and now, and you will see we are 'evolving' (in words and depth, if 
not quality of morals and content).

The world is nearly all capitalistic, there are no Essenes, Indus valley tribes, and only a 
handful of authentic groups remain.  Therefore, the conclusion is to ask yourself, to catch much of your action, movement, comment, and reaction in your life are  sub conscious reflexes from conditioning?    If it is allot, a part of you is dead inside......a copy.......a mirror of cultures.  Harsh, but true.

Nature does not repeat, evolution does not repeat.....these progress, evolve, and 
develop.....growing, integrating, and learning from the past.

So when you become your own truth, and see things for what they objectively are, and feel no need to follow traditions, cultures, fads, and patterns for the sake of it, you may come to see that certain traditions and norms are silly.

If you start to explore your subconscious more you will also very soon find these attributes...

Deeper insight into your relationships.
Improvement in health and well being.
Higher levels of creativity.
Problem solving capabilities.
More relaxed and composed.
Ability to transcend limiting beliefs.
Creating a sense of happiness and purpose in your life.
Sense of control and empowerment.
Enhanced intuition.
Doorway to higher consciousness / mystical states.

With the subconscious mind and conscious mind fused, or even just communicating, or playing tennis, so to speak, one finds a real key to inner power, and it cannot be brought or trader for, or gained through external power, money, or having a big house.

It seems silly for us not to explore the inner world as much as we do the outer, as some groups do in The Reemergence of Man.  So for all the people you hear boasting about the hours of yoga they do, and the super healthy food they eat (though both are keys for sure, but not identities), take more note of the man at the back quietly and humbly doing some subconscious extraction.

“Only Breath.”
“Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, nor Hindu,
Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion
Or cultural system. I am not from the East
Or the West, not out of the ocean or up
From the ground, not natural or ethereal, not
Composed of elements at all. I do not exist,
Am not an entity in this world or the next,
Did not descend from Adam and Eve or any
Origin story. My place is placeless, a trace
Of the traceless. Neither body or soul.
I belong to the Beloved, have seen the two
Worlds as one and that one call to and know,
First, last, outer, inner, only that
Breath, breathing human being.”
- Rumi

oh, and a beautiful vedic tune for you all....

ps the olympics went without a bang, as I partly mentioned before, it probably was either a) pys-ops, to make all CT's look silly, and help censor the internet more in future, or b) they pulled out plans due to awareness.  I will never see the multidude of symbolism evident as a coincidence.