Sunday, 10 March 2013

Inbalance Video

Hi all,

I have wanted to make this video for a while, and finally got round to it.

creating inbalance from on Vimeo.

As I was doing some research whilst making this, I found a human being posting this on a forum...eeek.

"We're not in the ice age, it's of no relevance why we eat meat now. I eat it because I like it, pretty much like all the food I eat. If I'm brutally honest I really don't give a flying toss if the beef I'm eating was ethically raised or given a chance to prance around a lovely grassy field or was soothed by the songs of a thousand virgins as it was humanely slaughtered, just shoot the fucking thing and get it on my plate, same thing goes with eggs, I don't care if the chickens were given a cage to live in or an open barn to run around in, all chickens are twats anyway with their beady little eyes and stupid bobbing heads, lock the little fuckers up I say and make them lay more eggs the smug tossers, and when they can't lay eggs anymore get their useless feathery arses down to KFC."

Alas, there is always hope, and we can rest in the wisdom that all energy expelled will balance itself out, and all inbalance will come into that is the law.

But don't get too bogged down in the world's inbalanced energy, let yourself go, let yourself flow.