Friday, 1 March 2013

Google Glass...oh dear, here it comes....

In my last book I looked into the trajectory of technology and the transhuman agenda.

More recently I was surprised and enthused to see Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror take on similar themes, and then today I stumbled upon this video which captures even more of the themes that I wove into a larger story.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.

So,  pie in the sky sci-fi?  Just a future possible?    Drumroll.........I welcome you to Google Glass [glasses] - thought to be a development/prototype project, but now memed to be in the shops later this year, with a major buzz around the Internet about to start.

Google Glass, complete with fun advertising, already has had some 'early release' glasses  on ebay for over $16k!  

As my book displayed, people will become dependent on these just like the phones, and then the eye implant will come.....then these humans will completely lack awareness in the present moment, a key to being in ones centre.   They will be stuck in sense inputs, in the mind, in data, in the external, therefore easy to control and easy to manipulate.

So keep buying your kids iphones, apps, consoles, and the latest technology, because the  video 'sight' is the soulless-unnatural-hell-world they will carnate into from such drone like consumption.....many have a soul so tiny that they will probably like it though as they are entertainment-external-world-junkies.
Surely inheriting banking debt, the tax system, nations, passports, and police state rules, all from their parents ignorance is enough?

The reality will be more like this though.....

Are there any Gnostics left on this planet?  Any people following the esoteric ways of 'authentic' downloading?

I sometimes think I'm on the wrong the wrong time.....  hehe  ;-)