Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gnostic Shamanism

Someone told me (unfairly I feel) that my blogs are a little 'anti and negative' - so i thought of a positive one - one about diving throught the centre of the sun to the centre of the universe so one becomes the universe  ;-)  heheh.

I dont really write about shamanic or inner world experiences as they can lose energy, but in this one I care to share "the launch pad," as I think it's repeatable, and if anyone repeats it, it won't tred on any of my inner world toes.   I thought to add this today in case anyone is looking for some newness around the vernal equinox.

It will help to have experience with wachuma or ayahuasca, also some knowledge and practice of some form of Gnosticism will aid too, but not essential.  

Make sure your energy is not too dense - physically or emotionally, and an open 3rd eye is pretty helpful too.

Eat organic for a few days, light, and keep your energy inwards by little contact with the outer world, other people, or media.  Be with nature, for it is true, soft, and harmonious.  Maybe give these Gnostic prayers a run too, morning, noon, evening.

Do some small research into the three tiny chants below in the practice - the theory will help.......but the resonance of the words should be enough - don't get too caught up in mind / hod.

Fast for the day of the practice, and putrify the body.  When light and hungry - run, work out, do something to putrify it so it is weak, but pure, clean, and empty.

Take a healthy dose of wachuma in a respectful, sacred, protected way - like going into meditation or your inner temple.  Make sure it was cooked for a long time on a very low heat (no bubbles but hot).   It is better if it is not your first time, and helpful if you have worked with this medicine with a good shaman before too, and also worked safely alone with it.

Two and a half to three hours later, when the vessel has "accepted it," when you really feel the energy coming with all your cells vibrating fast, and when the world of form is becoming less solid -  do the following:

Chant internally (or externally)  ANI YHVH for a few minutes.   This basically means "I AM GOD / The Four Elements" - imagine the hebrew letters as flames being drawn.  If you have done the research you will know this is not an outer - ego - look at me being god - silly type thing....but something else.

When that is working, move onto ANI AIN, meaning "I AM NO THING" - again imagine the letters, this time as a triangle with Aleph at the top, Nun bottom right, and Yod bottom down left, then down right....ANI AIN.

When the force of the universe starts coming....oh, and it will, and when you feel yourself ascending in frequency / layers / vibration / inner worlds - then do the following:

Chant EHEIEH (imagining the hebrew letters), meaning "I AM THAT I AM" or simply, "I AM" - breath in the whole universe and breath it out while spreading out the EHEIEH to all  creation and energy flux in the universe.

To add a little spice then inbreath "ANI YHVH" and outbreath "EHEIEH" to the ends of all creation and all energy flux in the universe.

When that is really bubbling - like a kettle about to boil, become passive....let will come i can assure you .....hold on tight too.....but enjoy the ride and stay aware as you will experience and witness so very very much......

...ah, forgot to mention, you will probably die "in there" - surrendering is the best 
option.......come to think of it, I know not of any other options available.

I had written about my exprience - but decided to rip it all out and show some images instead....but i'm happy to talk face to face about what I experienced.

After and hour or two of this amazing journey, and experience of forces and Gnosis, you will slowly start to come back to the tiny beautiful human vessel, and each cell may feel like it is being regrown, as if you have a brand new body - completely reborn.     Eat bread and be with nature if you need help to ground.   Forget your old self, for it has gone.   You will come back with startling realisations, creativity, ideas, and a bag of harmonious love to share.

Take it slow for a few are back in the manifest world of form......there is much to process from your experience.

Relax for two days, eat healthy, and be calm, and remember we are to be in the manifest, to grow, evolve, serve, and experience.........and here is the same as the centre of the multi dimensional universe, light and dark are evident.

p.s  If you have a spare 100 days there is the natural way to get to the same place as above,  I spent seven months writing a book about that, same but different...........I prefer the natural way, but don't often have a spare 100 the above can for sure suffice.

Thanks to Josephine McCarthy for her latest book which for sure opens some new doors. 

Happy Equinox All.