Friday, 11 January 2013

matrix observations...and more

hi all,

I've had a break from the site due to things going on in the external, but have a few goodies lined up for the near future.

I want to write about more meaningful things but a recent trip to ghoul-ridden England demands a note or two.

I arrived in England recently and was welcomed by machine (??).

Stop right there.  Stop.   I stood there in disbelief for minutes in awe.  I tapped a stranger next to me (he got scared) - "hey Mr, do you think it a little strange that a bank machine is welcoming us to a train station?" - he looked away, scared of any eye contact, and shuffled away with his costa coffee mug that was the size of a bucket.

I then saw the "free cash withdrawals" - that's generous I thought, maybe a sorry for the banks being thieves over the years, but I noticed the £20 I happily withdrew actually came off my account on my statement - so I'm confused - I think it's a trick - not sure how they can get away with that.     

The next day I sought nature, and found this in the sky.

I thought to tap the nearest stranger and ask opinion, but thought not to after the welcoming bank machine incident.

As time went on in England I noticed everyone is pretty much locked into the iphone, ipod, ipad, andriod, app world - even 8 year olds. 

It even goes as far as having apps for fitness - how can one having their head in a screen help with fitness?  

My latest book shows where all this technology is heading.

I noticed food ingestion consciousness was strange, and also crazy food pricing, and excessive wastage.   I also came across this outside a pret-a-manger.

Make sure to read the small print.

Another time, I heard an advert on the radio whilst driving, about meditation and inner peace....."nice," I thought........but the inner peace was if one paid their tax return before the end of january....or a fine will come.    So they even use mediation as leverage to pay the government money, and to be calm with the threat of a fine, and to find inner peace escaping the fine.   I wanted to record the ad somehow, but then found it in a paper on my escape plane.

England is near dead, it's ill, ghouled up, toxic.........the nature is nice - but its always muddy anyway - so just stay clear or get out.

England reminds me of this short video allot.

I'm off home soon.....and the door's open to many in England who need a break.

21/12, march 2013, 2018, and whatever other dates are being banded about by channelers, scientists, alcoholics, ego website owners etc for earth changes....none of it really matters NOW - nobody really knows anyway.  How, why, and when is probably only known by energies at a more evolved level of consciousness - that we can't even imagine (unless one has drank 5 gallons of ayahuasca - but one wouldn't come back to tell the story) - once all this sits well, one can relax.    

One may download/collect images but research indicates that alternate futures actually do exist, and that the past exists simultaneously with the present.   I still get dreams with the qabalistic code of MEM (water) RESH (sun) and LAMED (justice) - but it is impossible to put a date on anything.

Be present, that's what matters.......but also soak up the interesting info :-)