Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Serious Pills Tribe

First off, respect to all the readers in China, 1000 in the last month, and with all the lock down there, big respect for looking at alternative sites, and special thanks to the man in Romania doing some translating of this site.

Some people are very serious, so much so that maybe there are some secret serious pills they are taking?

There are many archetypes of this, the Financial Times reading businessman (who really know little of money), newsreaders, politicians, police, and many more.....but what happens is that seriousness breeds more seriousness.

Career promotions (deemed the be all and end all by schools, peers, and much of society) create more seriousness; the higher up boss is always more serious than his/her subordinates, and with this seriousness, soon comes a permanent frown, or a face that is set in serious mode.  A humans face (it's shape, lines, and angles) show us just how serious one is.  The serious pills tribe also never admit any delusion and tend to have belief systems like brick walls.

Seriousness often comes about from issues of money, pressure, and positions of power, or fear of the future.  Even having allot of money is more serious than living hand to mouth - "Where do I invest this pot of cash, which bank to save with, do my houses need renting out again soon, etc."

The serious pills tribe sometimes buy smiles through entertainment or decadence, but it is void of any real authenticity or dare I say, sacredness.

Ask yourself, have you been on the serious pills, do you know anyone with a secret stash you can help?

Seriousness is not "good or bad," it is certainly helpful to be sharp, pragmatic, diligent, and to use rational reasoning when required, but please, not when it creates a permanent serious face.  One who has been too much on the serious pills has a face then pulled into seriousness, because seriousness has been ingrained into the face...its funny - look out for these people.   It is like they want to lighten up, but the face tells them no, "I am a serious face due to years of seriousness and I am in control of your facial muscles."   People travelling never seem to have these faces, or those with no deadlines or bosses.

In the current silly paradigm, within capitalism and the system, a man's true worth is measured by the amount of other people's happiness that he can possess and destroy, therefore, leaders in the corporate and banking elite are selected and promoted based upon how much misery they can bestow upon the helpless general population.

Seriousness is a block to the inner worlds, it is a sign one is too concerned with the illusions and forms in the external.  The problem comes from seeing events and issues in the external as separate from oneself, but once one sees the external as inner, or at least intrinsically linked to ones inner world, then seriousness tends to fall away.

I used to always laugh when getting told off at school (authority issues - who'd have guessed?), and another day I went to go to work many years ago and my car wasn't there, it was stolen - I laughed as it was the crappiest car in the street......seriousness and frowning wouldn't have help, and one has to be careful as the serious frowns stick.............but so do smiles.  Even when faced with irrationality or nueroticism, there is no point getting serious - you can only laugh.  No-thing is good or bad, it just is, and this eastern perception can help refrain the snorting of crushed up serious pills, and keep the colour from draining away from ones soul.  

If you take yourself too seriously then you impeed growth as you have allot to protect and defend.

Maybe allot of this seriousness comes from being conditioned to work things out at school, always in logic, living in logical, non-abstract or imaginative thought corridors to "work things out."  We as a race don't 'need' to live like that - we can 'feel' more from the belly and inner world, and use the logic mind only when really necessary - school and jobs have the balance out of whack.   Try and work something out logically and smile and laugh at the same time - it's really hard.      Good funny people are online booking flights right now and they get all serious - watch out for the serious traps - they are everywhere (many online).

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." Aristotle.

The "I am a tough man so I am serious, thinking, and in the mind all the time" is a really silly archetype sold to people through the media...but the reality is that these are actors, and actors are very 'feely' non serious people - or they couldn't see, its a bit of a trap we are being sold.

Many of the external serious people believe this is their only ever life, but understanding some internal and higher wisdom can help ease ones can bring back a child like innocence and wonder.

The serious pills tribe have one simple issue, they have suppressed the inner child, so much that it is locked in a cell for decades, asleep.....but it wants to come out, and will always be there ready.

In many tribes, if one is ill, the medicine man will often ask if one has danced, sung, or laughed recently - how many serious people you know that dance, sing, or laugh often?  So do something fun, something silly sometimes - anything - goto a lego rave maybe?  

One long stint of solitude, or one night on ayauhasca or wachuma can remove ones frown lines for ever, and get the inner child to be your best buddy.....or even to die on purpose can help.

Humour and lightness are high frequencies, even when looking at inbalances in the world, and if one touches the eternal or sees the infinite - or tastes some mystical experiences that they cannot explain - one cannot be serious anymore for any long period of time.

So, massive meteorites strike the earth, and the world "leaders" are meeting up at the and money.....hehe.